Update & Ideas (entry 69)

Update on me for all of you 🙂

Journey of a Quilter kits and patterns are bundled, and packaged, some have been sent – just waiting on another order of floss for the rest. There is still room if you would like to join us. Here’s block one to entice those of you who have been wavering 🙂

Zach’s quilt is layered and pin basted – I wil be quilting it next weekend at a retreat I’m attending, it’s so close now, the pattern is almost finished just waiting on me to finish the top, take some photos – YAY!!

Kitten’s Tale Block of the Month, almost finished the first block…here’s a sneak peek:

combination of dupioni silks and cottons

the pinwheel blocks are soooo cute!

these are the rail fence blocks

onto the embroidery…what do you think?

Interested? Please email me and I will add you to the sign up sheet, first block to go out in a month or so.

Full kit option: silk pins, silk machine needles, yo-yo maker (which is adorable), silk floss from India, dupioni silks, cottons, full blog postings with step by step instructions and maybe videos, and more!! $25 + shipping

Pattern only option is also available for $15 + shipping

The Kitten’s Tale is adorable with the combination of applique, embroidery, piecing and the cutest little yo-yos, come join the fun! 9 month block of the month, finished quilt size is approx 54 x 62.

I’ve been also working on an interview with The Whimsical Honeypot if you’ve shied away from signing up for newsletters in the past, this one is a MUST! It’s adorable and so well-put together, the artistic style is so pretty, I love it!! If you read it let me know your thoughts too.

This Saturday will be spent 4x4ing with our Toyota club, in the mountains, it will be so enjoyable and refreshing, what are your plans for the weekend?

This is our FJ Cruiser, so much fun!

Last but not least, my little Tig, just hanging out with me while I sew 🙂

Until next time, have a happy and creative day,

Around the Net (entry 68)

Hi Ladies, today for my Around the Net entry, I came across this site called Modern Quilt Guild through one of my favourite blogs Jackie’s Stitches – thanks Jackie. This new book is all about starting and promoting quilting in YOUR community. How to start a quilt guild and how other chapters collaborate ideas, thoughts, boards, meetings and so on. It’s an excellent resource and what a GREAT idea!!

The Modern Quilt Guild

Do you belong to a guild? If so, what it’s called and what do you LOVE about it! I belong to 2 guilds, Flying Needles I’ve been with these ladies for about 7 years and Lakeside Quilters I’ve been a guild sister for 5+ years. I LOVE being part of both of these groups. It give me a sense of community, these women have like minded ideas and goals. We’ve all come together to learn something we are passionate about and love each other’s company. If you aren’t in a guild, join one or start one:)

Here’s the branch for Houston based on this book. I’ve come across so many guild listings in Alberta that I’m trying to keep track of. If you know a new Guild in Alberta, please pass it onto me🙂

Until next time, have a happy and creative day!

Winner: Guest Blogger Comments (entry 67)

Hi all, so last Wednesday I was a featured Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery’s website and I had a contest running on my website for a draw based on comments…The winner is Deb V and here’s the comment she left:

Just found your blog today. Went over to Quilter’s Gallery and read your story. Really glad I found a local quilt blog to read. Thanks for the great tutorial on making chenille.~Deb V

Thanks Deb for taking the time to visit my site and review my podcast video – it makes this all worth while especially when I have new people commenting and following my blog. Please send me your address so I can send out your PRIZE. As I mentioned it will be something silky 🙂

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!

Within a Quarter Inch Contest: Winner (entry 66)

Hi Ladies, the winner for the Within a Quarter Inch comment/quilt contest has been drawn and the lucky lady is …drum-roll please…Gloria J from Massachusetts, USA…congrats Gloria – Allison Rosen will be contacting you with further details.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Allison for putting up these lovely prizes and for all of you who took the time to visit through my store and blog, so appreciated!! I sure hope you will stop by again soon 🙂

(option one, love it!)

(option 2, now which one would I pick?)

Also, I have to give Allison kudos for my logo name change to include “and the world” I was thinking of adding something to this logo tagline and then when I heard my first sponsor ad on the podcast I snagged Allison’s wording – so thanks for that also:)

The contest isn’t over so anyone who leaves a comment that hasn’t left one already after January 1st ( I see Pam’s comment, only) will be entered into her second draw (which ever quilt from above that isn’t chosen) Yay!! come join the fun ladies!!

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!

Very Great Week (entry 65)

Hi Ladies, I’m please to report a VERY good week, even though I was crazy busy with the business and several 1am nights (well 2 to be exact) I still feel great.

Monday started with our cut-off on Journey of a Quilter. When we first started this Block of the Month I had 10 sign up – then I got another 13 – then I got another 2 – so that’s 25 in total. We were hoping for 30 and would love for you 5 to come on over and join us!! I hope to mail out the first round of kits to everyone next week so the people that sign up now will be a couple weeks behind on your first kit only…there are some great prizes…

Tuesday is one of those days I will always remember. The Olympic Torch came through my little town of Chestermere, Alberta – just East of Calgary. I invited my sister Lisa and her two boys. We had so much fun! What a sense of community and being Canadian – I always love a good dose of both:)

I have maple leafs on my mitts but I wish I had a pair of the Olympic ones 🙂

here it is…lights, camera, action…awesome!

they released white doves, such a sign of peace & hope for the best days to come.

Me with my two nephews at Tim Hortons

my sister, Lisa with her two boys

After we had a bit of a hot drink, we just spent the day outside, the boys played and we visited – what a beautiful day, LOVED it!

I still had a pile of stuff to do on Tuesday, so when I got home I worked on this adorable bag I made to teach a class Wednesday night…Cathedral Windows tote bag, lined with silks and topped off with a fringe.

as you can see I’m not quite finished adding my little squares…but working on it!

don’t you just love it? It’s perfect to put your Journey of a Quilter block into and take with you 🙂

Wednesday, I taught part one of this class on and it was a success – thanks to Lakeside Girls. I brought the silks for people to pick a colour to line their bags – and they loved the silks – I was so happy!!

I also was a Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery’s website, and I got two more guest blogging requests – how fun will these be?


This is the block that gave me so much frustration last week, thought I would share it with you. I’m still not happy with the final turnout…99 pieces.

3 paper pieced house blocks…”lights are on” come on in for a cup of hot Quilters Tea 🙂

I also worked on the Kitten’s Tale Block of the Month AND I cut out the second block to Journey of a Quilter…how was your week, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, have a happy, creative and Canadian spirited day!!


Around the Net: Free Applique Tutorial (entry 64)

Today for my “Around the Net” posting I’m highlighting: Sentimental Stitches as they have an excellent tutorial on hand-applique, we all talk about different methods and this one I’m adding to my website. It’s excellent and the pictures are great! Very similar to the Gina Kimball method.

(Kim E you should try this one instead of your paper one…)

(photos courtesy of Sentimental Stitches website)

When you spend some time on her site there are so many other things available like free patterns and 

since I’m so into embroidery, here’s a sneak peak at one of her free embroidery patterns…Dianne P you will love this 🙂

Until next time, have a happy and creative day…

Chenille Block Tutorial (entry 63)

Hi Ladies, thought I would share a quilting tutorial of one of my favourite techniques: Chenille. For those of you who have never tried this or who don’t know of it…enjoy.

1) Use contrasting fabrics to get a good effect. Mine are blue, beige, blue reversed, orange marble, beige b, stiff interfacing, dupioni silk with fuse right side face down as this is my lining. You don’t need the interfacing if you are using the chenille blocks in a quilt. I based this tutorial on my new Scissor Keeper pattern and kit (to come)

Line the edges of your fabrics up in a nice pile, mark “X” with choco-liner

Sew the cross lines then begin to sew the chenille lines using your foot as your width guide

finish each quadrant the same way

Once you are done sewing, cut in between each sewn line, in all sections in all quadrants. You will need the sharpest scissors you own as you will be cutting through the top 4 layers. Again, if you are doing these chenille blocks for a quilt you not use interfacing and you will cut through all top layers.

Rinse really well in cool water (if using silks) or warm water if using cottons, you want this to be completely soaked make sure you get every layer. Dry, you may want to add this to a load of clothes so there is some substance in the dryer to help the chenille process.

Here’s what it looks like once washed and dried – don’t you just love it!! It’s so warm and cozy 🙂

Have I got you inspired?

Here’s projects I’ve completed using this technique, some of you might have seen: 

for my niece who loves cats.

monthly embroidery project that I added the chenille too.

My newest pattern, Chenille Scissor Keeper with matching needle keeper

This set is for my Mum, which she loved!

for my SIL, and she loved this also…

Any questions, just email.

Weekly Challenge (entry 61)

So I was over at Vivian’s blog and she did a post mentioning what her weekly challenges are to get finished…so I thought maybe if we write our goals down for the week – we can own up to each other and get them done…what do you think?

Here’s mine:

– finish the back for Zach’s quilt, get it pinned and ready for quilting

– finish my bag pattern, tutorial and sample for class Wednesday

– get my Freebie 15 companion blocks finished (6) so I’m caught up

– maybe piece my Journey of a Quilter month two block and get the blog posting done

– get the rest of the Journey of a Quilt month one kits ready to send out…hopefully soon (still waiting on stuff)

What are yours? Thanks Viv for the great idea… Let me know – even send me some pics if you want valerie@pastimesonline.ca 

Until next time…have a happy and creative day


Retreat: Quilting in the Rockies (entry 60)

Hi all, so I have some very exciting news to share with you…PastimesOnline is having a retreat!! 

Nestled in the Rockies in Radium, British Columbia only 2.5 hours from Calgary a private retreat location awaits, cooking looked after, prizes will be FAB, company will be excellent…

Country breakfast & lunch & catered in a la carte supper
arrive on Thursday afternoon 3pm (for you early travellers)
Friday full day of sewing and visiting
Saturday full day of sewing and visiting
Sunday Brunch, sewing and depart at 1pm

For those of you who are interested a customized lesson/class from Calgary Quilter/Designer Ana Buzzalino maybe offered. Specifics for the class to be determined but think along the lines of introduction to fabric painting and quilting or machine quilting tips and techniques.

The dates available will be:

Option A: Thursday April 22 – 25, 2010

Option B: Thursday June 24 – 27, 2010

Option C: Thursday Sept 23 – 26, 2010

Approx cost for the weekend inclusive will be $200 plus taxes. This will include meals Friday, Sat, Sunday Brunch. If you want to take the class with Ana (to be determined) this will be based on interest and you will be contacted directly for additional costs.

I’m blogging to see about interest in either of the 3 dates above. The space is limited, approx 8 people maximum. So if you & a friend are interested please contact me with the preferred option and I will add you to the sign up sheet.

Radium is in the perfect setting for relaxation, known mostly for their Hot Springs so if you would like to take some time to indulge and spend the day relaxing you will be in the right place.

(located right beside Invermere, British Columbia)

…nice picture of the Rockies to get you interested 🙂

 I look forward to hearing from you…more pics to come showing the inside of the retreat location…