Studio, Zach’s Quilt, Patterns (entry 82)

Hi Everyone, today I have some great news, the carpet is going into my new studio this morning YAY, I’m so excited to be getting so close to the move, which will be full of un-packing more boxes (hmm could be another un-boxing video coming up), stacking shelves, purring of my sewing machine (as I’m behind on a few things), cutting kits, and more…stay tuned.

I’m just finishing the label for Zach’s quilt (I should have done a Kite label to keep with the theme and maybe I will, but his theme for the baby shower was ducks so this is still suiting), it seems like I’ve been working on this for a while but hey it’s one of the first quilts I designed from top to bottom, I really LOVE the colours and I’m a bit sad to see this one come to an end….good thing I’m finishing up the pattern and it will be kitted soon enough 🙂

Speaking of patterns, I just finished my Chenille Scissor Keeper pattern and I’ve also made up some kits. The tutorial on making the chenille is here if you missed it in my past blog posting…


Besides painting, painting and more painting, I haven’t done much sewing but I did finish the embroidery on A Kittens Tale Block of the Month (One) and I’m planning to launch this one in a couple of weeks sooo if you are still debating starting a cute and easy wall hanging quilt come and join us here. Two options full kit (dupioni silks, embroidery needles, silk pins, silk flosses, yo-yo maker, sewing machine needles, private blog posting with step by step instructions and more $25/month) and also a Pattern only option $15…

Their cute little faces, and I LOVE working with the silk floss, they glide through so beautifully…

Before I forget to mention, these are my new 3 favourite things:

the 3.5″ x 18.5″ Gingher Ruler, this little baby I’ve been using so much lately, it’s the perfect length and width, also the copper topped embroidery needles, love these AND this thread holder you see is made by and excellent craftsman, custom made for Pastimes Online..will be for sale shortly.

This thread keeper, is so perfect for applique and doing binding, keeps your needle in the right place (magnet on side) and your thread always at the “ready” position.

I’ll be at my Lakdside Quilters Guild “Quilt til You Wilt” day on Saturday which is always full of fun and interesting projects, stories and more 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend,

Quilt Canada 2010 (entry 12)

Hi Everyone, thought I would post a message from Quilt Canada representative Hanne. If interested in attending please do as this is not to be missed.

Also, for those of you Calgarians: if interested in volunteering, please see email address below.


April 28 – May 1, 2010: Quilt Canada 2010
Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, Alberta

The Canadian Quilters’ Association is holding its National Juried Show and Exhibition in Calgary from April 26 – May 1, 2010.  Quilt Canada: Winds of Inspiration includes workshops with stellar international and Canadian facilitators.  There will be 11 additional exhibits, showcasing everything from vintage quilts to appliqué and art quilts.  Exhibitors include the Heritage Park Quilters of Distinction, Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), The Appliqué Society (TAS) Canadian chapters, the Fibre Arts Network (FAN), Articulation, the Fabricators, Bow River Quilters (Silver Anniversary), the Girl Guides of Canada (100 Years of Guiding reflected in quilts) and the annual Trend-Tex Challenge.  For more information, e-mail or visit

Lectures, Quilt shows and Merchant Mall open to the public April 28-May 1; 10AM-6PM, 10AM-9PM on Thursday
Admission: $15, multi-day pass $25. Group rates available.


Thanks Ladies

Around the Net: The Quilting Blog (entry 81)

Hi Everyone, today I would like to announce a site we’ve been working on for a while now called The Quilting Blog, it’s the ultimate one-stop-reading destination for quilters and sewers. So grab a cup of Quilters Tea and enjoy spending the day here together.


I initially came up with this idea because I read so many blogs by a boring RSS feed and I wanted a better and more enjoyable way to review and read them in a pretty layout with a glimpse of each entry and a way to get back to the main blog to leave a comment (isn’t that the best part?)

I love the colour yellow and for those of you who follow me on a regular basis have seen pictures of my new studio which was inspired by the colours of The Quilting Blog.

There is already a pretty good rolling list of blogs in there which are being updated and added to all the time including some of my favourites and they are being seen by thousands of monthly readers.

When you submit your blog please take a copy of our button to add to your own blog, that would be sew great to spread the word and collect as many blogs as we can!!  

Thank you to all of my wonderful followers for joining in!! Please also visit The Quilting blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time….

Kind Words (entry 80)

Hi Everyone, I want to share some of the “kind words” people have left for me in the past and thank them so much for doing so…

Karen posted this comment in regards to my tutorials…thanks so much Karen it makes it worth while to do more tutorials when you know that they are helping people out 🙂

“Thank you so much for taking the time to post such a helpful tutorial.”


Giveaway (entry 79)

Hi Ladies, I am doing my usual blog searching around and on my friend Amber’s Blog she is having a giveaway for 3 people each to receive 1 of 3 different new patterns from her collection. Stop on by and leave a comment that you heard about her giveaway from me – that would be swell…Good luck to you all 🙂

Until next time have a happy and creative day, 

Zach’s Quilt, New Studio, and Stuff (entry 78)

Hi Everyone, so todayyyy I have so many updates and wonderful things to share with you but first I would like to thank those who have left a comment for me within the last week, I so appreciate the comments it gives me a little something.

Mary-Ann, Rachel D, Vivian, Kathy B, Mishka, Amber, Shannon, & Jen.

I’m finished the quilting on Zach’s Quilt – YAY!!! So I’ll get it to them this weekend.

I love the kite strings – adorable!

My DH wants to upgrade our cameras so the first to go was my D60 🙁 by ol’ friend. Next on the chopping block is the D80, then I get my hands on his D90…look out world my photos are about to explode lol. Just joking I have a heck of a learning curve with the D90, Amie a little help here 🙂 My DH wants the D300S from Nikon so he can kick but in photo land.

I found this great Canadian mixed magazine. Don’t you just love the name!! It’s a compilation of cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, and sew much more.

Some of the kits for Journey of a Quilter Block 2 bundled and ready to be sent out March 1st!!

Here’s Tig, dreaming of her next quilt project while laying in the sun…bliss

my DH may be a bit shy that I shared this with all of you…but hey he loves me and I love him back. 

New doors, paint, trim, baseboards, and carpet ordered…YAY it’s coming together. 

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend!!

Around the Net (entry 77)

Hi Ladies, short but sweet today as I’m in the process of still painting, contractor is here putting up baseboards, door and window trims etc. I’m sore from head to toe lol but loving how everything is coming together.

Around the Net this week is on The Purl Bee, it’s one of the nicest sights I’ve come upon for their blog & store (even though they are somewhat my competition, I really like them lol) They have the greatest blog full of good patterns, interesting jibber jabber and so much more, I love their style and if I lived in New York I’d be a devoted visitor of their store. Here’s the graphic from their front page – can you say adorable!!

This image is also from their site, one of their recent projects – so pretty.

Enjoy, and until next time have a happy and creative day,

PS it’s snowed here last night and this morning, great more of the really white stuff, winter wonderland again…warm day though which is the best!

Retreat: Spring 2010 Flying Needles (entry 11)

Hi Everyone, we’ll our retreat last weekend was so fab, we laughed, we sewed, we didn’t sleep lol, we ate, we got to know all of our quilting friends new and familiar. We completed new projects and finished old ones. Was a weekend full of sunshine, friendships and the hum of sewing machines, the steam of irons and the singing of reminiscent songs from days gone by like, Que Sera Sera…Sing a Song of Six Pence a Pocket full a Rye…99 bottles of Beer on the Wall (lol this was hilarious)…Down by the Bay where the watermelon Grows…My Eyes are Dim I Cannot See, I have not brought my specs with me…There was an ol women who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly…and last but least (from what I can remember is) “The ol Grey Mare, She ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be…and we laughed and laughed.

For those of you who couldn’t make it maybe this will be your incentive for next year. Beth shared some amazing stories from the bible which made us really reflect on who we are and how important we are to each other and to God. Thanks so much Beth.

here’s my block I completed – don’t you just love the colours?

I had the privilege of sitting next to Beth, we had a wonderful visit contrary to Robyn and Janice, we worked very hard that first night on our quilting *smile*

Shannon, working diligently on the quilt for her mom, nice job Shan!!

Some new friends I met, Sandra she was working on this amazing block of the month pattern…good luck with your finishing.

Janice, can we say AWESOME colours.

Hi Auntie Karen, finally you’ve completed something you love, can’t wait to see your turning 20 get finished and on your bed!!

Beth, what do you think of Carbon Neutral now…hmmm pondering how you are going to quilt it I’ll bet?

Can you say Picturesque. Beautiful day for a walk…

Thanks for the incentive Beth on our Threads in Hand quilt, Beth got her quilting totally finished on this quilt and it turned out amazingly…so gorgeous.

YAY quilting finished!!!

Who’s is this one? Trudy?

Jan, you are a pro at machine quilting, I could watch you for hours.

My 2nd Block to Journey of a Quilter, finished the embroidery

Thanks Jen for taking my pic…

Nice work Shan, I love it!!

Janice, can you say Stunning colours 🙂

Jan, did you say this was for me lol I love the look of this quilt it’s adorable!! I block per hour hey?

Nice to have two sisters and one daughter and niece, nice seeing you again Trudy!

So ladies, another Spring retreat done and gone but so many memories to be had.

Here’s a wonderful and capturing video of retreats gone by that Shannon M put together, enjoy. If you haven’t had the privilege of going on the Sundre retreat in the past, please think about joining us in the future as it’s a definite must do!

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend,


Freebie 15, Pizza Box, Winner (entry 76)

Hi Everyone, as you all know I was away on a retreat last weekend and I wanted to get some things completed so here’s what I finished:

Zach’s quilt, I’m almost finished, just need to do something with the kites then onto binding YAY!!!

Freebie Block – which I love by the way, fall is by far my favourite time of year… this block was a bit interesting to complete because I cut 4 of the blocks wrong good thing I had some extra fabric from one of the previous blocks. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate at a retreat when everyone is laughing and carrying on lol

The embroidery is complete on the 2nd block for Journey of a Quilter and it’s so beautiful…

I ordered an extra kit if anyone is still interested we have a spot for you 🙂

My pizza box block, I love this block it’s called Double “D” for those of you who follow me, this block is one I’ve completed quite a few times and it always turns out fabulous!

Last but not least, Jan 20th I ran a contest on my website corresponding with me being a Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery. I drew Deb V’s name, but she didn’t leave an email for me to get in touch with her…so I’ve drawn a new winner, Tammy J – you’ve won a quarter of silk (19.5″x27″) & interfacing to add to your stash, congrats!!!

Also, I’m at the painting stage finished the two coats of primer last night and today my wonderful sister volunteered to help out, so we will be painting baseboards, trim, etc. I’ve also hired a contractor friend of mine and he started yesterday so YAY I have doors 🙂

Here’s my two choices for paint

Dusty Yellow


I’m leaning towards the dusty yellow as it’s a bit more on the country side and the shortbread is a bit too bright.

**I would have recorded another video to show you all but I’m not sure how my DH get’s these all uploaded with my fancy name and everything…next time**

Also A Kittens Tale is ready for sign up, thanks to everyone who’s joined so far we have almost 10 – we would like to have 20 + please tell your friends. We would like to start this project within the next few weeks…

Until next time have a happy and creative day everyone…

Around the Net (entry 75)

Hi Everyone, I’m madly working on Zach’s machine quilting so hopefully come Friday I’ll be able to get some close-up pics of my quilting for you all to see…can’t wait to give it back to them lol.

Today I want to share a site; All People Quilt that was quite inspiring to me and gave me some insight to dressing a bed, coordinating the colours with the room, so many helpful tips and tricks. It is just inspiring, enjoy!!

{photos courtesy of All People Quilt}

Do you have a favourite room in your house that you love the way you’ve decorated it? If so, send me ( a pic as I would love to see your works of decorating and beauty with your quilting personality.