Quilt Canada 2010 (entry 107)

Hi Everyone, so now we have 20 people in for the amazing 100th Blog Giveaway that I’m hosting..WooHoo! Please tell your friends 🙂

I’m writting this blog today (Wed) as I’ve been so busy with Quilt Canada (2 days volunteering) and filling up with inspiration while I’m there…I’m also getting ready for my Lakeside Guild’s Quilt Show on Sat where I will have my first booth, please wish me luck and if you come by to see the show please say “hi” to me I would love to meet you and chat with you!!

So short but sweet today 🙂 A little sneak-a-peak from Quilt Canada

These birds were calling my name…I could almost hear them “tweet” “tweeting” amazing work.

Look at the detail she put into their faces, incredible…

I loves this colour gradient, jesters hat. I don’t think it’s a Jesters Hat but I do love the concept and she talked about travelling through our lives and the changes we go through, amazing…AND the background I think is silk which you know I love!

 These cherry blossoms were almost moving in the breeze, all 3 dimensional and the quilting is stunning…

This one is so dainty, it’s all created with half square triangles and pieced, so beautiful…
























So…a bit of a sneak-a-peak, I’m volunteering today (Wed) and will for sure get more photos, I’ll update soon 🙂

Until next week, have happy and creative days, I’ll have so much to update you on, I’m so excited!!

Around the Net: Twitter (entry 106)

Hi Everyone, I tweet on Twitter and I’m loving it. You know the other night I was tweeting about the crazy spring storm that blew in and a friend was tweeting about a storm in her part of the country, someone else was tweeting about a storm where they were…it’s amazing how Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and this online world connect us together on such a personal level. I’ve decided to dedicate one day a week to my online friends…weather that’s my new Fans on Facebook, Interesting Blogs I’ve come across that I need to share with all of you my wonderful readers and friends or whatever else my little heart desires to share. I know that IS what blogging is all about and I’m loving it. 

100th Blog Post, Chestermere Quilt Show (entry 105)

First I want to thank all 16 of you who entered your name in for the amazing 100th Blog Giveaway draw that we are having…THANKS and HERES to YOU all!! The draw closes May 15th so share and tell you friends about it!!

Hi Everyone, for days and days I’ve been cutting, bundling, cutting, bundling, stitching my banner, cutting, and bundling and loving every minute of it!!

Chestermere Lakeside Quilters Guild is having a Quilt Show. Saturday, May 1st 10-4pm, Quilts, prizes, and a few vendors…come out and see us!! It’s our 10 year celebration of our Guild and we’re having a little party!!

Recreation Center beside the Lake across from Tim Hortons on 17 Ave SE, Chestermere. Here’s our flyer

I’ve also been learning to do some coding on my website and I must say I’m enjoying this part so much, thanks hubby for helping me out and giving me some training…who knows maybe I could be called a “code monkey” someday lol!

Here’s some pics of what I’ve been up to for the last week…I still need to get my banner completed but it’s so close!!

My class on Wednesday was on the dresden fan block, all needle turn applique…I think they were a bit nervous at first but I hope they liked it in the end 🙂 It was a nice class to just stitch and visit together..

I met with Piecemakers Guild on Monday to tell them a bit about myself, show them some of my goodies, and commit to going to their retreat on Oct 2 with my Traveling Store. It’s like a blitz from what I gather…so I’m so excited for it! Thank you ladies for making me feel right at home, mic and all 🙂

My Mum is up visiting she got here yesterday, spending time with us girls and shopping for fabrics (of course)…she is also going to help me with my books today hopefully (fingers crossed). We spent most of the day yesterday visiting Traditional Pastimes and Out of Hand and they are both such gorgeous stores – we definitely love them very much! Spent the wad which was totally fun! Then my sis and mum came back to my place and we hung out in the studio looking at fabrics, jackets, quilt projects, stitching projects and so much more…until 2:30 am – can you say bliss… 

here’s one of her quilt tops we were dissecting and trying to figure out sashing…how fun and crazy busy this one is…

Last but not least is my sweet kitty, Tig. Always a delight and brightens my day, everyday!

Quilt Canada is in Calgary next week and I’m so looking forward to it!! I don’t have a booth in this show as you know I just started this business so I wasn’t really prepared for that big hoohaw so soon 🙂 But look out world I’m ready now *smile*

Another Quilt Show that’s coming up the St. Albert Quilters’ Guild “How Green Does your Quilt Grow” Quilt Show May 6 – May 9 including a Quilt Walk in downtown St. Albert contact Michelle E for more information at quilting_michelle@hotmail.com

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend everyone…


Around the Net: Di Wells (entry 104)

Hi Ladies, today I was spending some time watching these incredible videos on the Country Channel .TV, which is an online source for videos.

Here’s an interesting video on Di Wells, she’s an amazing patchwork artist, designer and fabric dyer…enjoy the http://www.countrychannel.tv/player.php/?player=TheNewCountryChannel&ct=1&ids=297269

She has a FAB scrapbook with her designs, ideas, slips of cards, pictures etc in for her inspiration and thoughts.

Di Wells shows one of her quilts that is made out or brown paper and tissue paper, she also gives a demo on how to make the paper be soft and supple by “screwing” it up – she’s an English lady so you get a little clip of English verbiage at the same time. This is her distressing process.


Kind Words (entry 103)

Hi Everyone, Carla G from my Flying Needles Quilt Guild sent me this wonderful email with respect to my Newsletter “The Times” (1st edition) and I just had to pass it on to all of you 🙂

 Hi Val, 

Your newsletter is great. I love the way you set it up. Its so colourful. Good Job. Quilting is not my major pastime (I do more cross stitch and reading) but this newsletter actually inspires me to get going with all the fabric and thread and needle things I like to do. Well done.

Love, Carla G

Thanks so much Carla, I really value the feedback and of course the kind words that people leave for me. 


Sunny Friday with Updates, 100th Blog Post Giveaway (entry 102)

Sew…I’ve surpassed 100 blog posts and feel totally awesome about it. Thanks to all of you who’ve followed me through the beginning of this new book in my life…yes a book as the previous book consists of my old professional world that has moulded me into the person I am today and I’m very thankful for that.

I would like to do a GIVEAWAY!! The winner will receive a tin of Quilters Tea and a Scissor Keeper Kit & Pattern and a bundle of 4 FABULOUS Silk Quarters for you to drool over 🙂 How does this sound?

Here’s a picture of the Scissor Keeper Kit Jen E created!

A Bundle of Silk Quarters colours to be picked my MOI and trust me this is something you will adore in your collection!!

What do you need to do for this great prize? Leave a comment, Refer people to this blog posting and have them leave a comment including your name, the more people you refer the better your chances of winning 🙂 Sound Good!!

Because it’s a bright and cheery morning here…I have a pile of stuff to do today:

– get brochures, patterns, newsletter ready for my show May 1st

– Piecemakers Guild Presentation on Monday, need to prepare for this

– finish my Pastimes Online Banner for my studio and my show..here’s a sneak pic since this picture, I’ve completed the applique and now onto the stitching of my adorable spool from my logo then onto the quilting and finishing…yikes time is of the essence 🙂

 Here’s the pizza box block I did for SH…

here’s the finished pieced block 4 for Journey of a Quilter…I’m so in love with this project it is so beautiful!

Here’s block 2 for A Kittens Tale, arn’t the pinwheels adorable?

So as you can see I have a few things on the go and I’m loving it!!

Update on my class, the second class went really well we completed this pinwheel block and now onto the dresden plate, needle turn applique.

The colours I’ve chosen come from two fabric lines

Little Palm Paisley and Metro Blue Remix

Any questions about my projects, the GIVEAWAY or anything else you see in this blog please email me valerie@PastimesOnline.ca. Good luck to you all!!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend!!

OH Yeah, don’t forget to visit my Photo Blog when you have a chance as it’s a collection of pictures I love…

Kind Words (entry 100)

Hi Everyone, I want to especially thank Frances for sending me the cheeriest email:

Hi Valerie   Recieved my package to,day. I`m so excited, boy when you send a block you sure send a good one with all the things you need included. I really appreciate that. Can`t wait to get started. Thanks again Frances


Ironing Board Cover Tutorial Part A (entry 99)

First I want to report on my AWESOME first class. I have 7 students and I think this is my calling…for real, I love being able to pass on my knowledge of this wonderful textile art to anyone who wants to learn it. So Yes, I’m loving teaching!! More reports will come 🙂


For today I would like to inspire you to freshen up your ironing boards with a new cover or two…now that I’m in my new studio space my DH needs his own iron and board so I’ve ordered a new iron and bought a new board…here’s the iron it’s a Sapporo Gravity Feed. Has anyone used one of these before? I’ve heard wonderful comments on them, I’ll do a video when it comes in for you all…

Since my old ironing board looks like it should go into the garbage can, here’s the before picture but please don’t tell anyone!!

Onto the Ironing Board Cover Tutorial…

I’ve done two covers, here’s the first one, the second one I’ll show you all next week as it’s the one I did for myself and it’s adorable!!!

Here’s the colours I picked for DH’s board well he actually picked them as he didn’t want me to pick “cute” stuff, lol.

these colours are from the new Metro Goes Au Natural Line

Here’s his finished board cover

 get out your ironing boards ladies:

Measure length and width adding 3 inches.

For Jeff’s board I wanted the stripe going lengthwise I used 59″ of fabric (1/2 length of 1.5 yards) for the length x 14″ width which is the exact width of the top at the widest point and 3- 4″ WOF 3 for the polka dots border around the perimeter.

lay your iron board on top of the center main fabric in this case it’s my stripe!!

trace around the board to get the perfect shape.

As you can see I left the cover on I prefer my ironing boards to have good padding when I’m pressing and so does my DH – but I think it’s because of me 🙂

cut around with a nice sharp pair of scissors so your lines are excellent,

now add your border print – polka dots in this case, pieces all sections together so you get the entire perimeter around the board following the curve

start on the bottom square edge, follow all the way around the curve then down the other side stopping at the square edge, trim so it’s even. Then take the remaining fabric left over of the polka dots and sew directly across the bottom.

Because you are following the curve shape this will help hug the ironing board.

I like to test things as I go, so I’ve laid it out onto the board to see how it looks, cute eh?

Next cut out a layer (or two) of batting this helps absorb the steam and provides good cushioning

I wanted a good casing for the ribbon, so I thought about what would make a good casing, I decided to use binding…so cut 2.5″ sections out of main fabric enough to give you the entire perimeter around the board. I used double fold standard binding techniques…here’s a tutorial on binding to help you out.

Attach your binding to the perimeter starting at the center on the rounded end because this is where you want your tie to be, unless you want it on the other end, you decide, other way start in the middle.

sewing the binding to the top of your ironing board cover, start by folding the edge under so it’s finished, backstitch a few times to ensures it’s stable, sew all the way around until you meet up again, cut away access after you provide yourself with a bit of fabric to turn under.


here’s the view from the right side.

 Now what we need to do is turn this under again to provide the casing for the ribbon, make your seam allowance almost an 1/8″ because you want to have as much of an opening as possible

same thing as before, follow from the center all the way around to the center, backstitch

Find a nice long ribbon, shoe lace, fabric pieces, something with a small width as you only have about 1/4″ to pull whatever though, add a safety pin to the end, make sure you can get the safety pin through the opening

Feed it all the way through, your hands will start to fill it when your done as it’s a bit of a long process, so get comfortable.

Thanks for reading my blog and if you try my tutorial out please send me a picture of your finished board valerie@pastimesonline.ca as I would LOVE to see what you create.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to freshen up your boards for Spring!!!

Have a happy and creative weekend everyone, 

PS Plans for this weekend for me will include, Flying Needles meeting and sew day on Saturday, and Sunday putting kits together and sewing, can’t wait!!! Send your inspirational thoughts my way.

Around the Net: Silver Linings Originals (entry 98)

Hi Everyone, today for my Around the Net post is about Silver Linings Originals Patterns if you like paper piecing or LOVE paper piecing, get to know Linda Hibbert and you will likely want her as your best bud.

I’ve seen a few of her patterns floating around here in blogland and WOW are they great or what, here’s to entice you further:

(how much is that puppy in the window…the one with the waggly tale?)

(Ooooh Tig, here’s your favourite spring snack 🙂 I couldn’t resist, she loves dragon flies)

Until next time,