Kind Words: Lori P (183)

Sew Lori is a recent member to our Block of the Month clubs and likely one of my biggest fans…this is what she had to say recently when we were emailing back and forth late one night, she was telling me she put a link to my site on her blog Lolastitchida because she is so excited about our new Block of the Month Club: Life is Beautiful. (I’m in the process of making a button for my boms)

Yay.  I will add that button to my blog.  Are you kidding.  I love how you run your BOMs and have private blogs and extra goodies.  I would recommend you to anyone. I am so excited to start and work on the quilt with you.  I will pick one (or two) to do each year with you.  And being Canadian is awesome.


Isn’t she the best! Thanks Lori for your great email I just had to share it with everyone…

Christmas Craft Fair (181)

Sew on the weekend, I decided in the -20 degree weather, and 6″ of snow to head out Friday morning and help my Mum with her craft fair. We had sew much fun!

Nestled in a mission by Piegon Lake, Alberta this historic place was the perfect setting for a craft sale at Christmas. Plus, spending the day with my Mum was super fun!

 Some of the items: cotton and silk weaved baskets, petal aprons, tuffet pin cushions, chenille pot holders, pinwheel tree ornaments, coffee cuffs, Santa Key door hanger, Pie totes, crochet trivets and I’m sure there is more that I cannot remember 🙂 A good variety anyway…

Until next time, stay warm, happy and creative,

Tutorial on Miter Borders (180)

Today’s post is an excerpt from the Private Journey of a Quilter blog post showing how to do the mitered borders and I thought this would be excellent to share with all of you…

Now onto borders using my Journey of a Quilter project as the example (45″ square)…prep your border sections by cutting them into the correct width, in this case, 3″

You will need 4 strips for one side. 19″ x 4 strips = 76″ – 18″ (is what’s taken up when you connect the 4 strips together on the diagonal) = 58″

you will need 52″ (45.5″ + 6 (extra for mitering at the corners) but leave it at the 58 so you have some extra when doing the mitering).

When connecting strips, you should always connect on the 45 degree diagonal because with a straight up and down line your eye will see this, if you connect on the diagonal your eye won’t tend to look directly at it as it’s more subtle. I use a Clover Chalk pencil with the roller on the end for marking, just preference, you can use a pencil or whatever will show up the best for you. Mark your diagonal and then pin 🙂

I always connect strips in the same direction. Right side facing up, on my left hand side, add the extra strip on the right with the right side of the fabric facing down. 

I do this the same when when I connect any strips together regardless of the width of the strip, borders, bindings always the same way. If you don’t do it always in the same direction, you will notice it so much because one diagonal will go one way and another will go the opposite way. One thing with quilting is you need to find your rhythm. The way that makes sense to you so that way you will become an expert at the technique.

Sew across, make sure your needle position is in the center and not set to 1/4″ seam allowance or just be conscious if it is when connecting these on the diagonal.

with scissors or a rotary cutter, remove the excess leaving 1/4″ seam allowance, press really well to set the seam, them press open.

Cut away the seam allowance

Here’s what your border strips will look like. Remember when I mentioned the direction of the seam is very important how you connect your strips because if they aren’t connected in the same way, the seams from the front will go in opposite directions…here’s the correct way when all the strips are connected in the same direction.

I’m going to show you how to do mitered borders, so the corners of your borders meet at a 45 degree angle instead of square. This quilt needs an amazing frame whether you hang it on the wall of lay it on a chair, trust me the results are fabulous!


Finger press your quilt top in half, mark with a pin, this is your center.

Finger press your border fabric in half, mark with a pin, this is your center.

Start pinning from the center then towards both the outside edges. 

When you do mitered borders, you start sewing 1/4″ in from the end, be very exact here, then backstitch at that point, sew along full length, watching your seam allowances that they are nice and flat while sewing, stop 1/4″ in from the other end, back stitch. You can mark this 1/4″ with a pencil, pin or whatever works for you to remember to stop and backstitch 1/4″ in. 

Here’s what it will look like from the front.

repeat the same thing on all 4 sides.

With right sides together at 90 degrees (top and side) you will match the borders, perfectly, pin in place to hold while you mark your diagonal, line your ruler up, see how my 45 degree marking on my ruler is flush with the bottom of the quilt when it’s folded?

mark this way from both sides, this will ensure you have the correct angle, you can pin from both sides also, if you put a pin through your line on one side it should be in the line from the other side.

pin from both sides

sew, starting at the edge of your stitching line from the border, backstitch, sew to edge, backstitch, break thread. Trim so your seam allowance is 1/4″

Here’s the front…Did you try this, are you happy with how it turned out?

and from the back

Any Questions? 

Until next time, if you create a mitered border based on my tutorial, please let me know, I love to see your work, email me a pic if you feel so inclined 🙂

Until next time, stay happy, mitered and creative!

SewCalGal: Christmas Quilt Show (178)

Sew I was blog hopping as usual and came upon Aunt Polly’s Porch  blog and she was showing off her adorable Christmas quilt for the SewCalGal: Christmas Quilt Show 2010

Well I want to enter a few delights of my own that I’ve created over Christamas’s Past :

 I made about 12+ of this cute little snowmen, I think everyone got one that year 🙂 

I did stockings one year for a bunch of people and exchanges filled them full of goodies. These were pre-printed patterns, super easy and fun!

Tree of Life: My Sister wanted one, it was paper pieced (my first project)

I loved it so much I made myself one..

I called them Family Trees 🙂

Tree Skirt was a class I taught a few years back…turned out really cute. One lady made over 20 of these.

Snowman door hanger, I made about 10 of these one year and they were all different but all a HUGE hit! Pattern was out of MaCalls I think?

We always do ornaments each year on each gift, one year I made them all…they were all different and super cute. This was when I fell in love with embroidery.

Twinkle tree covered in french knots, was a block exchange…

This isn’t something that I made but it is stitched, embroidered and is for Christmas to me from my Mum, thanks Mum I LOVE it!


Well I hope you enjoy stopping by, now what am I going to make this year,

thanks so much for checking this post out and leaving me a comment 🙂

Until next time, stay happy and creative!


Me Mondays: A Kittens Tale (177)

Well ladies, I’ve done it, I’ve finally finished A Kittens Tale by Lynette Anderson…wonderful journey of learning to master half square triangles and pinwheels…applique needle turn & raw edge…playing with silks yet again…and completely being the guru of the smallest yo-yo’s available to make lol…let me see the border alone was 112 yo-yos – BLISS..

(well I did curse them a little towards the end lol)

But Look, what do you think? I’m in love, all over again…come here kitty, kitty, kitty 🙂


Until next time, stay happy and creative!

Mexico Colours (176)

During the Summer my Mr. VQ decided to spoil his wife of 9 years and take her to Mexico for a week of lazing by the pool, reading a good book (or many), drinking my favourite fruity drinks and sew much more…but wait a fabric store, +40 degrees C (104 degrees F) could it be I must check it out…can you say BRIGHTS?

(I didn’t see her in the image before hand…well say “Cheese, Senorita”

I look over and the lady that works there take a yard stick, pulls the fabric off of the roll the length of the stick and rips it off the roll right there, no scissors, no rotary cutter, not even one cutting station, just a good ol’ fashion fabric (and a million other things) shoppe. LOVE it!!

As a side factoid, a common wage in Mexico (we were in Puerto Vallarta) is 6 Pesos per day. 1 CAD dollar is 12 Pesos…can we count our blessings 🙂

Until next time, stay happy, colourful and creative

Kind Words: Madame Samm (173)

So, I’m pretty excited that I’m going to be a guest over at Stash Manicure with Madame Samm and she left me the cutest comment *blush* I’m totally flattered and I hope I don’t let you down 🙂

Well sweet you are right about one thing…well a lot of things…I HEART you…sew!

I was checking the blog links of course now that you have made it to our blog roll too…it will be easy to catch up all time..
And of course I am excited…in a way I hope someone drops out early..but nobody ever does..everyone wants to

Sew we will just have to wait a is only next WED…yeah.. I know they will just love you, how could they NOT…lol

anyway you are more than ready..I can feel it..I know these things wink…

piece be with you …always ..msamm

Thanks Madame for brightening up my super sunny day even more 🙂