Machine Quilting Class (218)

So a few weeks ago, I had the priviledge of taking a machine quilting class by award winning Ana Buzzalino – it was truly amazing. I do some machine quilting but I’m no expert and sometimes I feel like my work could be better. How do you feel about your machine quilting?

This class was all about fillers – what to do with those small spaces that will actually accentuate your design not over power it or distract from it. Remember, we spend a tonne of time piecing or embroidering our projects or putting our tops together we want the quilting to be part of it – compliment it not look separate from it, right?

Well Ana was an awesome teacher! My machine however gave me a run for my money (yet again I might add) but after the thread broke 1000 times and I changed the needle about 4 times it finally worked – new thread and new needle…aaaah I was on a mission and here’s my sample…what do you think?

I was pretty impressed by my work (as a beginner) and I’m super glad I took the course.

Here’s some other gals’ work to hopefully inspire you…we were all novice machine quilters and we all learnt so much it truly made us more confident in our machine quilting abilities.

So if you’re one of the many people out there who make beautiful tops and take them to a long-armer to quilt them…maybe take a step out of your comfort zone and try a class – you might be surprised about how amazing it is and how well you can do.

Our class was an all day power packed full of information class. 9-4 and by 2pm I didn’t want to learn anything else I wanted and was eager to master what Ana had already taught us but there again Ana gave us confidence to learn more and then more:)

I LOVE it!!

Thanks Ana..

Valerie Moss: Who am I (217)

First, Happy Birthday to ME! It was a FAB-O day spent with waking up to a special card and goodies from my hubby, a surprise visit from my favourite Auntie and great lunch with my Sis; but enough about me:)

This is my regular position these days…I never thought doing 5 blocks of the months would marry me to my studio…well of course I did – it was on purpose!! I’m in love with fabrics, stitching (ask the callus on my finger) and all things to do with quilting. I sleep, eat and breathe it. This is what I was born to do…be a quilter. Since opening and starting this business, when asked what I do, I’ve started saying “I’m a quilter by trade” hmm not sure if this is a “trade” per se but that is how I feel and that is who I am and that is what I get paid (not much) to do…so in my books it’s a trade. 

I love being surrounded by inspiration by my bloggy blog friends and being connected to online communities all over the world – it’s truly an amazing gift – this social networking online world and YOU commenters, friends, encouragers and die-hard quilters alike:)

Sew, these days have been spent working on the 100 pies and tarts blocks I have to complete this month (big shout out and thanks to Kathy B for helping me), one of the cutest Truly Scrumptious Blocks, the most adorable sleigh in our next Crazy Christmas block, 2 amazing villages to visit in our next month of Hocus Pocus Ville as well as the new journal blocks in Life is Beautiful. These 5 boms in my life are what makes Valerie’s world go round and I LOVE them!!

If you have any suggestions for the next chapter of block of the months for Pastimes Online, leave me a comment or send me an email with your ideas as I’d love to hear them. Until next time, stay happy and creative.

Vignette Magazine is coming… (216)

Sew I got this interesting email from Leanne Beasley…sound familiar? She’s the amazing designer of Journey of a Quilter here’s a pic for those of you who’ve missed this awesome block of the month we did in 2010.

This is the picture of Leanne’s pattern front – can you say amazing?

Here’s how our’s turned out with the dupioni silks we incorporated – this project is still available by pattern only option you still get full access to our private blog postings, video tutorials and sew much more…

So now that I have your attention, Leanne’s contacted me regarding carrying her brand new magazine called Vignette…”Vignette magazine is a quarterly visual delight filled with ideas for your creativity, your home, your garden, your kitchen, and much more! Issues 1-8 include the latest BOM pattern, ‘Vignette In Stitches’.

She’s offering a free block of the month club program including her fabrics and through our shop we will likely tuck in a few of our dupioni silks here & there 🙂

So I’m asking YOU!! I’ve received numerous email regarding her magazine and if I’m going to be carrying it…I’ve started the process to bring it in and be the FIRST Canadian shoppe to carry it, would you be interested in this magazine and possibly her block of the month project? If so contact me or leave a comment and let me know and I’ll add you to our growing list:)

Until next time, stay happy and creative…Valerie

TIP: Keep and old plastic container with a tight lid to dispose of used rotary blades. If these are thrown in the trash, someone handling the trash could cut themselves on the blade.

Single Girl Project (215)

For sometime now, I’ve wanted to make a quilt where I get to cut out and sew all of the blocks or parts of the project whenever I want instead of having a month by month project (which I do love btw). I purchased this pattern Single Girl from The Quilting Loft in Portland a couple of year ago while on holidays…I fell in love with it them and I’m still in love with it today…

I know it had to be polka dots and lucky me I had 36 different polka dots in my stash…can you believe that I even had to cherry pick some of them out!!

Recently we had a sewing weekend with my guild and I decided to get a head start on this project. Sew, I cut out all of the templates, labelled my fabrics, sorted them in their respective quarters and began cutting out the pieces for my twelve blocks…

Here’s the pattern…what do you think? Super fun hey!!

e-Interview with Kim Hanson & Prize (215)

To finish off this special e-Interview, Kim’s overing an adorable smelly pillow pattern and kit…Sew how do you win? Give us your feedback here and on Kim’s Blog. Thanks for spending the time here today and getting to know Kim a bit better:)

Until next time stay happy and creative, Valerie


TIP: A simple Rule of thumb: The more you love your design the quicker you’ll finish

Round Robin Take Three (214)

Sew for those of you who are following my Round Robin projects – here’s the latest one and my final round for Beth…I wasn’t sew sure about the blue birds at first because there wasn’t any blue in the project…so after much debate and my MIL going through my stash drawers we found the PERFECT fabrics for finishing. I already knew I wanted to repeat her (Beth’s is the center patch) half square triangles and the colours…

Sew what do you think? My round is the skinny zinger of red fabric and then the half square triangles border…I like it sew much it going to be hard to give it up 🙂

Entries for Month two and Prize!! (213)

Holy Schmolly – do we have some great entries this month and a GREAT PRIZE!!

Jen E – HocusPocusVille

Karen C – HocusPocusVille

Heather D – Life is Beautiful

Heather D – Truly Scrumptious

Kathy B – Life is Beautiful

Robyn Y – Crazy Christmas pic 1


Danielle R – Truly Scrumptious

Beth S – Pies and Tarts

Viv B – Truly Scrumptious

Prize for Month 2 {drum roll please} goes to lucky number 10 which is Danielle R – congrats to you my friend!!

these fantabulous scissors…super sharp point, spring loaded perfect for all of our stitching and embroidery…enjoy!!