Around the Net – Quilt Video(226)

Please take the time to watch this video, my dh came across it and I was truly mesmorized with the quality and the time Gayle Thomas put into this Quilt Film (give it time to download) it’s nice to watch on full screen to get the full affect. Also, turn up your sound 🙂 Enjoy!!

New York Beauty (24)

The Lakeside Quilters Guild girls have been work furiously on this quilting project for our next Raffle quilt to raise funds for our local charity projects.

Would you like to WIN this!!

how about a close up?

If you’re interested in a ticket AND are currently living in Alberta email me and we can figure out how to get you tickets…which by the way are $1. each 🙂

22 years old bye ol’ friend (224)

I know I know this isn’t quilting related per se but without this necessary item daily I wouldn’t be able to attend quilt shows or do quilting gigs or attend my quilt guild meetings…well you get the drift.

This was my first hair dryer and it kicked the bucket the other day much to my surprise because my hair was still sopping and we were headed out the door…so I turned up the heat and dried my hair (who said I wasn’t resourceful lol)

But here’s a big cheers to you ol’ girl for 22 years of great blow drying LOL I couldn’t resist posting this!!

p.s. hopefully my new blow dryer will give me another 22 years of good hair styles 🙂

Journey of a Quilter getting Finished (223)

My Friend Kathy and I made a pact that we would have our Journey of a Quilter tops finished by the Heritage Park Show (end of May) that being said, we had a quilt guild meeting in between and our Quilt Show in Chestermere (please stop by and say hi) is May 7 so our dates of completion have been cut by 3 weeks YIKES!! Well I thought I would get a move on this finishing thing..since I have to finish A Kittens Tale also…

cut the batting – check!

the back was pieced last year and just waiting patiently to be used – check!

crawling around on the carpet adding a million basting pins, sore knees – check! Thanks to Jen who stopped by for some stitching that day – good motivation to get pinning!

Practicing my free motion quilting from Ana’s class (which I learnt so much). I only used my free motion quilting foot on this project what a learning curve but I think I’m getting it finally.

I’m thinking this pebbling filler stitch is my new favourite!! I’m not kidding it’s super easy to get into a groove with this stitch, I’m in LOVE! What do you think? Liking it aren’t you?

I have more pics to take and show you, I’ve done quite a bit more since these were taken so I’ll get more pics here to show y’all.

Until next time, stay happy and creative, get your quilt tops pinned and layered and it won’t seem like such a daunting task to start the quilting process:)

Tig (222)

So here’s to you cat lovers out there…and to my best quilting pal in the whole wide world – Tig my sweet kitty who’ll be 10 this year (how old do cats live anyway?) 

Most any given day you can find her snuggle in some little slice of sun…

she’s usually up for a photo opp also 🙂


New York Beauty – Show Stopper (225)

The Lakeside Quilters Guild have been work furiously on this quilting project for our next Raffle quilt to raise funds for our local charity projects.

Would you like to WIN this!!

how about a close up?

If you’re interested in a ticket AND are currently living in Alberta email me and we can figure out how to get you tickets..which by the way are $1. each 🙂

Kindle Review (221)

For an early Christmas present my hubby surprised me with this amazing reading device, a Kindle by Amazon. I’m a “veracious reader” as he calls me I’m not a super fast reader (like my Aunt who reads a book in a night) but I LOVE to read. I read so many different styles of books from lite reading about nothing to heavy reading about slavery, to biographies and travel and everything in between. I’m not much of a magazine reader (unless it’s quilting related) but every night before bed I read, Period!

This device is so great – it’s sleek and fits into my messenger bag style of purse for when I’m on the go, the battery lasts a month or longer and you can adjust the text font, spacing and size, you can read it portrait or landscape as well as it’s perfect for both right hand and left handed people. It’s super lightweight so your hand doesn’t get tired when reading for long hours. I also really love the screen savers which are generally of some famous author or an interesting picture of birds or something you’d love.

It’s the perfect gift coming it at just around $150 it makes a great gift for anyone and yourself, of course. This little beauty also keeps track of how far along in your book you are, has highlighted quotes in the book that other people LOVE too as well as a dictionary setting if you’re not sure what a word means (how perfect is that!). You can search for books directly from this device to the (important cause doesn’t sell Kindle books or the device) and they get emailed right to you wirelessly. You can subscribe to newspapers, blogs (USA only) and all of the books you could ask for, plus they are generally cheaper then paper backs – bonus!! Also, there are many free Kindle books available. I can’t compare between the different e-readers out there because I only know this one but I would definitely recommend it for the “reader” in your life or YOU:)

Do you have a Kindle or another e-reader brand, if so tell me about it as I’d love to hear about the other brands out there.

Until next time, stay happy and creative, Valerie

Your Projects (220)

This post is dedicated to pictures of YOUR finished projects…

Karen C – was part of our Journey of a Quilter club in 2010 – here’s her finished quilt – looks gorgeous by the way…don’t you just love the buttons? AND how the silk shimmers, nice job Karen!

Here’s another project she wanted to share – I LOVE it!!

And just a little info about Karen, she’s part of our HocusPocus Club this year and she’s not only making a quilt for herself, she’s also making one for each of her Sisters – can you believe that!

This project belongs to Studio Inanna she was a lucky winner of some of our dupioni silks that was a prize on another blog I sponsored a while back but look at what she created – it’s so great!! Thanks for sharing Annie.

Even though she isn’t part of our Pies and Tarts group per se she is working on Pies and Tarts and I thought I would show off what’s she’s doing and her colours because they are stunning!!

This is Shelly’s work, she’s about as far along as our club minus her tart blocks. Isn’t it neat to see these created in a different colour way then ours – love it!! Thanks for sharing your pics Shelly.

 So are you inspired to share some of your projects with me? How about your blog, I always love finding new blogs to read and share with everyone:)

Until next time, stay happy and creative, 

Entries for March blocks (219)

Okay we have some great buy-in to our block of the months this year – check out these entries…

Elke D HocusPocus Ville Month 3 (sorry Elke not sure why this photo won’t go the right way it’s weird)


Isobel C Pies and Tarts


Jen E Crazy Christmas


Kathy B Life is Beautiful


Jen E HocusPocus Ville


Jen E Life is Beautiful


Kathy B HocusPocus Ville


Kathy S Pies and Tarts (cute layout Kathy)


Robyn Y Crazy Christmas



Shannon M Crazy Christmas


Kathy B Crazy Christmas


Danielle R Truly Scrumptious

Beth S Pies and Tarts

 and the winner is….

Shannon – she wins this quarters edition of Quilters Connection Magazine.