What to do, What to do? (279)

Hi there Pastimes members, new and old (hmm need a better word here) and soon to bes…what should we do next year for Block of the Months in 2012?

I’ve posted about this before, a few times and I had a few more suggestions come in…what do you think of this one?

A good combination of Applique and patchwork but – where’s the stitching, don’t we need stitching??

Or this one? Feel like doing another Christmas one? Creams and Reds?


We have had another Halloween suggestion – check out this post here

The Vintage Sewing Machines is so far top of the list check out this post about them

What about this music themed one? Check out the post about it here

So members that are working on one of the 5 (or more) from this year would you like some more time to complete the ones you are working on before we start a new round? What do ya think? Need more time? What if we started the new ones in Feb or March – would you be enticed to start one then? Hmmmm 🙂 Would this make it easier for you or are you good for whenever?

Breanne’s Quilt (278)

You know how much I love doing Chenielle, I even made a pattern for a scissor keeper using the chenille technique. For those of you who are new to my block – check out the tutorial I did on this technique. The quilt I did for Grace was using chenille also.
Here’s Breanne’s Quilt – super cute I’d say. It measures 50″ square so nice and big. She’s 5 months old now and recently her mom held my baby shower for Miss London. While we were there Dianne was mentioning she’d like a nice big quilt for Breanne that she can use in her crib and she really liked the chenille quilt I received from Debbie.
Here’s the two of them at London’s shower hanging out together – too cute! this is the quilt from Debbie.
Here’s the one I made for Breanne, so snuggly and warm…super easy.

Janome Sewing Machine Update (277)

As many of you know I went through quite a trying experience with Janome in May of 2010 and with sheer determination I worked really hard with my Horizon to make it the machine I would LOVE. Well I’m not sure I LOVE it yet but I’m really starting to like it:)

It’s a solid machine, my Husqvarna would shake when I was free motioning quilting and that would drive me crazy, this machine is super solid but it’s super heavy too! I have had more comments on this Janome Horizon post from May of 2010 then likely any other post on my site. I believe that’s because our sewing machines mean alot to us. We value them like our cars and computers – they are our machines, we rely on them everyday (like I do). We want them to work like they are advertised to work.

Recently I took a class (with baby London and she was fab btw) on machine quilting – this was part 2 to the one I took in January and one of the ladies – we’ll call her “Frustrated Sewer” in the class recently bought a new Phaff. Frustrated Sewer came from a Bernina that she’d had and sewed faithfully on for many years (like 20+). She was getting to know her Phaff and wasn’t happy with it AT ALL – oh how I can relate to her. It’s so hard to spend the money on this new shiny sewing machine, pull it out of the box, full of excitement and anticipation for amazing things to come but then be dissapointed with the initial results. Frustrated sewer has spent let’s be generous and say several weeks playing with this new machine compared to the several years with her Bernina – there has got to be a significant difference, right?

Well like any tool we buy and spend significant money on, it’s a learning curve getting use to it – whether it’s a new stove, computer, remote control – they are supposed to be better cause they are newer. They come sporting the best technology – or better then what you currently have – a new shinyer cover or shell and more importantly they are going to assist us with expertise and a handy dandy user guide. This is a learning curve ladies. Trust me when I say learning curve.

I wish I could have returned my machine as the above posts asks over and over. I still haven’t taken it in for a service because I’m not sure where to take it – to the local store who’s a bit annoyed that I didn’t spend my money there and who will charge me full price for the service OR to the store where I purchased it from that’s about 8 hours from me – who’s likely annoyed with me for blogging about my experience and asking Janome Canada for help (which they never did).  Stuck between a rock and a hard place I am. Good thing I can take apart and clean my machine with no problems….

What are your experiences with your brand of sewing machines – I’d love to hear about them.

Finished blocks for the last few months (269)

Sorry ladies, taken me a while to get to this post – hopefully I haven’t missed anyones pics. So what I’m going to do is post all of the blocks for the last few months and so if you’ve sent pics into me you’ll go in for the draw for as many pics as you sent.

Isobel with her Pies and Tarts

Kathy S with her Pies and Tarts too!

Kathy S with another round of Pies and Tarts

Robyn with her Crazy Christmas

Shannon M with her Crazy Christmas blocks

Shannon M again

Shannon M again

The winner is Shannon M

She wins the latest copy of Quilters Connection Magazine – congrats Shannon!!