Tig – Couldn’t Resist (295)

 I recently bought this cute non-descript clock for my studio, it just suits so well..but Tig has this obsession with it. It has a second hand, you see and she WANTS it!

She used to sit here and look out my studio window…lol I just love how she “fits” right into Pastimes


She sees that second hand moving and she’s there, talking to the clock, scratching at it, meowing at it – it’s halarious.

She meows to come into the studio and runs right over to the clock…she’s gentle with it but still it’s so funny!

Single Girl Project (294)

Remember this post on the start of my Single Girl Project? Well I’m back at it because the person who I have this in mind for is going through some rough times. She’s feeling blue these days and there is a lot of changes going on in her life so I’ve been thinking about her quite often and thinking this would be a super quilt for her.

I love this project and I can’t wait to finish…I have alot to go but slow and steady wins the race, right? I like projects that you can do in stages. This one is great because each of the “0s” is in quarters, so I cut all of the templates for the first quarter (Q1) then sewd them together, added the center background quarter and now I’m onto Q2…do you like doing things in stages? For me, I get bored of the same old same old over and over…

I have 36 different polka dots – I’ve been collecting polka dots for so long… I thought this would be the best project to show them off:) My background centers will be 1 white tonal then the borders around the “Os” will be a different white tonal…I’m pretty excited. I have a goal – and I’m hoping to accomplish it! Wish me luck.