New Pattern (304)

Sew Laugh Love is the newest pattern featured in the most recent Issue of Vignette magazine by Leanne Beasley…and it’s so pretty – I just love this style so much…

I’m just thinking about the colourway I’m going to stitch this one in…You?

Recent Purchases (303)

At the beginning of January, London and I met up with some of my bestest quilting buddies for a day out to lunch and one of our favourite quilt shoppes…

here’s what I purchased:

I thought this was a super cheery pattern for London or any little girl or boy…

my friend Jen was saying these Oliver patterns are super I thought well of course I have time to whip up this little outfit as it’s so super cute!

how about a pair of these super fun “jammers” (pj’s)

look how cute the gathered trim is?


Vintage Sewing Machines (302)

I’m in love (again?) with my new block of the months for 2012…they are so charming, delightful and fresh. The Vintage Sewing Machines are just the cutest little projects to stitch and they do stitch up pretty quick…

 Here’s the first few months stitched…we need a few more people to join us, so if you’re looking for a nice, lite project that is so satisfying with a bit of history to boot, give this one a try…



Sisters (301)

So my sister Lisa called me up and asked if I could give her a hand with a quilt a whole group of friends made for their friend who’s going through a rough time…so I said of course, come on over – what fun we had.

One of her friends assembled the top, so we picked borders and backing, now onto the pinning..


first time Lisa “quilted” a quilt and she sure enjoyed it…nice job Li – ps the gloves worked good hey? (she wasn’t sure the gloves were “all that” but then after a bit she said they were worth it lol)

…binding, the best part, right?

ps her friend LOVED it. This is the true meaning of quilting…when the patches are made by all different people, for one special person, who needs something to snuggle up in and keep her thoughts warm and safe. What a gift…so special.

Me Mondays: Baby Girls Room (300)

What a delightful post number 300 is all about London’s room and how much sewing I’ve been doing – not a lot of projects mind you but alot of sewing…here’s what I’ve been working on.

It all started with London’s room being a bit cold with our dipping temperatures, and she likes it really dark when she sleeps, so I picked up block out material also.

I wanted the dots to be larger – so I found a good template, nothing like a Christmas plate to brighten any job.

Pink, of course

good paid of paper scissors and fabric scissors – 40 circles later

all randomly appliqued in place with an iron, then by machine. I got it down to sewing 10 dots on a panel (there is 4 panels) to 1 panel in 1 hour – all while she slept.

Super cute!!

Butterfly Garden is set to start in 2012 (299)

This is another super fun project by Leanne Beasley showing off such a nice balance of stitchery, applique and patchwork. Come join in the fun for 2012 and get your needles sharpened for another fun year. Remember we include EVERYTHING your pins, your needles, your floss to get you started, all the cottons and silks as well as the pattern each and every month!

Vintage Sewing Machines is set to start in 2012 (298)

Hi All, well it’s official, here’s the first bom that’s been decided…

Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines …super cute and I’m already stitching away (in between feedings which is more fun). I’m in love with these little beauties. Finishing at 8.5″ square plus our super cute borders. I decided to play off of the “vintage” feel and use the wash-out feel of the serenity line of fabrics along with the hand dyed Weeks floss…sign up today here. This bom starts in January of 2012. Make this for your own Sewing Room of that of your friends:)