Strathmore Spring Festival (332)

I’m on the road again so come by and VIST me in Strathmore..Saturday June 2 at the curling rink. It’s their first annual Spring Festival so there’s something for everyone…

Here’s what my booth has looked like in the past..anything you see that you might like? Stop by and visit me

Trunk Show, London, Quilts & Mum(330)

So, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to speak and do a trunk show for the Sherwood Park Quilt Guild. That’s about 4.5 hours from me…I’m super excited, honoured and looking forward to it. My friend and fellow Facebooker Bradie Sparrow from Sparrow Studioz invited me to come and show my goodies to her and her guild.

I’m a little nervous to be honest but I’m thinking, just be myself and be prepared and it will all turn out, right? Jeff’s going to be away that day so I’m going to be packing up London and goodies, bringing her with me – always keeps me grounded – do you feel that way about your kids? It seems like having her around me makes me feel humble and grounded, and I do love that feeling. A constant reminder that there’s more important things in life besides…well most other things except people we love, am I right?

So I am planning my talk, and I’m going to speak about how and why I started Pastimes Online, what my motto is – do YOU know what my Motto is?

“I pick and choose the things that I LOVE for Pastimes Online and hope to attract the people that LOVE the same things I do”

Well Jeff left on Monday and I was pretty much ready to go on the Saturday because with an 8 month old it’s hard sometimes to be able to budget your time (like even to write this post) and ensure you’re prepared. So packing up these projects as well as myself and daughter took a bit of extra planning and time – but I got it done with the help of my Sister (Gold bless her).

Left here in plenty of time Thursday, went to deliver some packages at the post London was just about to go down for her morning nap..all good – she slept the entire way to my Mums which is about 2.5 hours from here. Unpacked her lunch, her and me – then we all went and had a nice lunch. Change her and I nursed her – packed up what we needed for our 1.5 hr trip and proceeded on our way…..

That’s when London decided she didn’t want to have an afternoon nap or didn’t want to be in her car seat (what did you kids think about their car seats?) or was trying to push her top 4 teeth through – Yep this 8 month old now has 6 teeth! or whatever else she was trying to deal with…well to make this a story worth reading she cried the whole way…1.5 hours – oh it was grueling. I was driving and Mum was helping with London – thank G for her too!! We finally ended up pulling over in Sherwood Park and I took her out – she was fine!! Yep even laughing…oh man – lol what do you do she’s just too cute for words.

Well she eventually settled, my Mum spent the time with her for her supper and while I was speaking…and she did great!!

I spoke about all 9 of my quilts and a few of my classes thus far like: 1) Journey of a Quilter by Leanne Beasley 2) A Kitten’s Tale by Lynette Anderson 3) Hocus Pocus Ville by Crabapple Hill Studio 4) Life is Beautiful by Hugs and Kisses 5) Crazy Christmas by Lynette Anderson 6) Truly Scrumptious by Cinderberry Stitches 7) Pies and Tarts by Sue Daley 8) Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines by Ella and Skysie Designs 9) Butterfly Garden by Leanne Beasley which was only the first block as well as Quilt Aid, some of my class projects and more…I hope I don’t over stay my welcome lol but I’ll be pretty excited to show my projects and our goodies PLUS I’ve packed up quite a few giveaways..I can’t wait to update you on my special day – well it’s a Speaking Engagement, yep I like the sounds of that.

They clapped, asked questions, ooohhh and awwed and really wanted to get to know me and my business – I spoke to Bradie and she said the VIBE was good throughout the room…there was about 80 women there! So in the end the day was FAB-O even London slept all the way home, we stayed at Mums and had a FAB-O time!

So I hope there’s more trunk shows in my future, I LOVE it being able to share sometime to someone about quilting always makes my day…I think they like the prizes too 😉 


Dead MAC Walking (329)

Well after 6+ years (maybe longer) my Mac has kicked the bucket…this was hubby’s old machine that we passed onto me…I’ve used and abused it for many years for business and personal and it finally decided to pack it in….**kisses** RIP my beauty Mac

You know when you have computer trouble it only happens when you are in the room…as soon as someone else comes the problem doesn’t occur again? Well this time, it did actually occur when Jeff my dear hubby and my tech guy was in the room…it just died right there with both of us present…poor MAC you’ve been super good to me.

So onto a bigger and better computer…I’m now sporting this baby! 27 inches of Quilting Pictures, Shopping from Suppliers with the brightest screen to making picking fabrics, floss and so much more for YOU all – much more fun. Any questions about working with a MAC let me know I’d be happy to help!

{photo curtesy of Apple}

Pies and Tarts (328)

So Remember Pies and Tarts from last year? I’ve been thinking about laying mine out differently since my Mum was here showing off her completed top with all of the amazing colour and beauty – the dupioni silks sure add shimmer and texture to this top of many colours…wouldn’t you say?

This close up here just doesn’t do it justice…the full size pic is so stunning in person, what a nice job she’s done. We picked the border and binding a couple of weeks ago – she’s going with purple and a scalloped edge…I can’t wait to see it finished.

Funny how the spot where this picture was taken is now full of a jolly jumper, exer saucer, quilts on the floor and a million toys – then London chooses a piece of string to play with – isn’t that always the way? 

I love how my house is changing all the time to accomodate this little addition…she’s just a delight!

Anyway – not to get side tracked – here’s my blocks, I’ve decided to give mine a sashing…I have a sleigh bed so I didn’t want the pies and tarts to go to waste at the bottom of the quilt So my plan is to have 
it plain at the bottom, then a nice wide band of pies and tarts with white tonal fabric separating them…then where our pillows go

this will be plain too…we will see how it turns out. In my head, it works lol.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have them be completely scrappy or if I’m going to have all the same background colour in a row…row after row? Thoughts? Have you gotten yours done yet? If so, send me a pic.

I don’t know why I’m leaning towards white tonal but I just feel like it will freshen up these colours and it’s in all of the fabrics.

I’ll keep you posted 😉

Vintage Sewing Machines (327)

So, here’s a peak of the Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines top (pic taken with my iphone) isn’t it beautiful…I’m in love yet again with a beautiful and simply put together quilt. I’ve only completed 9 of the 12 blocks but you get the picture…so pretty…

There’s still room in this club, if you’ve been contemplating joining, now would be the time 🙂

Quilting Get Started (326)

Remeber when I taught this class Quilting Get Started through Chinook College? Well I just finished teaching this class to the Langdon Quilters Guild and I LOVED it. I just absolutely love to spread the gift of quilting…

Here’s my top before the quilting…it’s been quilted since this photo and I will post pics of that soon…

Here’s Sally’s top – I love how different fabrics just make a quilt top so incredibly different when all the blocks are the same.

It’s funny when you ask the ladies in the class in the beginning which block they think will be the hardest – Dresend plate, then in the end it’s the easier one 🙂 aww all about learning.

Here’s Laureen’s, nice job you two…

London and Mystery (325)


So, where have I been…well down with a stupid cold, then baby, baby, baby and loads of fun with her…here’s an updated pic of my sweet “Bugs” and maybe one of her chewing her favourite book lol.

We had an absolutely splendid Easter which brought on my finishing touches for our all new Easter Block of the Month – well Spring and Easter…it’s a mystery here’s a bit of a peak! How about a few bunnies, the cutest chicks to help inspire you to join in the fun?

If this doesn’t inspire you…hmm what about the cutest little egg stitcheries? OR a couple of bunnies with their cute cotton tales? Come join the fun…leave me a comment and I’ll add you to the list of sign-ups. This club will start soon.