Scandinavian Rose (363)

 How’s your Scandinavian Rose coming along? I’m loving mine but I seem to be slow to stitch up the blocks…YOU? Send me your picturs people as I’m desparate to see some of these finished blocks in YOUR colourways…pretty please!

~why is it when you want to take a close up picture you have a cat in your way – it didn’t matter how many times I tried to move her she purred louded and was stiff there – like I need to take a picture of her paws (again) lol such a nice cat she is though my sweet Tig!

New chairs…(362)

A couple of weeks ago I decided to re-cover my dining room set…it’s been 10+ years since we’ve own it and it was TIME!

So I knew I wanted blue or some measure and here’s what I was thinking…

Thanks to all the facebook feedback as I went along this is what I chose and I’m super happy with it!

Tig (aka the brat cat) has already picked a chair…now I need to make a quick quilted throw for the living room to connect the two rooms together with the same blue…what do you think? I ended up recovering them in just a couple of hours, so if you’ve been putting this undertaking off – wait not further and forge ahead!


Danielle’s Dads Quilt (360)

My friend Danielle made this quilt for her dad last year or so…it turned out simply beautiful, we spent some time picking fabrics, som silks, some strips and dots and boy is this a mans quilt – look at the stripe she added to the bad – and the rounded corners.

Nice job Danielle, hope you don’t mind me showing everyone on your behalf?

Breanne’s Quilt (359)

I made this quilt a while ago but forgot to post about it – my friend Diane’s daughter Breanne is 10 weeks older then London…boy are these two munchkins so different…but adorable just the same.

So this chenielle quilt turned out pretty big at approx 50″ square, and so cozy comfy.


Here’s a close up of the chenielle

Bugs (358)

…I was taking a gander through some photos today and came across this one…what a doll – it was a nice frsh Fall day, I was taking some pictures of another quilt – took London out with me and she slept so sound with the crisp air around here…she was about 3 months old here…my friend Debbie made this chenielle quilt for her – my favourite quilt (sorry mum).

Order from Etsy (357)


If you haven’t heard of etsy…get with the times people it’s a place to get lost in I just absolutely love it there and always find something special for someone special and sometimes that someone is me…

So, I’ve been looking for a new makeup bag because mine is so OLD and embarassing even I blush when to go to use it each day and more of the edging crumbles…eeeks!!

 So, I jumped onto etsy and spent numerous hours while playing scrabble and finding things for London and me and Jeff and the neighbour down the street and my sister…well you get the point, you just about want to buy something for everyone you know. Plus you’re supporting someone who’s trying to make a few bucks make something that they love – so it’s a worth while cause, woudn’t you say…so while searching for a new make up bag only 18 thousand options come in in every shape and size…I found a few that came close to mind but still weren’t exactly…but as I mentioned I found something for London – aka Bugs which is this adorable owl hat…which is from my buddy (bestie really) Jean from Quilted Cupcake so now that I’ve convinced Jean to make me a new make up bag with zipped pouch in her choice of one of my favourite fabrics – I’m totally sold and can’t wait for my new bag…Jean makes most things and has them posted on her shoppe page – she’s sold well over 200 items, if there’s something you need for yourself or your friend, please check out Jean’s shop and tell her Valerie sent you!

I’ll of course post about my new bag and Bug’s (aka London’s) new hat when it arrives…until next time, stay happy and creative everyone…

Journey of a Quilter is baaaaccckkkk (356)

Hi All, I’m so pleased to announce that Journey of a Quilter is back. It’s by far the most popular quilt block of the month we’ve done to date! With the scrappy, now I mean scrappy – 20+ fabrics, beautiful hand dyed weeks floss, dupioni silks, silk pins, embroidery needles, sewing machine needles, private step by step blog postings and close up pictures…what more would you like?

…to join maybe?

Well it’s coming…3 options to choose from so pick the one that works for you and your schedule…maybe you are the type that wants everything at once – done. But maybe you are the type that wants to receive a special kit in the mail each month – done. And maybe you want to do it in black, white and red from your own collection – done or you want me to put together a special colour – you just let me know that you’d like purples or blues and I’ll put something special together just for you!

Would love to see you all play along…please sign up for Journey of a Quilter 2013 – today!

—-as a little side note here’s Kathy’s Journey quilt in her choice of fabrics – isn’t it just devine?

Leanne’s House Goodies (355)

You all know what a fan I am of Leanne Beasley, right? Leanns’s House patterns, books, boms have always been a big part of my pastimes heart!

So, here’s two new books from her, Living the Dream see sneak peek here and Romancing the Road Trip also a sneak peak here.

Adding to your books, these coil bound books are so beautiful and well thought out – Way to go Leanne!!

Order your books & Magazines from Leanne Beasley today!