Lakeside Quilters Guild WindUp (29)

This was such a fun gathering of Quilters from my Lakeside Guild thanks to Danielle for organizing everything and to Laurie for Opening up her home to all of us and what a beautiful home you have Laurie:)
With the pin cushion challenge to be voted on here’s the entries. Also some fun photos of the night:) what a treat to have all of us together. For those ladies that missed it, hope this post helps you feel included. 


Flying Needles Wind-Up (28)

I always love a good windup party the food, the friends and the inspiration is always the draw. This year was no different with my Flying Needles Quilt Guild.

With all of our challenges and pin cushions galore it was so hard to choose my favourites 🙂

Thanks to all who contributed to this fun day and making something delicious for us to snack on.


Fun Quilts Trunk Show (27)

Flying Needles Quilt Guild and Fun Quilts recently put on an amazing trunk show featuring all of the quilts from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr’s latest book, Quilts Made Modern. This Stunning book which you can purchase here through Amazon at an excellent price.

Here’s a snapshot of the Fun Quilts trunk-show and all the beauty they had to offer…I hope you enjoy. And if you’ve read this amazing book and would like to leave a review, I’d love to hear from you. This amazing quilt(s) was inspired by the small houses in Chicago and when you look out your window you see the brick of another you can see birds on a wire, well sort-of:) Isn’t this adorable with the simple background, amazing quilting and the cutest little birds one would want to see? 

This quilt was based off of a “postage stamp” style, with it’s simplicity in the stitching and the hand-quilting..yes Weeks did this by hand, unbelievably perfect!! The colours just make me and maybe you feel super cheery, love this one!!

Here’s all the gals ogling over another quilt – sew adorably contemporary.

And yet another one to wet your palette with stunning colour and curves…amazing I say!

This one here had me at “hello”, just the colours alone brought me in nice and close…brown and orange so different for me but I LOVE it!

Sew to sum this one up, well worth it from the refreshments and hospitality from Flying Needles Quilt Guild to the peaceful atmosphere of being in the Millarville Church to being surrounded by Quilters – I would say this trunk show was an absolute hit! Thanks so much to Bill Kerr for taking the time to come see us, teach us, inspire us and leave us ever-changed!

If you were one of us lucky ones who got to see the trunk show and/or took his workshop, please leave me a review to share with everyone:) Thanks sew much!

Lakeside Quilters May Show (26)

Here’s all of us setting up and being silly on the Friday for our quilt show recently held in Chestermere, Alberta. We had a great time setting up and being inspired by each other’s work.


Again, the “crew” after a hard days work…standing in front of our Raffle Quilt (raising funds for charities in our community)…isn’t it nice when everyone’s smiling:)

lots of inspiring…colours…stitching…applique…

and more for everyone to see…

Thanks for checking out our show…maybe this fall you’ll have a chance to stop by and say hi! Thanks to everyone who made the trip out, found parking and visited!!

Red Deer Quilt Show (25)


My Sister, her two boys and I ventured to the Red Deer Quilt Show recently, we met my Mum there and we were all inspired…

We were also supposed to meet some other ladies like my dh’s Aunt and a friend of ours from our Quilting Guild but they ended up running late. We had arrived at the show for first thing and it was so busy…busy like Christmas shopping…busy like when you turn around you bump into someone or they bump into you…I love going to this show because they do have a LOT of vendors and have some really great door prizes and of course the quilts are amazing… but when the show runs for only the Friday and Sat and not the Sunday too it’s so packed with people that one may not spend the time there that they would like.

Here’s some inspiration from the show for you today…I hope you enjoy!


New York Beauty (24)

The Lakeside Quilters Guild girls have been work furiously on this quilting project for our next Raffle quilt to raise funds for our local charity projects.

Would you like to WIN this!!

how about a close up?

If you’re interested in a ticket AND are currently living in Alberta email me and we can figure out how to get you tickets…which by the way are $1. each 🙂

Lakeside Quilters: Name Tag Workshop (23)

Sew about a dozen of us embarked on the project of a life time to ensure we all have names and are proud to wear them on our hearts 🙂

We had sew much fun, thanks to all the ladies to hauled their machines and goodies for everyone to share and a BIG THANKS to Jo for stitching our names – I love mine!

See you soon at the Christmas Party – with Bells On 🙂

Piecemakers Retreat & Travelling Quilt Shop (22)

I had the pleasure of being invited to take my store on the road. So me, my Designer Scissors, Rulers, Cutting Mats, Cottons, Jeval Dupioni Silks, Pins & Needles, Rotary Cutters and whatever else I could find, came tooo!! It was an amazingly beautiful day filled with happy hearts of quilters.

Mum and I setup in this super comfy room with rock and fire places, vaulted ceilings, and ambiance galore which was a perfect place to show off my wares.

Quiet before the storm 🙂

the “storm” boy it was crazy there for a while, super fun!!!

fat quarter bundles, Cathedral Window Tote kits and patterns, all nestled by the fireplace

Glass jars filled with adorable bundles of Jeval Silk Floss, Cotton threads, Rulers and Quilters Tea

Centered in the room was battings, different fuses, The Best Ever cutting mats by Gingher

Packing up and heading home, 27 degrees out, perfect day to spend with my Mum!! 

Flying Needles Stocking Tutorial (21)

I put a shout out on my blog for a good stocking pattern and one of my great club members Sandy sent me this link, it’s perfect. This stocking has the Elf toe which I love and it’s pretty easy to put together. Please download it here.

Now for printing, you can just print out the pattern templates we will need as we don’t need the middle extension section. Please also refer to these sewing instructions in the pattern, my tutorial is just to help out.

 1) layout to make sure you have what you need. I’ve shortened this stocking because 24″ was just too long (you can only bake so many cookies for one person). I removed the extra lengthening piece and shortened up the middle. The overall length is approx 17″. 

I overlapped the middle of the “calf” part slightly also. Cut off the extra around the calf area so it’s the right width, tape your pieces together.

choose your fabrics, you can do this with fat quarters because the height isn’t over 18″ and neither is the width. You will need 4 fat quarters 2 of colour a and 2 of colour b. I chose the chocolate brown silk and one of the fabrics from Eclectic Garden.

Fabrics right sides together, layout and pin your templates down, pin in place.

same for your lining

now you have 4 pieces for the sock and 4 pieces for the cuff. You are going to sew the two stocking pieces wrong sides together in a basting stitch, make sure your seam allowance is within your 1/4″ so you don’t see your basting stitch. Another tip, use matching thread this way it’s more forgiving.

Onto the applique, if you remember I did mine for the FNQG (Flying Needles Quilt Guild) and Colleen did here’s exactly like the original. Experiment ladies, put other sayings or applique a star or tree or a Christmas ball on this sock, make it original :). I used of the left over silk for the applique letters.

or cut out the Joy and the star as per the instructions …

Here’s a little crash course on applique, first trace the shape reversed onto the wrong sides of the fabric, then fuse with a hot dry iron. Cut out with super sharp scissors. Then score the backing of the fuse with a needle so you can remove the paper with wrecking the edges of your shape.

score the paper with your needle

then lift it with your needle until you can grab it with your fingers and remove the paper this way.

Because of I chose the letter FNQG they seemed to look better with the toe on the right, you need to determined which way you want your toe facing. 

Stitch your applique down. If you are doing applique on the cuff portion, refer to step 3 on the instructions.


Clip all of your curved edges before you sew the two stocking sections together, this way it will lay flatter once turned right way.

hanging strap, press in the middle, then press each long side towards the middle, fold in half and stitch down the center to secure.

sew your two stocking pieces right sides together, (after clipping seams) and turn out the right way. Tuck your cuff into the top of the stocking, remember which way your want your cuff to be (lining facing out with applique showing) so pin this and double check before your sew. You also need to tuck your hanging loop in here, you want your loop to be opposite your toe 😉 of course and you want the end of the loop to be hidden in the seam allowance (this was tricky for me) so take your time here.

Turn everything the right way and press really well. You’ve completed your adorable stocking Christmas exchange. I see magazines, baking, and so many adorable little goodies. Good Luck Ladies!!

Flying Needles Wind-Up (20)

Here’s some fabulous pictures from our Flying Needles Quilt Guild Wind-up, What fun!!

Apron Challenge:

Mystery Quilt Finalists

President’s Challenge

Thanks to all the ladies for participating in all of our wonderful events throughout the year, another year is finished and another year’s planning is in the works, Look out – we have some amazing things coming up next year!!!