Interview: Broadcasting for Corrections-vvp6

Welcome Janice Wilby (Reeves) to the show…she came from good humble beginnings surviving a 5 car pile up as a teenager, moving into a small aboriginal town starting highschool with her mom and younger sister, having a baby at a young age, going back to school and ending up as a communications consultant in Policing and Corrections where she loves to push continuous improvement everyday…she’s also met her fiancé in jail…enjoy the episode. Broadcasting for Corrections and her history of pushing for change.

  • Where/When did we meet? Meadow Lake Saskatchewan
  • 1992 accident, September 3
  • 1993 moved to meadow lake at 15 years old
  • Our Parents
  • Favourite memory about living in Meadow Lake with our blended family…and a pig named Stella
  • Having a daughter at a young age
  • Super proud of you
  • Tell me about how your career has evolved
  • How did you and Darrin meet….

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  • Funky Electric Guitar 03

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Coming up on the next episode an interview with veteran warden for over 20 years….have you been  in jail or spent time in corrections, if you have or know someone who has send me a note at with your story as I’d love to hear it!



Intruder in Mount Pleasant…..vvp5


Listen to Episode Live here…

  • A personal story about an intruder
  • Arlo Surveillance System Review

My husband left for work the other morning and left the garage door opened for 5 mins.

We live in the community of Mount Pleasant in Calgary’s north west part of the city. This community has been around since…. it’s main homes are from the 1950’s. Currently there’s many homes from the 50’s that are being knocked down and companies are building large infills-duplex or semi detached style. Just around our house there’s probably 4 or more directly around our street. Most of the workers on these site appear to be foreigners and immigrants.
– description of intruder this guy was approx 180 pounds about 5’10” or so sandy blond hair. Wearing a red safety construction vest and looked to be work boots.
– how he was positioned in my carr
– pepper spray
– story of Tom Dunn
– what he stole – description and type of bike

birth certificate story

gift cards and amounts

as well as breaking my signal light switch for my brights
– Londons description of the silver truck
– where else the robber other locations
– fire showing up
– what ward I live in
– number for 911
– construction in the neighbourhood
– dogs next door
– review the serveilance system Arlo this system comes complete with x4 camera as well as several mounting devices that are magnetic with an additional option of screwing it into position so the thief cannot steel the camera.

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  • Timecode Topper
  • Police Car Siren

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Coming up on the next episode,an interview with my Step -Sister Janice…communications consultant for media and corrections…

Bowling Anyone? Alarm Clock – Beer Tidbit-vvp4

  •  a new podcast review
  •  beer tidbit
  •  Sunday’s at National
  • alarm clock for a 6 year old

We’ve been steeling away lately -now that our daughter is 6 and can be dropped off at a left at a birthday party – and heading to The National for a couple hours of adult time  it’s been fabulous

– We start with x6, 3 each oysters east coast is our favourite  served on a bed of crushed ice, with freshly grated horseradish and 3 sauces to spoon on with a tiny spoon that likely holds several drops- you sprinkle on either the tomatoe based, sweet one OR the zingy vinegar pickle one OR the sweet sauce  all are clear sauces and you have to put all three on with a topping of fresh ginger  so yummy


– seafood chowder made with House smoked cod, crab and lobster pieces mussels and scallops as well as veggies in a rich broth   Let me see i can describe this soup! It’s rich and luxurious I’m not one to choose clam chowder like ever then my hubby said we should try it – worth the risk

– next we order tater tots with a spicy may on the side – that’s basically it

Add enjoy a tasty pint of raspberry beer on the side…

all good and worth the stop

last weekend we happened to be downtown walking and snapping photos when we decided we needed this lunch – even tho we were with London – yep now she knows our secret

and after we ate this amazing combination the waitress asked if we were going to bowl  we knew there was a bowling alley in the basement of this National location but didn’t know it was free on Sundays with a meal…

We played and enjoyed for an hour or so what a nice way to end the day  here’s some of my walking pics!

My podcast review this week is…

  • Under the Influence gives you a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad  industry. Terry O’Reilly has a great voice, convincing plot lines and I always want more episodes. He has first hand experience, produces his podcast out of an airstream mobile studio.


well it’s official our 6 year old is waking up by alarm clock and she likes it and its working  so…we have an old iPhone with no SIM card – works off wifi  anyway w showed her how to charge – it set the time and pick her alarm sound  then voila she’s in like Flynn  3 days in a row  worked!!

beer tidbit!!

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Isabela Topper

80 Mirage Topper

Jazzy Downtempo

Carla Lyric

Ping Pong Topper

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The intro and outro for this podcast is recorded by London Moss

The podcast is produced by me Valerie Moss, through Garage Band and WordPress.

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Haunted Dean House – Food Fav’s – Work Safety-vvp3

– Calgary Urban legend

– Calgary Food Spot Favourites

-Work and Safety

Urband Legend: Deane House

Quoted from Avenue Magazine:

A lot of myths centre around the Deane House, which sits on the other side of the Inglewood bridge from Fort Calgary. The house was built in 1906 but only moved to its present location in 1926. Allegedly, suicides, murders and other accidental deaths have occurred in this home throughout the years, although only two deaths can be confirmed.

CAPI investigators have accumulated proof that the building is “most definitely haunted.” Photographs taken in the hopes of documenting evidence are often blurry and inconclusive, and charge on fully charged recorders will drain upon entering the attic. Paranormal researchers refer to this as “a vortex” or an electromagnetic disturbance.

According to those who frequent the house, a disconnected telephone will often ring followed by the smell of cigar smoke. Perhaps even more enigmatic is the bloodstain in the attic that frequently changes in size and colour. The bloodstain sits just outside of a closet, which will not remain locked despite the efforts of staff. Staff are quoted as saying they’ve tried to lock the closet only to return and find the door open and the lock lying on the floor. Any objects left in the closet will be found outside of the closet, a few metres away, with the doors open.

We were married in the Deane House September 8, 2001 yes 3 days before the awful 911 event of our lives. There was discussions around the Deane House being haunted while we were having our reception at this location – kind of added to the mystery of this historic site.  I remember being in the giant bathrooms in the upper floors and feeling like we were being watched – cold and chilly.

Calgary Food Spots to Try…

a couple of our favourite food spots to try are:

4th spot restaurant and bar, located on 4 street around 24th avenue NW.

  • it’s quaint, shows the mixed demographic that lives in this area, tonnes of families, there’s a bar upstairs – some-people use it for great meeting places and the food is amazing. We once held a birthday party in their small private room – just a perfect setting. They have an old fashion buffet that’s full of toys for kids…one time with London and I were there she pulled out an etch-a-sketch and asked me what that was…modern day iPad sweetie. LOL Their menu is comfort food, pizza’s pastas and good burgers plus they have daily specials like beer and a burger, Wednesday wing night. They also have fun names for their food like Pop-eys’ mistress is an awesome vegetarian pizza or Olive Oil another vegetation option that has truffle oil and they are both yummy – great fries also.
  • the second place I’d like to review is the Carriage House Inn, it’s off Macleod Trail SE and 90 Avenue. This Hotel and Banquet facility has the best brunch in Calgary (in my opinion) plus I worked there for many years when I first moved here. The Carriage house always holds a special place in my heart, it reminded me of the days when I would work banquets with my dad and growing up in the restaurant industry and hospitality. Anyway the food is the best for brunch, a bit pricey but worth the money.  A great variety of meet, seafood and vegetarian dishes plus they pan fry huge shrimps in butter and garlic and it wafts in the air as you’re filling your plates. they also typically have an amazing chocolate fountain with fresh fruit – totally worth the stop.
  • 50 years this year – coffee deals
    • The lady that ran the bakery in the hotel, Netty made the best buns – and I even worked with her to make batches of perogy’s – she ran a Kosher bakery out of this facility which made it a very sought after spot.

Safety Basics Course

In a previous episode I discussed the challenges of implementing Health and Safety within my company due to the changes in legislation as of June 2018 and gaining buy in from Ownership group as well as workers. I’ve recently taken a safety basics course through the MHSA – manufacturers health and safety assoc. This course proved to be fruitful in expanding my knowledge of what I will need to prioritize to transition our way of thinking and implementation of a safety program. some of the key items we discussed were COR certification, Safety program, regular maintenance of vehicles and tools, regular inspections in our shop/vehicles and work sites, toolbox meetings, safety committees. What do you do in your safety program, send me an email to as I would  really appreciate any of your feedback, tips and tricks to help me implement this within my company.


Calgary Weather – Hedley – Work-vvp2

Calgary Weather, is it warming up? Cooling down? Snowing, What?! The confused weather pattern lately.

In the News…Hedley? Canadian Idol falls

“Arm Chair Expert”? Or should I say…

Small Company, Big Problems?

Calgary Update:

The weather, there’s never a shortage of things to discuss about the weather here. One day like yesterday it was plus 5 (celsius) and another day it’s minus 11 (celsius) like today. if you suffer from headaches of any amount, this weather is a killer – as the barometric pressure messes with your senses. This can be the case in migraine sufferers as well as non-migraine sufferers. I’ll tell you a story about this happening to me when I first moved here…more about the weather. Today we have yet another weather system moving into the city, if you’re listening to this next week or in the coming weeks, this has likely passed already however were expecting 10-20 cms which is equivalent to 4-8″ a $hit tonne of snow. So weather stationed are cautioning us to from travel.

In the news:

I just want to touch on how Hedley has hit the news a lot this week. This is such an unsavoury moment to happen to anyone including a celebrity. You know I’m a fan of this great Canadian musical act corrected, was a fan, However when a band thinks they can act in this manner and possibly get away with this kind of conduct, it’s just one of those things you add to the unthinkable list. Here’s some background on Hedley. Jacob (lead singer) was born in Surrey British Columbia in Western Canada, one of the most beautiful provinces in our great country. He won the second Season of Canadian Idol – which in itself is a feat! Plus he married his high school sweetheart is now divorced.

So how does something like this happen, is it fame, is it feeling like you won’t get caught or no one will expose your bad side? being invincible, I’m sure at many times you likely feel this way as a celebrity, and possibly due to the recent #metoo moment we are all living in, this he has thought and the band has thought and reflected about changing their liberal lifestyle. What a shame for such an amazing group of musicians to come to and end overnight.

This kind-of leads me into my second thought for this episode.

I recently came upon another podcast while reviewing Calgary themed (variety) podcasts (and realized there’s more bible and evangelistic-church-centric podcasts than any other podcast reflecting Calgary) Not that I mind, but where’ the rest of Calgary content on podcasts for iTunes?

Dax Shepard and the arm chair expert was one that came up in my scroll feed – This podcast has quickly became one of my favourites with Dax,  I’ve always been a big fan of his earlier acting on “jackass” (don’t hold this against me) and later on in Parenthood, great actor and character role here. The thing I love the most about this show – psst DAX would you like to be interviewed on VsquareD? is the fact that he’s just so grounded and genuine. I’ve only listened to one show so far and not the first or second show but episode 6 with Pete Wentz, who btw is from Fall Out Boys, the was an excellent insight to this guy’s life of making it big. He is calm, humble, and very interesting at telling a story, he’s a huge fan of his son – who btw pulled him out of depression. I agree with this wholeheartedly as being a mom of a 6yo has taught me to be more patient, have more fun, realize things in a new way…totall Pete I get the feeling.

So, I’m in the process of implementing policies in my company for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)as currently we have a really high rating with WCB due to a number of factors and claims over the years. I’m working on building a program to help put us on the path of COR (Certificate of Recognition) and man is this every going to be an interesting path. Have you done this within your company – please share your thoughts and struggles with me.

Why a Podcast? Calgary-Work Safety-vvp Pilot

Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Welcome to Episode 1 -PILOT 

  • Why a Podcast
  • Living in the Calgary area
  • Working as a project manager.

Why a podcast? I’ve blogged for years even surpassing 200 posts on quilting, sewing and my own opinions  -now that’s a feat!. VSquareD is a new outlet for me because I have something to tell and have an opinion that I want to share and I listen to so many excellent podcasts on my daily communute that have inspired me to do this. Variety is what I’m looking to put out there for your opinions, your feedback, teach me something, influence me, challenge me and I hope to do the same. LIVE WORK PLAY, what makes you TIC

Podcast also known as autoblogging started in the 1980’s – there’s more than 250,000 podcasts on iTunes in more than 100 languages,

some of my favourite podcasts are (not necessarily in this order)

  • Someone Knows Something a podcast about unsolved crimes in Canada. David Riggen is now on season 4 of this intense excellently produced podcast, he has a great way of telling a story
  • The Minds of Madness – True Crime Stories an investigative discovery, uncovering event, circumstances and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things. Tyler’s voice  is edgy but soft spoken and slightly slow however the stories never let me down
  • S-Town– S.Town or shit town is a podcast from Serial and This American Life, Host Brian Reed about a man named John who despise his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the some of a wealth family who allegedly been bragging that he go away with murder, but when someone else ends up dead, the search for the truth leads to a nasty feud a hunt for hidden treasure and an unearthing of the mistrials of ones man’s life.

Calgary, also known as cow town located in the southern part of Alberta in Western Canada. Where  prairies and mountains meet, oil fields are in abundance and destination skiing and winter sports is what everyone talks about. Calgary is home to the most famous Major in the world, Mayor Nenshi – who’s been on the ballot box line up for 3 consecutive votes and won each time. why because he’s grounded, fair and fearless. Isn’t this what we all want in ourselves. Known for the Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Flames Hockey Team – Living in Calgary for almost 20 years, my entire career is here, my history is here – we have roots here. I love it here, the weather is hot and dry in the summer  getting up to mid to high 30’s (low 90’s in fahrenheit  in the summer and mid to low -30 degrees celcius in the winter is -22 F, for you southerners it’s super cold, for us yep is super cold too. Have you been to this awesome city? If so share your story and I’ll share it out (or now depends how you feel)

Work?  Something most of us are committed to and can’t avoid I’m a Senior Project Manager for a Signage Company, my first task was to install 7000 signs into the new International Airport Expansion project in Calgary, the 4th largest Airport in Canada. Our scope of the project was supposed to be completed in 6 months was eventually completed in 3 years – we had 160 change orders and 170 sign types. the majority of our change orders happened in the last 3 months of the whole project, just before opening. Talk about pressure. The best part was completion, the worst part was being bullied, harassed and put to the test every single day on this job. Looking back I basically received a whole lifetime of experience as I was the superintendent on site, a female, in her 30’s among 1500 other trades and all men – life lessons were learned. Have you worked on a constuction site? which site?

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this episode is written through WordPress, researched and produced through Garageband by me, Valerie, edited by Jeff and added to in our b, roll by London.