Winner, Gift Exchange and Christmas (entry 50)

Entry 50 already, WOW where does the time go *smile*

Hi all, well today I have a winner to announce, Vivian from Northern Needles Blog entered her favourite Christmas story for my Quilters Connection Magazine Post, here’s what she entered:

For some odd reason I cannot remember any memorable childhood Christmases. How crazy is that? I must be blocking or maybe I just can’t think tonight LOL. Surely I would have remembered if something terrible happened.

I do have a Christmas story, however it takes place when I was all grown up. I hope you don’t mind but I want to share anyway!

We live quite a distance from our whole family, definitely not a short jaunt. It was my daughter’s first Christmas. As I’m the oldest, she was the first baby in the family, so it was quite an exciting time for everyone. Everyone wanted to be together, to hold her, to be there when she opened her first gifts (she was 11 months at the time) and just enjoy her since our visits were rare due to distance, etc. So we took some extra time and went home for a couple of weeks. Days of visiting and nights of card games and board games, lots of pop and junk food and dainties and fun.

Christmas Eve morning came and something was definitely wrong. I figured it was just the travel, the food, the excitement. Until I sniffed some meat. There was only one other time that meat did not appeal to me. I put 2 and 2 together and made a mad dash to the nearest town with a drugstore. I was on pins and needles all night, just waiting for the morning.

Christmas morning came and with it came the results. Before the mad rush of present opening, I got to make my announcement to the entire family. Little Lisa was on her way!

It was a wonderful day of celebration, although there was no way I could have any of the turkey.

That was my best Christmas. I had my little girl and a new one coming soon.

Thanks Vivian for your story, I know quite a few women who would agree with you :). Please send me your mailing address so I can get the copy of the magazine out to you, Thanks for following my blog & Merry Christmas.

Since no one is posting their quilting bit of goodness right now as we have all of these secrets we are keeping from our family and friends…I thought I would have a scrappy non-quilt related post.

Cookie Exchange with my MIL, SIL and my Sister it was sure fun and we made some awesome cookies
These were mine, whipped shortbread with cinnamon chips in them, so delicious.
My MIL, thumbprint cookies and they were my favourite. I actually had to make a deal with DH so he would save these for me *smile*. She scrap-booked her recipe card – so cute!
These were my Sisters, Ginger Cookies, scrumptious!!
These were my SIL’s they are lemon, cranberry shortbread. 
We were kind of joking about having to make 4 dozen cookies amoungst all of the other Christmas stuff going on…but it worked out and it was such a nice down home visit with the ladies – thanks Colleen for making it happen.
Here’s my MIL’s Christmas card for this year. Every year she water colour paints her card then gets it printed onto photo paper…this year was probably her best yet, but then again I really liked the Christmas decorations she painted one year…
For me, this little bird is all puffed out trying to stay warm yet enjoying the stillness of the day with the freshly dusted tree branches and the brisk air, how re-freshing she would say…Love it!
Last but not least, I thought I would share a picture of Tig. Since we rescued her from the pound 8.5 years ago she has never really enjoyed winter and is always cold during this time of year but hey who isn’t :). In the winter months, she can be found either a) under the tree or b) on a heat register…it’s really quite cute:
{not one piece of the register vent is exposed, she has it covered LOL)

I have one gift left to make for our “homemade” Christmas and it’s for Jeff’s Nannie (mom’s mom), if anyone has any ideas please send them my way as I’m kind of struggling here…thanks so much.
Until next time, have a happy creative day…

Flying Needles Quilt Guild (entry 10)

Hi Ladies, I absolutely loved our Christmas exchange this year with Flying Needles Quilt Guild. This Guild is fairly new in age but has such a vested nature in one another and respect for each other that it is a real pleasure to belong to. Since I am one of the founding members, I can truly say how much I love being part of this group. All of the ladies are warm and friendly and open with offering support and praise upon each other. I am related to two of the members in this group Karen R and Colleen M through marriage but I feel a kinship and sister-ship with so many of you.

Here’s some photos of our amazing gift exchange bags and WOW did this ever turn out to be a hit!!

{All of the bags…amazing}

{I think this one is Carol L’s…I love yo-yo’s!}

{Center: Anna with her custom drawn and painted fabric…beautiful, bottom right: Colleen M: with her cute Rice Bag Foot Warmer which I believe Anna B received…hmm was it meant to be?}

{This is the one I received from Riska & I love the colours, thanks for the pretzels and the matching fabrics, I will put those to good use :)}

{I must also give a shout out to Mary D (I think) as she made about 30+ of these fabric wrapped Christmas crackers complete with little inspirational saying, needles, candies and so much more, thanks so much what a nice treat and surprise!!}


I also wanted to thank Robyn for the amazing home made Egg Nog which I LOVED (sorry if some of you didn’t get to try it as I did have a couple of helpings…:)

I heard from so many of you through-out the day about how much you loved this gift exchange. It didn’t seem to feel like a challenge this year to come up with something and I don’t think one person in the room felt dissapointed with what they received, so great on all of you for making this special for all of us 🙂 From the overwhelming comments about doing this again next year, we’ll (I’ll) see what we can do:)

To those ladies who couldn’t be with us for whatever busy reason that happens this time of year, we missed you! Please also keep Shirley H in our prayers and thoughts.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Flying Needles Quilt Guild and a Happy New Year. 

Quilt Til You Wilt (entry 9)

A Quilt til you Wilt sew day has been a tradition with the Lakeside Quilters Guild ever since I’ve been a member (5 years now) and it’s always a good time.

We all arrive about 10am or so and then sewed until we couldn’t sew anymore 🙂

We had such a good time working on getting our UFO’s completed, spending time with Alison as she’s been in school and away for a few meetings. Speaking of Alison, she volunteered to create a quilted banner for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic torch when it comes through our small town of Chestermere, East of Calgary, Alberta on January 19th.

Alison, you did such a great job on the design, thanks so much!! 

Alison, the torch turned out just fab!


Here’s all of us busy working on our projects, enjoy and ladies please leave me a comment 🙂

{Wilma, working on her Turning Twenty, Again project}

{Danielle, you are so close to being finished, I hope the thread works out}

{Heather, this looks familiar}

{Frankie, thanks for posing for a photo & I love your fabrics}

{Suzy, you are sew coordinated with what you are wearing, lol}

{Thanks June for making this charity quilt, very generous of your time and we sew appreciate it}

{Sandy, another adorable quilt almost finished}

Last but not least is me…

I do have to send a shout out to Kim and Sandy for their painstaking work on my nephews belts *smile* I SEW appreciated it!!

I didn’t seem to get photos of all of the ladies that day, strange since I was one of the last people left. Kim and I stayed and sewed until 1am…it was so much fun!! Thanks for another successful “Quilt til you Wilt” ladies!!

Christmas Gifts Update (entry 49)

Hi All, short but sweet today…I’m sitting in my office enjoying a delicious, comforting cup of Quilters Tea as all of these late nights up sewing for my “Homemade Christmas” this year is starting to take a toll on me. I was up until 1:30 2-3 nights last week, which by the way I loved and enjoyed it so much. I finished my nephews gifts, my nieces gifts, some of my parents and in-laws gifts, figured out the rest (I hope) and finishing some of the many small little accents to add to each present…but I’m not feeling that well today…

I have the sorest back (probably from all of the sewing) so no complaining really 🙂 and my DH has been really great! I’ve also filled 5 orders today everything from Quilters Tea, Designer Scissors, Quilters Soap and so many more items.

I got the cutest email from a Dad:  “HELP!!! She finally told me what she wants!!!! I am looking for the Gingher Desingner Series 2009 Elena scissors set.  Do you have this or can you get it for me before Christmas?”

He left his name and number so I called him back and helped him fill the order out for his daughter, I told him I would get it all wrapped up and mailed to her before Christmas, he was so relieved and I had so much fun working through the wants and needs to make his daughter’s Christmas wishes come true.

I’m also in the process of getting my house ready for company, I have a Christmas exchange on Sat and a 40th Birthday party (my cousin-in-law) I’m hosting my Quilters Group here on the 16th for a Christmas potluck, my Dad and Step-Mom will be here on the 18th and we have a Christmas party on the 19th…phew so it’s just going to get busier 🙂

It’s been snowing here all day…I love Christmastime!

Here’s the quilt I finished and entered into the Quilters Cookbook along with my recipe for my Grandma LaPorte’s Banana Bread.

Here’s Tig sitting in her favourite chair by the Christmas Tree…waiting for Santa. Hey MIL she loves this fur blankie lol.

 Until next week, have a great weekend everyone…

Around the Net (entry 48)

Hi everyone, 

Quilter Going Bananas has a few tutorials on her blog and once I started digging a bit further there’s one on Half Square Triangles and Quarter Square Triangles. If you haven’t taken a class on perfecting these I suggest you do as there are so many blocks that incorporate these in the patterns we choose and it can be very frustrating when they don’t come out precise.

{from Quilter Going Bananas}

{from my pizza box challenge}

Several years ago, I took a class on Half Square Triangles and Quarter Square Triangles – well two classes actually part one and two. Joanne Middleton from Patchwork School House is an Alberta teacher and lecturer. She has a barrage of courses available to take and she travels all over Alberta, it just depends on how busy her schedule is to book with her.

This class I took was so great it taught me something like a dozen methods to do half square triangles and most of them proved to be easy and accurate – some I just tried the technique and then I chose the one I liked the best!

She sells DVD’s and has been featured on QNN – check out her site when you have a chance, she is an amazing teacher and person.

Joanne also has quite a few very cute patterns.

Until next time, join our block of the month club: Journey of a Quilter

Have a great creatively inspired day…

Our Store: Cottons Update (entry 46)

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that my cottons have been delayed from the US. I should be receiving half of my shipment within the next week or so, then once I get the photo shoot completed they will be available for sale.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming:

Don’t your just love these assortments from the same line, they coordinate perfectly and good combinations of plaids, florals, and solids.

I couldn’t resist these bright little beauties.

These would be great as borders, chose one of these then add a multitude of fabrics that coordinate with the many colours.

Can you say “Bliss”

Creams and Blues for all your manly quilts.

Just a good assortment of strips, polka-dots and swirls to mix in with your fabrics.

Again, some good border or main feature fabrics.


There’s more to come so stay tuned. These will be bundled into fat quarters of different quantities for your convenience.

 Keep your comments and emails coming, I love to hear from you.

Have  great day…Valerie

WIN: Quilters Connection Magazine (entry 45)

Hi everyone, I just received the new Addition of Quilters Connection Magazine and I must give a shout out to Heather, “Great Job!!” I read it from cover to cover and wanted more 😉 For those of you who are from far and wide reading my blog like Rachel D may not totally get us Canadians and our love for Hockey and winter nights but then again you may love it as much as we do! 

My cotton thread cones have also been featured under their “Favourite Finds” section I’m so excited!! My first magazine spotlight!!

I have one available to WIN, so to WIN what you need to do is send me your favourite Christmas storey. Tell me something about when you were a kid and your strongest memory of what Christmas was to you and your family. Also, for all of you readers who feel shy to leave a comment, please just for this one time even, leave your storey for all of us to read.

For me, it was hunting through the wilderness searching for the “best” tree we could find with my Grandpa. All of us Grandkids trudging through the snow…seems like we picked every tree…but Grandpa always got final say :). We would decorate it as a family listening to Christmas Music – great memories.

I’ll draw the winner Monday December 14th.

Thanks so much for all of your support and comments with my other blog postings as I love the feedback.

Until next time…Valerie

Baby Quilt for Zachary, Pin Cushions, Tig (entry 44)

Finally I can show you guys what I’ve been working so much on…you’ve seen the colour of the fabrics but how about a slight recap. These were just miscellaneous fabrics in my stash. Once I saw these colours I absolutely fell in love with them mind you, I’m really into lime green and brown these days.

After pulling many books out of my over flowing shelf and spending the good part of a sunny afternoon thumbing through them I found a few that I liked parts of but not the entire quilt for him. I always like to make quilts and projects unique. So after consulting 🙂 with my DH we came up with a ‘Kite’ theme…I searched the internet looking for a cute design and found nothing, can you believe that?

I’m working on my own pattern now and I will eventually kit this and it will be available in our store.

On the weekend, when I revealed it at the Baby Shower for Zach, Diane loved it amongst all of the other gals present. I will have the back completed today and I’ll baste it at our ‘Quilt til You Wilt’ day tomorrow and then I’ll start on the machine quilting.

Without further adieu here’s ‘Kites for Kids’ quilt by Valerie.

I’ve made two more Friendship bags and practiced my machine quilting for when I start Zach’s quilt.

Circles…I even wrote my name


Squares, which I thought turned out rather interesting.

I shouldn’t reveal who these bags are for or the colours as these will be for friends, family or my guild exchanges (let’s just keep all of you guessing, shall we). These arn’t quite done yet, but close and boy they will brighten up any dining room table, sewing machine table and to take fabric shopping 🙂


I’m still working on my tuffets aka pin cushions.

I started making some mini ones, what do you think?


Here’s Tig sitting by my machine, just hanging out. She’s such a little cutie!!


I’m working on gifts for my nephews and nieces (nephews are cut out, nieces: have the stuff need to get it cut out for tomorrow), Aunts, MIL, Step-Mom, Mom, Dad, FIL, Sisters, SIL, Nanie (DH’s Grandma) and more people that should be on the list but not sure what to do for them yet.

As I sit here and write, I’m looking out my studio window and there is big, white crisp flakes of snow falling, finally the Christmas season is upon us and now I can start decorating my house for the holidays.

Until next time, have a great creative weekend everyone, Valerie


Around the Net: Christmas Idea (entry 43)

Hi Everyone, I took the day off on Monday from all things digital, well except my sewing machine lol. 

I found this awesome blog, Park City Girl check out her Christmas Stocking Tutorial which is so timely. Thanks Amy as I love these little cuties.

If you already have stockings, why note make some to hang on your front step or porch for decoration 🙂

Spend some time flipping through her blog as it’s adorable and she has lots of really great ideas.

Have a great day, Valerie

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, Market giveaway (entry 42)

Hi everyone, short but sweet this week as I’m planning the baby shower for Diane and baby Zach. Yes the quilt top is finished, back is cut out and ready to be basted and quilted, can’t wait for next week so I can finally reveal it.

Here’s a little something I whipped up for one of my friends. I’ve improvised on the embroidery tree and french nots, what do you think, doesn’t it twinkle?

I also saw this great giveaway I thought I would pass on it’s from a Blog called Sew Take a Hike isn’t that too funny?

Another Blog giveaway (and this is a weekly one) from Michelle at Quilting Bloggers

Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

Working on some stuff and ideas for Christmas, pin cushions, napkins, going-green bags for grocery shopping, aprons, magic bags, and a few more things up my sleeve 🙂 Any ideas from you that you love to make at Christmas that you would like to pass on as I need some inspiration..

Have a great weekend Ladies, Valerie