Around the Net: Christmas Idea (entry 43)

Hi Everyone, I took the day off on Monday from all things digital, well except my sewing machine lol. 

I found this awesome blog, Park City Girl check out her Christmas Stocking Tutorial which is so timely. Thanks Amy as I love these little cuties.

If you already have stockings, why note make some to hang on your front step or porch for decoration 🙂

Spend some time flipping through her blog as it’s adorable and she has lots of really great ideas.

Have a great day, Valerie

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, Market giveaway (entry 42)

Hi everyone, short but sweet this week as I’m planning the baby shower for Diane and baby Zach. Yes the quilt top is finished, back is cut out and ready to be basted and quilted, can’t wait for next week so I can finally reveal it.

Here’s a little something I whipped up for one of my friends. I’ve improvised on the embroidery tree and french nots, what do you think, doesn’t it twinkle?

I also saw this great giveaway I thought I would pass on it’s from a Blog called Sew Take a Hike isn’t that too funny?

Another Blog giveaway (and this is a weekly one) from Michelle at Quilting Bloggers

Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

Working on some stuff and ideas for Christmas, pin cushions, napkins, going-green bags for grocery shopping, aprons, magic bags, and a few more things up my sleeve 🙂 Any ideas from you that you love to make at Christmas that you would like to pass on as I need some inspiration..

Have a great weekend Ladies, Valerie

Around the Net: UFO Challenge (entry 41)

My Around the Net post for this week is all about UFOs. Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio Blog has an excellent challenge for everyone called, Joy in the New Year. It’s a place where you can list (I entered in 5) projects that you want to for sure complete over the next year.

Mine are all at various stages and my list may increase as the year unfolds, or a new pattern comes out that I would love to do, or someone shows me a quilt that is a MUST do lol, so many reasons to have many projects on the go:

Quilt for Zach – picture to soon come, after Sat, no more secrets I promise

Quilt for Baby Girl (not sure who to give it to as of yet), I have about 5 blocks cut out and ready for appliqueing to background fabric, all fabric is washed and ready to go.

Cotton Theory Quilt – so close to being complete and the best part is this technique is a quilt as you go, so once I finish sewing the blocks together it is finished…

nicely packed away until I have time…

close up of the block, decorative stitch across the center, french seams around each border at least once…

Freebie 15 (2008-2009) – just working on final border 

Apple Core Quilt (hand-pieced) – small table runner with homespuns

(just the top is done so far)

My Home or Yours BOM Quilt (almost done each block) I forgot to add this one to my list over at Tallgrass…Jacquie can I add one more to the list 🙂 You have seen quite a few of these individual blocks as I’ve completed them throughout the year, I think I have 4 blocks to finish and then time to sew together, layer, quilt, & hang!! Yay!

 Until next time, have a great day.

Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club (entry 40)

Hi Everyone, today I thought I would review a book called “The Friday Night Knitting Club” I know it isn’t quilting per se but this book applies to so many quilting relatable ideas, friendships, clubs, families and many more things that bring quilters together.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the sisterhood throughout the book. It brings you into each perspective lady’s life, the Mom who owns the store, her daughter (who loves to bake for the club), the reporter who doesn’t knit but loves to be with the ladies, the rich friend who wants everything and who willingly pays for it, the helper at the store that doesn’t need to work but can’t stay away and has a secret liking for the gentleman who owns the deli downstairs, the ex-boyfriend who is coming back into his daughter’s life after 10+ years and so on…

I’m just about 1/3rd of the way and I’m now familiar with the backgrounds of each character’s life, when they were married, when they had kids, got divorced, fell in love…again. I’m loving it. It’s a pretty good read, if anyone has read it and would be interested in “blogging” together about this book as a sort of on-line book club that would be great as it’s so nice to share in a “good read” with likeminded individuals 🙂


I couldn’t resist sharing the latest photos of Tig, I had moved over to the love-seat to do some un-sewing and Tig hopped up on my machine and starting watching her “TV”.

Maybe she gets a better view from here lol.

She looks pretty comfortable, you would think I was gone for hours but it only took her a couple of minutes to get into this position…now only if I could get her to do some sewing 🙂 

Apparently, I was gone far too long (only long enough to un-sew a few seams and take plenty of photos of her) as she became bored and tired 🙂

Until next time…have a great day!


Zach’s Quilt, Tuffets, Ramekin Pin Cushions (entry 39)

Hi everyone,  I have a couple things I hope to share with you today.  First, I’m still working like crazy on this baby quilt for Zach & his Mom, Diane.  It’s close to being done.  I just have the last border to add and another 124 pieces to be sewn together… yikes!!  I have the back all washed and ready for piecing and I must say, it’s adorable in chocolate browns, lime greens and all those polka dots.  I’m thinking of piecing it like a large 9 patch or something similar.

Here’s an idea of what the border will look like (this is prior to sewing it together and prior to cutting away the bulk with the connector corners).  What do you think?



Now the the Second thing : )  I’ve completed a couple of my tuffets from the Schnibbles pattern I blogged about earlier.

Tuffet one is Courthouse steps

Tuffet two is strip pieced.

I really enjoyed making these Tuffets as I learned a new technique called foundation piecing.  This is where you have a piece of muslin or something similar (I used muslin) and sew the pieces to it.  You can of course do this as a paper pieced option – but I personally like to do what the pattern calls for first, then make my personal adjustments on the second go around.  I look forward to making many more of these fun little things in the future.


Oh, okay… there is three: )  I couldn’t resist sharing these next little colourful cuties with you.  These were made by my Mum who is so creative and finds the neatest things to make and sell in her craft fairs around Christmas.  They are called Ramekin Pin Cushions and did they turn out so fabulous.

If you are interested in purchasing ($9CAD) some of these, please let me know as they would make perfect gifts for your sewing and quilting friends.

Blue glass ramekin’s finished size about 3″ diameter.

So cute Mum and thanks for sharing:)

Hopefully by next’s weeks blog entry, I will be able to finally show you the results of Zach’s quilt as I’m hosting the baby shower for him and presenting it to Diane at that time.  I will however, still need to quilt and bind it, but the majority of the top will be finished, Yay!

Until next time, have a great weekend…Valerie

Around the Net: Bags (entry 37)

Happy Remembrance Day to all of us Canadians

Thank you to those who have fought for us, those who are fighting and those who continue to fight for our freedoms as we are forever grateful.


Around the Net I go… and as I browse all the wonderful blogs out there in blog land, I try to keep a list of all the cool things I stumble upon with the intentions of sharing with you : )

Today is no exception. DIY Bags is a cool blog all about bags, of course and as you browse through the site you will find a collection of all types of interesting bags.  Some to take grocery shopping, others to our sewing meet-ups or for guild giveaways, or even to stuff full of little trinkets and give away as gifts.

As a quilter/blogger I really felt a connection to DIY Bags.  It has such a great collection of free tutorials with clear descriptive pictures and links to originating articles… “what a good idea”.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here’s a sneak peak at 4 very different styles and colours.

Until next time, have a great day! Valerie

Review (entry 36)

For this weeks review, I thought I would give you some insight to blogging and to let you know a little about an excellent book I found at Chapters (here’s a link to Amazon) called Blogging for Bliss. 

It’s written by Tara Frey and it’s loaded with inspiring blogs in the arts and creativity world with an emphasis
how an online journal is a great outlet for our passions and stories and they are to be shared amongst like individuals. She discusses a number of platforms, techniques to enhance and embellish blogs and blogging for profit.


Currently I read about a 100 blogs focussing mostly around quilting, crafting and sewing… but I also enjoy other interests like Urbane Bliss a blog from Lisa Jones as she discusses her kids, politics, religion, parenting and many other daily topics.

 If you have a blog that you would like me to read or comment on, please send me a link.

First Published Advertisement & Story (entry 35)

Here’s the clipping from the Alberta Country Register for the Nov/Dec issue.  I submitted a story and  advertisement for our online store – Very exciting…

Here’s the originals incase you can’t make out the text from the photo

Our Story – short and sweet

Click onto Pastimes Online
I decided to start Pastimes Online after I recently sold another business. I’ve always wanted to own a quilt store but the one I was interested in wasn’t for sale. I thought about whether to go “online” or just stick to the traditional “brick and mortar” type of business. As a professional working woman, it was always hard to visit stores during traditional business hours and I felt comfortable with the flexibility of purchasing online. 

After much thought about business today and how the internet has evolved, my husband and I and our technical background, and the new chance to learn more about Internet marketing, social media and business online, Pastimes Online Ltd. was born. 

I’m very excited about this opportunity and my husband (web designer and avid photographer) and I have been enjoying every step of the process.

I publish 3 blogs that are updated weekly. Photo Blog: a collection of photos that I love about quilting. Personal blog (Val’s Quilting): my own projects, quilts, magazines & books I love, articles I want to share as well as my Block of the Month(s), pizza box challenges & clubs I belong to. Quilting in Alberta: pictures of Alberta based guild shows to Alberta Quilt Shows small & large.
Drop by our site to purchase high-end Gingher products at a reasonable price. Threads, fat quarters of washable dupioni silks & cottons are also available. 
To find out how we can deliver a guild wide order to your next meeting, email us at If you’re interested in having your next guild or town show photographed or if you wish to participate in a Block of the Month and much, much more… drop us a line at


And here’s a closeup of our actual ad…what do you think?

NEW!! Freebie 15 & Update on OLD Freebie 15 (entry 34)

Hi Ladies, here’s a bit of an update on my old Freebie 15 from 2008 to 2009.   I have the piano key technique border at the same stage as my last post LOL…

My NEW Freebie 15 is coming together fabulously…here’s some pics of where I’m at. This one so far is right up my alley.  I LOVE autumn and fall colours, leaves (anything to do with fall, really)… the crisp air outside, brisk morning walks with my friends dog Emma and 4x4ing are all things I love to do in the fall.

This years Freebie 15 is “so” me… in every way.  I hope you enjoy following this blog and my year long project.  Oh, and for those who know my Mum (Candace) she is also participating in the project (along with about 100 other quilters in the Calgary area).

If you are interested – I mean really interested in doing this fun project with us – email me and I will see what I can do. 

What do you think, a mix between piecing and templates?

Here are the awesome colour choices.

My adorable little pieces all ready to be sewn together 🙂

Ta Daaa – my block 1, finished and I love it!!

With this particular Freebie 15 club you can choose to just do the freebie OR you can do the Freebie AND the companion blocks (with an additional charge, of course). I didn’t do the “companion option” last year, but I thought I would participate them this year…because the theme is “leaves”.

Here’s the first batch of companion blocks, arn’t these little cuties or what?

Pumpkin blocks.

Here’s my pieces all ready and waiting to be paper pieced.

And my final blocks – so cute hey? 

I can’t wait until next month…

My Freebie from last year is still sitting in a pile on my desk. I hope to get to it next week : )

Have a great weekend everyone.