Lakeside Quilters Sew Day (entry 8)

The Saturday turned out to be sew fun…there was just 2 of us to start Heather and myself right a 9am…we setup the classroom expecting a bunch of women to show up for our Turning Twenty Again quilt class day

Kathy showed up and entertained us with her fabulous stories follow by June and Suzie.

Heather and her quilt(s) – this is the second one she was working on and has decided she will keep these quilts..

her blocks…

here’s the pattern from this book that June chose

and here’s her blocks

here’s June organizing all of her blocks.

Suzie like me just came to sew on her own stuff and WOW she is making a stunning Bargello 

I was working on a border which is still a secret so I can’t post anything for it at this time..
With the four of us we had a fab time telling loads of stories…about my DH and I scaring each other on an ongoing basis 🙂 and my cat Tig being the chattiest of any cat I know…we heard about a 6 year old telling her Grandma that she had never seen a bear in her entire life – how great it is to be 6!! June was telling us about her cat that would answer back to “morning” in Catenese :-} what a riot. We ate from the concession downstairs bad food but perfect for us quilters..
Sorry the rest of you couldn’t have joined us in our great day…quilts didn’t get finished but we sure got in quite a few laughs.
Oh yeah and thanks to the husbands who brought forgotten patterns, missing foot pedals and picked up Halloween candies – you guys are the best!!
Until next time..

Vals Projects (entry 32)

So I have so much on the go right now…

My Freebie 15 from last year 09-10 here’s where I’m at on the completion process

1st my pile of 3″ x 1″ scraps left over from the center blocks and some of the sashing

 I want to create a piano key style of border but because I just have these little scraps to play with I’m taking this process slow so Ideas will come to be incase I don’t have enough fabric

here’s them pieced in twos – isn’t this just a little pile of cuteness?

Here’s the comings together of my Threads in Hands Class – my Home or Yours that I’ve been working on…There is 12 of these blocks – complete!

I decided to do my triangle borders different then the original and I added this 3D border – what do you think?

I haven’t totally decided on these hearts in the corners – I’m torn about making them bigger or keeping them the original way.

Another project I’m working on…

baby quilt for one of my friends babies – here’s the colour choices I can’t really say too much as this friend might find out and then it won’t be a surprise…we’ll see how far this goes


For my next one I will have at least 2 tuffets finished, I want to make another apron, get the border finished on my log cabin & start my two mystery quilts…oh yeah and do the 1st freebie 15 block from these year…adorable.

Sherwood Park Quilt Show (entry 7)

Because of the snowy weather here last weekend I (and my trusty quilter buddy Kim) couldn’t make it to the Rocky Show…and the same weekend was the show in Sherwood Park – suffice to say we missed both shows…

Haven’t found any pics yet for the Rocky Show but here’s an update I found on the Man Quilter’s Blog for the Sherwood Park show…enjoy I know I was very impressed and enjoyed looking through them all..

Here’s a sneak peak

isn’t this center one native looking.

Around the Net (entry 31)

So around the net I go…here’s what I found for this weeks entry:

Machine Quilters Resource (pretty self explanatory however they offer classes and lectures, memberships are required, she puts in her recommendations from Houston etc – great site full of interesting facts and information).

Now with so many blogs being available and so many places to search for excellent quilting blogs like 

Quilting Bloggers 

Quilting Bloggers Logo 

 Quilter Blogs Similar to Quilting Gallery but they have a feed 

of course the infamous Facebook – here’s the link to my fan page (which you have to be a facebook member to join as a fan but you can still read along if you don’t want to join) there is unlimited access to all sorts of quilting clubs, groups, exchanges, challenges, swaps & so much more on Facebook so I would recommend you get an account.

I also found this blog called Man Quilter him and wife do professional machine quilting and quilting out of their home studio in Edmonton…check him out – so worth it! On his blog I found this amazing video on Zentangle for those of you who do know that this is – check it out!

If there is a site/forum/blog that you like and want to share with us all..please send me your comments as the more resources we have available to us the more we can excel in what we do and how well we can do it.


Review (entry 30)

Hi all, so over the past week or so I’ve discovered so many ladies have been reading my blog that I didn’t even know about so first off – thanks so much. I really enjoy blogging and really enjoy comments to read. So, if there is something you find interesting and would like to let me know please leave your comments for me to read and respond to.

I’m trying to stick to a bit of a routine with my blogging. Today is Review day and today I would like to review the many things I have on the go and I will be continuing to blog about as well as this excellent magazine.

Pizza Box Challenge: for those of you who don’t know what a pizza box challenge is – you put one block together (yours) add .5 of a meter of your favourite fabric from that block and pass it on in a pizza box. I just finished my first one for Shannon, generally you arn’t supposed to show the blocks to the person as it’s kind of a surprise but I was so pleased with this block that I know have to show it and do my review.


This was one of the very first reference magazines I bought for quilting Better Homes and Gardens 100 Quilt Blocks – my SIL and I both bought it and it’s been an excellent reference guide for so many of my exchanges, challenges and on and on. 

So here’s the block (Double T) I did for Shannon…sorry Shannon but I have to blog about your block and it’s so nice with the silks.

here’s the fabrics I chose, blue is Shannon’s and the green is mine.

Didn’t this block turn out so great!!

To come:

additional pizza box challenges

Quilt I’m designing for my friends baby…(I have to be careful here as I think she reads my blog too)

Finishing my Freebie 15 project 08-09 and Starting the Freebie 15 project 09-10 years project

Mystery Quilt from Flying Needles

Mystery Quilt from Lakeside Quilters 

Kitten’s Tale & Journey of a Quilter – Pastimes Online BOM (if you want to participate they will be starting up in Jan 2010 so vote when you have a chance)

So as usual I have so many projects on the go…thanks for following me on my Quilters Journey (see how suiting the one BOM is:)

Leduc Quilt Show Part Two (entry 6)

We headed out to the Rocky Mountain House Quilt show this weekend to do some photographing and some blogging but the weather turned for the worse and we decided to turn around – weather in Alberta is very unpredictable as most of you know. Thus no photos of great quilts to share with you this time.

Black Gold Quilt Patch Quilt Show “Expressions form the Heart”

We took so many photos at the Leduc show so I had to split this blog posting into two settings. We’ve saved the best for last…enjoy.

these minis were all grouped together at the back of the room…well worth the wait

This was a mask that you would wear for New Years – such a neat concept and great work.

This thread painting is incredible

My Sister loves these landscape quilts – I haven’t gotten into these yet but I do appreciate them and this one is great with the vibrant colours.

Look at this interesting frayed ribbon she used – what a good concept and technique to incorporate.

there was a few Christmas quilts but this one I liked best – so cheery and fun.

here’s a close up of the details.

large photo of this quilt – looks good doesn’t it?

here’s the close up of the center – now doesn’t this bead work look incredible – it was truly stunning.

There was such a great mixture of quilts throughout this display – so inspiring. I’ve done or have started one of these apple core quilts – I hand pieced mine and now I really should get it finished – it’s such a neat one to try with all of those curves.

These hearts someone made for their very special Auntie – what a nice gift and can I say…from the heart.

Would this be considered a spin off of the kaleidoscope quilt – the one that you layer to get the results – I think this is the best interpretation I’ve seen of this quilt.

more amazing hand quilting – look how straight everything is lined up…

here’s the center block

This Japanese cherry blossom quilt has silk flowers and thread painting galore..

these silk flowers and beading centers was such a great quilt to look over and admire.

I thought this quilt was so neat – it actually looks like water and fish – she did such a great job love it – so different and unique.

Here’s a close up of one of the fish in, look at the quilting does it look like sea creatures to you?

There was this display towards the back of the gym and it has all of these mini’s on it – they must have taken a class to learn these technique as my sister and I were amazed

Look at the detail and the thread work



Leduc Quilt Show Part One (entry 5)

As I mentioned on Facebook I headed out to Leduc last weekend for their show

Black Gold Quilt Patch Quilt Show “Expressions form the Heart”

it was held at the PAC centre and it was such a well displayed show with many really nice quilts.

don’t you just love the blue and brown in this convergence?

here’s most of the front of this quilt (the isles were a bit narrow)

close up of some of the applique and hand quilting

isn’t this incredibly BOLD – I think the texture and the mixture is so perfect!

there were some cute bear quilts (I adore this echo quilting around the bears)

Does anyone think of a cute lego house?

these golfing gals were hilarious!

How about this one – what a way to use of scraps and get an amazing result

an isle shot

these were all needle turned applique

another incredible example of needle turn applique and some amazing quilting

here’s the close-up.


I’m heading to the Rocky Mountain House show this weekend… 


Freebie 15 – Update (entry 29)

So for the last little while I’ve been updating all of you on my Freebie 15 project through Traditional Pastimes here in Calgary…now all of the blocks are finished and I’m adding the sashing.

Here’s my selections – what do you think?

4 rounds – two more to go…


Here’s all of the blocks connected together – I’m using the rest of the scraps from the blocks to add a piano key border…pics to come.

products used in this post: Thread Cones, Rotary Cutters & Cutting Mats

Around the Net (entry 28)

Hi Ladies, I’ve been doing a bunch of googling on quilting in Canada, quilting forums, communities, local quilting and I’ve found some good resources.

You can setup Google Search Alerts – anytime you want to know what people are searching for you can setup your search alerts with Google and they are automatically sent to you via email and or RSS feed.









I’ve setup several now & I will update you when I start getting stats back on some of my terms to see how this will work.

Also, years ago when I started quilting I belonged to many forums where I learned so much about the quilting community and how people can help each other out with simple questions or problems – other people in the group are so open about divulging the information needed. Here’s some of the forums I’ve stumbled upon

The Quilt and Needle (love the look and feel of this one – they are laying it out like it’s a local pub where you can go and chat about quilting)

Quilters TV (a great community for shops, teachers, they have videos and list their TV programming and channels – I may have to do some more digging on this one)

Quilters Connection Magazine (entry 27)

Fall of 2009 Quilters Connection Magazine: a magazine for Canadian Quilters written by quilters for quilters put out their first issue. I was so excited to get my first issue of this magazine, I’ve wanted Canada – someone out there to produce a magazine that all of us Canadians can relate too…we read so many awesome American and Australian magazines (that we will no doubt continue to read) and now we have our very own – thanks Heather McArthur.

If you read about Heather and her mission for this magazine it is truly inspiring. I love so much about this magazine, from the way it’s laid out – so easy to flip through – I really think the colours are fabulous that she has incorporated as well as all of the content.

I found out about this magazine through Michele Foster from Quilting Bloggers as she wrote an article in this first issue of the magazine called “The Virtual Quilting Bee: how quilters connect online and outlined everything I’m going through starting Pastimes Online – thanks Michelle – so easy to understand it was like you wrote this to me;)

Here’s the front cover image to give you a bit of an idea for the feel…


isn’t this so adorable?

she’s included different projects from all sorts of people, charities etc. She has some adorable patterns, a shop review (Veronica’s Sewing Supplies, Kindersley, Saskatchwan)

Currently you can only purchase this magazine from local quilt stores and boutiques (there is a listing on the back page of the magazine – please visit her website for details & subscriptions. I will carry the next issue of the magazine as I’m advertising in it & she is featuring my cotton thread cones so stay tuned:) I will more than likely carry it on an on-going basis also just because I am so proud that we have it!

Our very own Quilters Connection Magazine for Canadians.

She also features a “Show & Tell” page…if you have something you want to tell or show here’s where you can be featured for some special you’ve created – this issue is was on Cathie King (Pentincton, BC) Nice job on the portrait quilt Cathie!!

She has a “favourite finds” page showcasing all of their favourites…some good books and ideas here. Quilt Shows and Events Listings…so far no Alberta Shows are listed…hmm we might have to fix that for the next issue. If you know of or are hosting a show yourself in Alberta – please email me your dates and times and I will add them into my Quilting in Alberta under Alberta Quilt Shows – also send Heather an email as well and she will add them to her list.

Last but not least she also has a newsletter – you can sign up for it on her website here and it will be emailed to you – it’s a bi-monthly newsletter with some great stuff in it including a free pattern.

Here’s her initial blurb at the beginning of the newsletter to give you a taste of what in store:

“Dear Quilting Friends, 

Welcome to the first ‘official’ issue of Loose Threads, Quilter’s Connection Magazine’s newsletter filled with tips, techniques and projects to inspire all quilters.  In this issue, we have a great article on labeling your quilt, a scrappy little fall project, a list of upcoming quilt shows, and a sneak peak at what’s in our Winter issue of the magazine, due out December 1st!

Happy Quilting! ~ Heather”

I don’t think it can get any better than this – Quarterly Magazine…Next Issue will be ready to purchase Dec 1st-09, bi-monthly newsletter…it is twice the fun. Enjoy!!