Creative Stitches Show – Calgary (entry 2)

I spent the majority of Friday at the Creative Stitches show in Calgary & loved the show. There was a huge mix of quilting stores from here to Chilliwack, BC, Red Deer, AB, Edmonton, AB & so many more locations from Western Canada.

The first booth I stopped at was the Quilts of Valour booth and these people were so great – they have such an amazing mission and we should all stand behind them and our soldiers – if you have anything to donate or would like to donate please contact them.

this was an absolutely gorgeous quilt that belonged to them going to someone special fighting for us and I couldn’t resist taking the photo.

a pile of quilts on a chair in their booth waiting to be shipped out.

the cutest little Yo-Yo bear at a bear booth – so adorable.

another cute quilt on display as you can see this is a Freckles Designed pattern.

I loved the colours in this quilt and the images of the flowers

some more welcoming patterns and samples throughout the show

thought this display was so cute and their prices were excellent. 

Sawdust & Tangled Threads

don’t you just love the colours in this booth – so nicely setup

Quiltopia: this booth was so busy – very hard for me to capture it

Cats Ahoy is a mobile adoption center for cats in Calgary – those of you who have cats know how important a cause like this is, if you want to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated!! 

There was also loads of Scrap Booking stores, booths, lectures, etc – well worth it for Scrap Bookers as some of the places were so enticing that I wanted to take up this awesome hobby.

Savvy n Sassy was one of the cutest scrap booking booths we stopped at…Rhea Marriott and Jaklin Piper own this little online shop in Red Deer, Alberta – she is in the process of looking for a brick and mortar shop but for now they are online and in shows.

these little cuties were for a “make and take” class she did at the show.

the cutest fruit bowl with a collection of small photo albums

these ladies had so many ribbon options – so colourful and fun.

I spent quite a bit of time in this booth and now you can see why.




Fall Fair 09, Lakeside Quilters Guild in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada (1)

 Hello everyone, please take the time to look through some of our most prized possessions…our Quilts!! Leave comments if you like – we would love the feedback.

Our Lakeside Quilters Guild Banner

Some of our UFO’s (unfinished objects)

This is a cheery round robin quilt we did as guild sisters – Kathy thank you for donating this to charity.

Debbie Cooks Collection: This Dragonfly quilt is hand pieced & quilted in Vietnam

Valerie Moss: top Mystery Quilt, bottom Pinky Lee

Kathy made this for Alison in return for helping Kathy with some landscaping – just what Alison needed for the new niece in her family…nice hand quilting Kathy!

Left to Right – Wilma (in charge of Fairs & Shows – Good Job Wilma), Alison (Past President) and Kathy (our in-house expert hand quilter)

If you are interested in tickets, we will be selling them at Heritage Park or if you want to purchase tickets you can contact Kim

some of Kathy’s amazing hand quilting 

(love this picture so much – I want this quilt so beautiful)

Valerie Moss: loved this little chenille monthly quilt

This is Wilma’s Quilt diva – She is such a RIOT!!

Elke Dubois make these (above and below)

this is a quilt from Debbie Cooks collection of handmade quilts from Vietnam

Alison made this central beauty and it’s for someone special in her family – whoever that is is so lucky!

Debbie Cooks Mystery Quilt

Hi Kathy – thanks for posing for me;)


Inchie Quilts (entry 22)

Another project through Quilting Bloggers and Michelle which was sort of a fun project. I’m glad I tried it as it turned out pretty cute.

They are called Inchie Quilts and Nadine Ruggles designed these cute little morsels.

I ended up doing 2 different ones:

I didn’t do mine exactly the way Nadine instructs as I didn’t have the plastic so i used two layers of fusible fleece

After the free motion quilting

Cutting them apart – I made mine 1.5″ square instead of 1″ as I wanted to show more of my pattern

Cut them up into 6 pieces

another 6 pieces I seem to always do things in two’s when I’m trying something new

Here’s the 2 together

Close up of the green and tan one

Here’s the pink and tan one – love these buttons!!

His & Hers Sheet Set (entry 21)

Lisa Jones and I put together this set of sheets for a couple that is getting married – we wanted to personalize them and they turned out so cute!! I’m writing the pattern now…should be up in my store shortly.


We know they will love them!! Who wouldn’t?


Update: Just got back from the wedding and these were an absolute hit!! – We knew they would be 😉



Feedback on Camera Bag, Comments (entry 20)

So I’m waiting on my cousin Amie and a friend of mine Shannon M to send me pictures of the Cutest Camera Bag completed projects so I can post them for all of you to read…hu hum ladies. I’m excited and want to see what you came up with 😉

Here’s my cousin Amie’s comments from Facebook so now you know why I want to see the finished bags so bad 😀

Here’s her Cutest Camera Bag pic – so adorable;)

Also, I got the cutest email from a friend of mine with regards to my BLOG and I wanted to share this with you all – thanks Eileen L.

“That was fun. I love quilts with all of my heart and wish I was a quilter. My grandma did quilting all of our lives and just looking at them is like eating comfort food.”



Podcasts and BLOGS (entry 19)

Hi Ladies, I wanted to share a few of my favourite Podcasts & BLOGS with you that I listen to on a regular basis and love.

First: Alison Rosen puts out this excellent BLOG called Within a Quarter Inch – she always has so many good ideas and I love her sense of humour – just a good down to earth person with a creative heart – I can relate, can you? Here’s the link to her Podcast – it’s completely free listen to her while commuting into work and you will have a blast!!

Second: I also listen to Gene’s called Quilted Cupcake she’s also great to listen to – just very down to earth. She just did this fab one on aprons.

Third: Rachel Griffith called p.s. I Quilt she is quite gifted and creative – I like her short & sweet blog postings.

Fourth: Is my sister Lisa Jones’s BLOG called Urbane Bliss. This isn’t a BLOG about quilting or crafting although she is quite creative and is becoming more involved in the whole Pastimes Online Biz and she is an excellent sewer. She writes about her kids, natural parenting, massage as she is a massage therapist and owns her own business called Urban Therapeutics which is mobile massage. I always learn something from her…


Log Cabin Tutorial, Pizza Box Challenge (entry 18)

Hi Ya’ll, (I just like saying that as you Texan’s always sound so fun with your drawl accent)

As you know I’ve started a pizza box challenge (thanks to Boston Pizza for donation the boxes for us – so generous of them). I’m on my way to a retreat on the 2 & 3 of October so I had to get my block completed for the pizza box challenge.

I’ve always wanted a log cabin quilt but never seem to get around to making one – helping my mum right now make this beautiful one…can’t wait to see that one finished.

So I thought since I’m making one now for my Pizza Box Challenge I would do a tutorial on piecing them together the easy way.


First I found one of my favourite quilting books on blocks

Found the log cabin option pages

The block I wanted to complete (Diagram 7) and figured out my final size which will be 9″ and I wanted the one with the contrasting from one side to the other with the red block in the middle. The red center block dates back to civil war times and it generally means heart of the home. I chose 1.5″ widths for my strips.

I chose subtle blues (4)

red for the center square and tans and browns for the light side of the block

a) sew your center square 1.5″ x 1.5″ to the 1st tan as in Diagram 7

b) line up your ruler and cut the excess of this first strip off so it’s straight

c) finished center

d) add your next strip on (unfortunately I cut mine prior to taking the photo)

c) add you next 1/2 round of blues on both sides (see Diagram 7)

c) cut excess of blue off


make sure you press well on the wrong side keeping everything nice and straight

d) next 1/2 round of tans

e) remember to do both sides of the half

f) continue on until you have the desired size or equal rounds or both 😉

g) final round – press well and your done!!

any questions email me or leave a comment

Freebie 15, Block 11, Upcoming Challenges, Aprons (entry 17)

I absolutely loved this block – it is so cheery and fun!!

I was a bit worried by the amount of pieces we had to piece together but in the end, step by step, it worked out awesome.

Here’s my pile of pieces after I cut them following instructions…

Here’s my finished block – I love it!!



Now that September is upon us…all of the Guilds have started back up again and I belong to 2: Lakeside Quilters (my home town Guild in Chestermere, AB) & Flying Needles which is out in Millarville, AB. 

Lakeside Quilters I’m working on some of their projects – mystery quilt (this is when you get cutting instructions, amounts/values of fabrics and block instructions but you don’t know what the final quilt will be), Raffle Quilt project of some sort as we do this one every year.

Flying Needles Quilt Group I’m working on quite a few things – maybe over extended myself just a little 😉

Mystery Quilt – which I don’t know what it is this year as in the past I have helped with them, Jan B has redesigned this one and will be sending the instructions to me to lead

This is a mystery that we did a few years back – I embellished with the bias vine around the outside border and leaves but you get the idea.


Pizza Box Challenge: this is when you come up with the first block or the “theme” of the quilt you want add .5m of fabric and pass it onto the next person. There is usually about 9 blocks completed at the end that are yours, then you come up with the finished quilt. Here’s a pic of mine from several years ago.

9 blocks in total, the block I started with is the top left

This was my very first time with free motion quilting, here’s the close up – I’m pretty proud of my first time;)

Here’s the back I strip pieced it to use up the rest of the fabric. I also have this one for sale on Etsy if you are interested.

Apron Challenge: I made this one apron a while back and it’s hanging in my kitchen but I’m going to go hog-wild with this new challenge – not sure yet what I’m going to do but I love how big aprons are now – don’t you?


Here’s the one that is hanging in my kitchen.


My mom loves to make aprons and I know she is making a whole bunch more when we go on our retreat Oct 2nd to Rustlers Lodge, Sundre, Alberta. but here’s a bit of a preview of some of her other aprons..

Left to Right: SIL Colleen M, MIL Sandy M and me. Arn’t these the cutest aprons!! Thanks Mum!!

More to come…Valerie


Friendship Bag Swap – Finished!! (entry 16)

I was so excited about this Friendship Bag swap through Quilting Bloggers that I couldn’t wait to get right in and make one…or two *smile*

I went through my stash and found these colour which I thought were perfect!! Chocolate brown and lime green – heavenly;)

here’s my colour selection – green and browns with a few stripes!

Close up for you

First Bag finished

Bags finished – since I was making one – it took just a tad bit longer to make the second one at the same time.

Which colour option do you like the best? email me

I love these little bags…”look out hostesses do I have a treat for you!!”



Library Quilt & Binding Tutorial (entry 15)

I wanted to have a quick tutorial on binding a quilt as I love to do binding but most people don’t and I think it’s because it can be tricky. But Practice, Practice, Practice and you will become a binding master.

I’ll take you through the binding I did for a raffle quilt that Lakeside Quilters Guild did for our local library to raise money. It is called the library quilt and this is the 3rd one we have done – the other 2 we just raffled to generate money for our charity projects.


 Start by cutting off the excess material and batting to square up your quilt.

I use a ruler to mark a 1/4″ away from the top edge – this will pad your binding

Here’s what it will look like after you trim around the whole quilt use your ruler to keep it a square as possible.

To create your binding the most general width is 2.5″, once you cut these strips, you will need to connect them together in the most non-de-script way – which is on the diagonal. I always do this in the same direction each time to perfect the technique and to not make it confusing.

Then mark on the diagonal – now make note of which way I’m marking the diagonal. Then pin to secure while sewing together.

 Here’s how your binding will look when pinning your strips together depending on the length of each strip.

Now the sewing part, I would recommend chain piecing as it’s quicker, you don’t break your thread in between until you are all finished the entire length of binding.

Here’s the first connection going into my machine.

Here’s what it looks like going to the machine in “chain” piecing. Always be careful sewing over the pins – try to go a bit slower or remove the pins right before they go under the needle.

Once all of your sections are sewn together cut 1/4″ seam allowance on the right hand side of your seam and separate your sections.

press the entire length of the binding in half


open the seam allowances prior to pressing in half

 leave a tail about 8″ prior to starting to sew your binding to quilt top – this will make it easier to connect the start to the end of the binding. 

Backstitch, then begin sewing along the 1st length of the quilt to the 1st corner, stop 1/4″ from the corner, backstitch.

bring your binding straight up to create a 45 degree angle to the corner of your quilt top.

bring it straight back down aligned the edge of the binding with the edge of the fabric – you can pin the corner if you want it more secure then just finger holding.

Backstitch and then continue along the perimeter of your quilt and

stop approx 8″ from where the beginning is – backstitch.

overlap the beginning and the end exactly the same as your binding width. 2.5″ wide binding, overlap by this amount as you can see with my ruler. Cut off excess.

place your quilt so the binding is on the far side away from you, match up the corners (binding strips) the same as you did when you connected the binding to begin with, mark, sew, cut to 1/4″ seam allowance, press.

Once stitched, pin in place on the top of the quilt and finish sewing together…all attached, the binding is complete. Now blind stitch the binding to the back of your quilt.

Binding complete!!

(any questions, email me