London’s turns 1! (338)


…well August 28th and it’s baby Girls Birthday today Yes she’s turning one TODAY…isn’t that amazing? Here one of her first of many photo shoot pics…this is a quilt my Mom made for her…I’m so in love with this little beauty…bliss is what I see.

Recent Purchases (303)

At the beginning of January, London and I met up with some of my bestest quilting buddies for a day out to lunch and one of our favourite quilt shoppes…

here’s what I purchased:

I thought this was a super cheery pattern for London or any little girl or boy…

my friend Jen was saying these Oliver patterns are super I thought well of course I have time to whip up this little outfit as it’s so super cute!

how about a pair of these super fun “jammers” (pj’s)

look how cute the gathered trim is?


Me Mondays: Baby Girls Room (300)

What a delightful post number 300 is all about London’s room and how much sewing I’ve been doing – not a lot of projects mind you but alot of sewing…here’s what I’ve been working on.

It all started with London’s room being a bit cold with our dipping temperatures, and she likes it really dark when she sleeps, so I picked up block out material also.

I wanted the dots to be larger – so I found a good template, nothing like a Christmas plate to brighten any job.

Pink, of course

good paid of paper scissors and fabric scissors – 40 circles later

all randomly appliqued in place with an iron, then by machine. I got it down to sewing 10 dots on a panel (there is 4 panels) to 1 panel in 1 hour – all while she slept.

Super cute!!