Pastimes Online’s First Annual Open House (127)

Welcome back to Val’s Quilting…

One More Sleep until the BIG event!! I’m so excited to meet all of you who have the chance to stop by! 🙂

I’m having a small Impromptu Open House and I’m so happy to invite all of you to stop by and enjoy!! 

Saturday July 10th from 10-4 pm, come out, have some refreshments, play and try all of our great tools and hopefully be inspired!!

Also stop at Lorraine Stagness’ Mini Quilt Show in Strathmore happening the same day!!

If you think you can stop by let me know your coming – that would be AWESOME!!

p.s. i quilt: Sponsorship (124)

***Draw Closed – the Winner is Val Laird***

Thanks to everyone who is new here and watching my blog, leaving comments etc and of course thanks to all of my peeps 🙂


I’m proud to say I’m going to be highlighted on ps I quilt’s website and I’ll be offering this FAB giveaway…

– bundle of our gorgeous dupioni silks

– adorable tin of Quilters Tea

– AND a Scissor Keeper Kit including pattern, buttons, matching silks, thread and more!!

So what do you do? Leave a comment on Rachel’s Blog and Mine to be entered (draw will close on Friday)!!

Good luck to everyone who enters.


Please sign up for our awesome (if I do say so myself) newsletter AND if you’re interested in joining our upcoming block of the month clubs please vote here and help us decide which ones to do this fall!!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment and

please visit me again in the future!!

House Keeping & Guest Honeypot (entry 88)

Hi Ladies, first thing I want to thank Jen, Sandy, Jackie, Dominique and Rachel for leaving me comments, I love comments…

So as you know for the month of March I’m being featured as the Guest Honeypot over at Snickerdoodle Dreams, thanks Darlene!

I had to submit a drawing as inspiration to the readers to create something amazing with, here’s what I submitted. I also put a shout out asking if someone completed a project with my drawing to send it to me.

this is the one I did

Here’s what Jen E submitted, it’s so adorable 🙂

Anyone else create something wonderful with my sketch? If so, I would LOVE to see them please forward to me


A few posts ago for one of my “Around the Net” entry’s, I put a shout out asking you my readers to send me a pic of their favourite decorated room, I received this great email from Annie (she was previously e-interviewed by moi) and here’s what she sent me:

The first one shows my quilt, Kindred Spirits, on my bed 

This quilt is Victorian Star hanging over another dresser belonging to my OTHER grammie.  Mocha Meringue, hanging on the wall over a dresser that belonged to my maternal grammie.  I made that bouquet of flowers on the dresser from scrapbooking paper.

Thanks so much for sharing Annie and giving us a glimpse into your life 🙂


Here’s some pics of things in my studio…there will be many more pics to come. Almost settled in, videos hopefully for you all next week:)

I found these adorable boxes at Michaels recently they came in many sizes, magnetic envelope closure styles lids, great for hiding all of my wip’s.

These cute little wall boxes (not really sure what to call them) are empty now and will be moved to their new home shortly.


Here’s Zach’s quilt, drum roll please…

first Tig had to test it out

Then Zach got to take it home…such a little cutie!!

Until next time ladies, have a happy and creative day and weekend!

Update, Blocks, Guest Honeypot (entry 86)

Hi all, writting this post on Wednesday night as Friday I will still be out of town. Heading to Edmonton with my Sis and the boys for a night plus seeing an ol’ friend of my sisters and spending the night at my Mum’s, what fun!

Update on the studio: the carpet was installed Friday and so since then it’s been folding, sorting, purging, sorting, folding and more purging. Here’s a bit of a clip to keep you all abreast.

Thanks to Allison Rosen and her AR way of folding fabric, I’ve followed suite to ensure that I can get the best space for all of this. I measured my drawer and divided it by 6.5″. I used a 6.5″ square ruler, and wrapped the fabric around this and folded in the exact same manor (removing the ruler as you go)


Then I got 4 even rows of fabrics, all nice and neat I won’t want to use them now 🙂

Funny story, my DH says to me “Hey hun, is all of this your fabric?” Me: “Yes it is, why” DH: I didn’t realize how much you had? Me: “Oh really?” Isn’t that a riot? I don’t even have that much of a stash, yet 😉

Quilt til you Wilt last weekend proved to be another awesome day, with quite a few of us gathering together we sewed, we laughed, great ol’ time as usual.

Mum and I worked on getting our Freebie 15 blocks all caught up, I got these three paper pieced leaves done and the large main block almost finished. I’m quite happy with the way these turned out.

We purchased 4 Billy bookcases from Ikea and set them up today, My sweetie pie has been so great helping me get setup and sorted…thanks Babe!

This was at about 2pm, since then I’ve unloaded so many boxes, all of my silks and notions, etc, it’s been so fun, too bad you gals weren’t here to help me out 😉

I will be open next week for business by appointment only please call before you come by…

I’m also so pleased to announce that I’m the Guest Honeypot over at Snickerdoodle Dreams, thanks Darlene for having me on your site, it was really fun to do 🙂 For those of you who create something with the drawing I included and email ( me a pic of your project, I’ll put your name in for a great prize, think something along the lines of silks.

Last but not least, here’s Tig (aka Quilt Inspector) checking out the fabrics all nicely folded in a plethora of colours…”hmmm what should I pick next?”

I’m also so pleased to announce that the Lakeside Quilters here in Chestermere have voted me in to be their Vice President, thank you so much ladies and I hope I make you all proud!!

BOM Update: I’ve order the gorgeous silk flosses for A Kittens Tale, which I hope will commence middle of March, anyone else like to sign up? I’ll be ordering the patterns next week. The Journey of a Quilter’s 2nd block has just been sent out, 1st prize was drawn, 6000 yard beige cotton thread cone and 20g tin of Quilters Tea, congratulations Susanne!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative day

Quilt Block Dash (entry 71)

Hi to all the Dashers out there!! Welcome to my quilting blog, Vals Quilting. I love to blog and to get to know all of you online quilters & stitchers.

Some of my most POPULAR blog postings are:

PastimesOnline Podcast: Our First “Unboxing”


Tutorials: step by step instructions on: Binding, Applique, Chenille, Half-Square Triangles, Stockings, Bags, and more; some are mine some I’ve collected.

Zachary’s Quilt: Pastimes Online original, “Kites for Kids”.

I’m in the process of finishing the quilt, the pattern and the kit.

Block of the Month Clubs: Journey of a Quilter (just sent the first kits out last Friday, still time if you want to join) and A Kittens Tale sign up just opened and will be for the next few weeks.

{Journey of a Quilter}

{Kitten’s Tale}

Thanks Dashers for visiting my blog and adding me to your list of favourite blogs to follow 🙂

Come join our Block of the Month Club (Kittens Tale)


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Winner: Guest Blogger Comments (entry 67)

Hi all, so last Wednesday I was a featured Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery’s website and I had a contest running on my website for a draw based on comments…The winner is Deb V and here’s the comment she left:

Just found your blog today. Went over to Quilter’s Gallery and read your story. Really glad I found a local quilt blog to read. Thanks for the great tutorial on making chenille.~Deb V

Thanks Deb for taking the time to visit my site and review my podcast video – it makes this all worth while especially when I have new people commenting and following my blog. Please send me your address so I can send out your PRIZE. As I mentioned it will be something silky 🙂

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!

Within a Quarter Inch Contest: Winner (entry 66)

Hi Ladies, the winner for the Within a Quarter Inch comment/quilt contest has been drawn and the lucky lady is …drum-roll please…Gloria J from Massachusetts, USA…congrats Gloria – Allison Rosen will be contacting you with further details.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Allison for putting up these lovely prizes and for all of you who took the time to visit through my store and blog, so appreciated!! I sure hope you will stop by again soon 🙂

(option one, love it!)

(option 2, now which one would I pick?)

Also, I have to give Allison kudos for my logo name change to include “and the world” I was thinking of adding something to this logo tagline and then when I heard my first sponsor ad on the podcast I snagged Allison’s wording – so thanks for that also:)

The contest isn’t over so anyone who leaves a comment that hasn’t left one already after January 1st ( I see Pam’s comment, only) will be entered into her second draw (which ever quilt from above that isn’t chosen) Yay!! come join the fun ladies!!

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!

Media: Within a Quarter Inch & Quilt Dash (entry 51)

One more entry for today, I seem to be on a roll and I almost feel like I miss my blogging world lately, it must be the Christmas spirit in me that makes me feel like I need to connect more, does this happen to you also?

I decided to sponsor two sites: Within a Quarter Inch and Quilt Dash.


Some of you may recognize Within a Quarter Inch as I’ve talked about Alison Rosen before and how much I love her podcast. Just just like the rest of us, trying to squeeze one more precious minute out of the day with something creative. She’s a mother of twins and she loves to quilt, talk about her latest purchase and all sorts of crafty things. I’m not sure how she finds the time and the budget for what she produces…but good on her and we love her for it. I’ve sponsored some episodes of her show and she is having a quilt contest for people to be entered IF they leave a comment on my site here.

So thanks Alison for donating a prize and for doing such a great job on my sponsorship commercials 🙂

I’m also sponsoring a site called Quilt Dash. This is a site where you can register for the “dash” which means they give you a list of the online stores you need to visit (aka dash to) and find the “clue” and then click on it and you get points and entered into a draw…I gave an excellent prize of the 5″ Elena Scissors which is such a nice addition to your quilting supply of’s been very interesting watching the traffic come through my site!!

Thanks to all of you for your support, it’s so appreciated and I love hearing from you…