Valerie Valdivia on ‘Valerie Series’ Part TWO

UnCanny Valerie is being featured today in the ‘Valerie Series’

Episode 77

Todays Show is another segment in the Valerie Series, this Valerie Valdivia caught my eye off Instagram, when searching for Valerie’s her artistic flaire is so beautiful. I LOVE her style. Her Handle on IG is Uncanny Valerie – which is exactly how I’d describe her style An Uncanny ability to draw realistic with an edge – something is mysterious.

This is Part TWO check out the details from PartONE here

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. This show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

This new series called ‘Valerie’ is a series about the Valerie’s, Val’s, Valley’s and whatever these amazing women go by, of the world. In this series I’m combing through the Jennifer’s Michelle’s and Cathy’s, looking for the vivacious, tenacious and dubious Valerie’s. Are you a Valerie get in touch with me – do you know a Valerie – tell her to connect. I’m looking for our common thread. Todays’ episode is with Valerie Valdivia

Valerie Valdivia on ‘Valerie Series’ Part ONE

Valerie Valdivia on Valerie’s Variety Podcast on the ‘Valerie’ Segment series

Episode 76

Todays Show is another segment in the Valerie Series, this Valerie Valdivia caught my eye off Instagram, when searching for Valerie’s her artistic flaire is so beautiful. I LOVE her style. Her Handle on IG is Uncanny Valerie – which is exactly how I’d describe her style An Uncanny ability to draw realistic with an edge – something is mysterious.

I had the privilege of interviewing Valerie Valdivia, I found her through Instagram when searching for Valerie’s for this series. She’s an artist and I fell in love with her style of design. This amazing artist I stumbled upon on IG when searching for Valerie’s. She has some ‘Uncanny’ work – which by the way is in her IG handle. She drew the cutest mouse that I fell in love with. Characters like moms and daughters, dogs and cats right out of a Disney movie. Unbelievable talent with her pencil and markers, she works in ink, watercolour, photoshop, clay, embroidery and just about anything else she can get her hands on. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Chapman University in 2014. When not plotting her next project, she enjoys watching horror films, thrift shopping and discovering new ways to eat cheese. Valerie currently lives in Oregon with her husband and their cats with great names. Welcome to the show!

‘Seamstress Mouse’ by Valerie Valdivia – he’ll patch and sew up your mending while you sleep

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. This show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

This new series called ‘Valerie’ is a series about the Valerie’s, Val’s, Valley’s and whatever these amazing women go by, of the world. In this series I’m combing through the Jennifer’s Michelle’s and Cathy’s, looking for the vivacious, tenacious and dubious Valerie’s. Are you a Valerie get in touch with me – do you know a Valerie – tell her to connect. I’m looking for our common thread. Todays’ episode is with Valerie Valdivia

-theory, uncanny meaning as     strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way. Like almost real looking but with an unsettling manner.

Her day Job!

She’s a grocery store painter for their creative displays by day and an illustrator by night – working on her next character. She lived in wine countries and in tern has a love for the wine producing areas. She lives in Oregon, my perception of the oregon – is all of the amazing bridges. She would love to visit London, England again, one of her bucket list to-do’ again.

She collects old post cards – just like Valerie from the Dominican. Valerie Valdivia choses post card with great penmenship. What a neat collection. She is also a horror movie fan, she’s neat in her specifics she chooses based on director or intensional purpose. Interesting, thoughtful and artistic flare in teh movie itself. Well developed characters – like how much thought does she put in her movie choices.   

Great vocabulary!

Valerie Valdivia uses words like alagory allegory definition when describing a movie – this means: a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.  

ephemera – items that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time – items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

 The Conjuring came out in 2013 

Artistic horror movie called the The Babadook (2014) – Jennifer Kent, beautifully shot, cinematography – haunting mother and son.

She likes to read technically. Audio book enthusiast while she’s drawing and creating her art pieces.  

What did you think about Part one learning about Valerie Valdivia, doesn’t she have a neat way of explaing things, she’s thurough and detailed, i love this about her. She loves horror movies and selects them by the director and the subject matter, remember her work alagory – meaning a story with a moral or political message. Just his in itself gives this Valerie so much substance and a great character trait. How about having a roomate name Valerie? 

She’s a July 17th birthday, a Cancer birthday.  Follow her on Instagram where she shows off her work often, Visit her on Etsy Shop where she sells her pieces Blurb where her hubby Devin and her collaborated him with his writing and her with her illustrations into a children’s book and Society 6 where she sells her pillows, prints, art – all links in my show notes.

ReView: Without Papers, Inglewood

Without Papers, ambiance, service and delicious pizza

Episode 75

Welcome back to VVP with your host me, Valerie Moss, todays show I’m ReViewing Without Papers, a great pizza place upstairs in Inglewood, Enjoy the episode and don’t forget the napkins! The background of this recording is pretty convoluted with the music but the music is great. VVP is a weekly show about mylife in Calgary, ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views, it’s a story podcast WhatEVER, WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

When we went here it was still a bit fresh outside – which I love, walking on a fall day out in the crisp air. When you walk into this place you go up a long narrow red staircase, there’s a huge disco ball spinning. They are playing black and white movies. on a projector and great air supply music. As we mull the menu over, we debate if this is going to be our meal or a snack we do this ALOT and we are always trying to change the pizza toppings

I’ve influenced London’s idea of good glassware to drink out of, I HATE drinking out of plastic as you know do you know why? When I was 16 I had to get my tonsils out, stay overnight in a small town hospital. All of the dishes were plastic – ever since then. Horrible flavour and feeling drinking out of this foreign substance. 

We debate the menu and finally make a decision while keeping London’s wishes. a compromise so we are all happy.  Well we get the menu figured out our pizza ordered the waitress is quite patient with us, well me mostly  but shew as so patient.

Without Papers Pizza

Without papers or ‘wop’ the name is derived from brash italian kids running the streets without papers – meaning without legal papers for being in the country. It’s a slur to the Italians. Nothing to do with pizza. And the ‘wop’ word isn’t actually used in reference either. They don’t even have their name on the menu, just a cool symbol and the WP noted discreetly.

I love to go to Inglewood, get a chai tea or London Fog at Rossos’s coffee, walk up and down, in and out of shops in Inglewood, always stopping at PLANT for new purchase or check things out, pet the shop dogs and carry on. If it’s a sunny crisp day we, London and I will be down there for hours.  Since Jeff was with us this day, we stopped into Kent and he purchased some beard bomb, it smells like cigar smoke and whiskey – so nice. Good manly smell and it works good to!

Our wine comes a blend for me, Jeff’s drinking Red…not my favourite! The waitress brings us crayons…don’t you just love to doodle while waiting for the meal, London and I always do this together…on the back of the menu, where it’s a blank canvas, but don’t you  hate it when the crayons are not sharp…London says the crayons are not sharp – that isn’t cool, is it people?

We are reminiscing about The Diner, this is The Diner Delux on Edmonton Trail and like 8 in Bridgeland. We used to frequent the Diner like on a weekly basis for years. Then it was sold, then they changed their hours, then they remodelled. You know life changes and then we stopped going. It’s only opened till 4. They had a bakery on the one side, had the best ever granola bars – haven’t found on since this place had them – did you try these or know about these? Anyway it was and probably still is a great place.

Being in the position of ‘MOM’

When you are a Mom and a wife, you are in the middle of all convos. Table heights, tracing hands. Honestly it’s the best place to be. You’re in the know – you know everyone’s thoughts and commentary. 

Our meals arrives!! Chilly oil, chillie flakes, and a side of creamy garlic panno… Bugs and I compare our sketches…we’re admiring the pizza. Don’t you just love a good pizza? and Bugs wants to finish it off. I finish it off saying the jalapeño are a bit of a kicker! We are missing the honey we like to drizzle onto our pizza. 

Do you eat jalepenos? On pizza? or other things? We never did. Until a few year ago, I was out with the girls and shared a plate of nachos with my friend Meghan, she wanted jalapeño and I was like okkkkkaaaay a bit aprehensively. But then I LOVED them. Next was getting Jeff to try them and he was in like flyn! So now we eat them on these two main things and have them inside fish tacos also…do you eat these spicey little slices?

Momma do you hand print, we have been tracing hands in the Moss house for many years always capturing the change in size, only of one set tho. It’s so cool to see the transformation.  hmmm that’s delicious Jeff says, a nice pizza sauce, I totally agree. Also the pizza was very hot and stayed hot for a long time. The sauce as the base was sortof creamy like a rose almost.

Remember the black and white movies  I mentioned at the top of the show?  Bill Murray was acting on this show…with El vira..I don’t know what this movie was and now I can’t find anything remotely similar, if you know please tell me.

Without Papers, movie playing while we munch our pizza

The waitress comes, and we joke with her saying it wasn’t very good but our plates are just shy of being licked clean. 34:30 I was askng hr about the chillies, they buy them. Our waitress was excellent, chilled and good. She ate pizza here one night then kept thinking about how good it was and came back, and got a job! now that’s a compliment.

While gandering through Inglewood, if Jeff’s with us he’s taking pictures, today was no exception, He was snapping pictures while in Without Papers and out of this great place…He, Jeff Moss captured a pic of this gal sitting in front of the window just over there from us…such a great shot! See the tree followed the curvature of her back, it was brighter in the outside, her body was silhouette. The Tree is framing her, such a neat composition, good black and white Jeff says. Check out my site to see the picture of this girl, what do you think? Yeah totally she has a neat look, like Bridgette Bardot back in the day.

Inglewood Calgary Photo Walkm photo curtesy from Jeff Moss

to end the show, I’m in love with French BullDog shirts

 So I bought a cute T-Shirt from my favourite consignment store, Thrifty Princess like 6 months ago and when we were in Vegas for Jeff’s bday – while wearing my favourite French bulldog shirt I found another one. It’s so funny. Now I love them! And I’m on the hunt for more Jeff’s reference to Frenchie’s Restaurant beside UNA Pizza to ensure I know which type of dog this is, now as Jeff has confirmed the type of French BullDog it is :))

Full disclosure, Jeff and I got onto IG just in the last year or so, this is when we were about a few months still quite novice (January) and not really totally committed to the flow of IG. Can you hear his commentary about my app possibly not being current, updated. He’s always catching me with un-updated apps (is this a word), We make our way our of the restaurant with drawings in tow and back onto the streets of Inglewood, down the steep staircase. Jeff snaps a few pictures of me on our way out. 

Our experience at Without Papers was super, we had a fun time, the pizza’s were a bit pricey we thought but what do you get for $20 at a saught after pizza place these days. We ate it all, and drank the wine, plus got some good pictures from the day. It was a fresh crisp sunny day. We spent it togehter walking through beautiful Inglewood. It’s all good.

Inglewood Calgary Photo Walk with me, Valerie Moss taken by Jeff Moss

Do you have a restaurant you’d like me and my family to review? Let me know if it’s your favourite pizza joint or a great soup and sandwich place I’m in – soup and sandwiches – is my favourite meal.

Check out my site for all the photos from todays show.

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Coming UP on Future Shows

Coming up on some future episodes, we have more Valerie InterViews, so if you know a Valerie have them get in touch with me, or are a Valerie, reach out to me at, 

We have a new local author and one of Calgary’s own Police Detectives, talking about his new book and stories from within. If you know a Calgary author that you love let me know about them, if you are a Calgary author reach out to me as I’d love to meet you. 

Another upcoming topic of convo on this show is about birthdays, did you know 15 million people share your birthday – that’s right people you share your birthday with 15 million people, holy smokes right. Along the line of finding Valerie’s I’m on the hunt for people with my birthday, March 29th – is this your birthday? Do you know someone who has this birthday? I actullly share this birthday with my FIL – crazy right. But that is only 1 of 15 million. If you share you birthday with someone I’d like to hear your story. If you’re birthday is March 29th I’d like you to be my guest….

Guess what VVP listeners, I have  a new commercial for my show, check out the Valerie’s Variety Podcast – First Trailer.

First Trailer for Valerie’s Variety Podcast, produced by me, Valerie Moss

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Talk to you next Tuesday…

InterView: E.C. Varga – The God’s Chair – Part THREE

E.C. Varga on Valerie’s Variety Podcast discussing her new book The God’s Chair

Episode 74

Previously On….Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Part ONE and Part TWO of the E.C. Varga InterView take a listen

Todays Show is Part THREE of this interView with ECVarga and her book The God’s Chair. What’s interesting is how deep we are getting to know this author, she’s a local Calgary Author. Lives just outside of the city on an acreage. She works at Chapters by day in all black attire  – and is a black belt karate sensei teaching in the Dojo by night – dressed in all white – with her partner in crime, Erno (the E in EC Varga). 

We are continuing on with our whiskey samplers from Canadian Club, to Gibsons, Jack Danieles to Crown Royal and finishing off with Fireball – we’ve covered these and this YA sci-fi novel. This book is stunning.

This show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVER WhenEVER, this show drops Every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Don’t forget to check out the show notes for pictures, links to our socials and more. Thanks for listening, now on with todays episode!

Back to Chapter 1 – let’s fnd out more about this book 1 of 4, in todays, show, enjoy the episode.

Thank you for listening today and I hope you enjoyed our banter

You know, I’m a varacious reader altho it takes me a while to finish a book, I always have a good story on the go. I just love local authors and referencing familar places and cities within the book – it the connection to the story we are always looking for weather it’s the characters or the locations described in  the book. If we can connect, we’re committed readers, rights?

The spider that Constance is referring to is call the Darwins Bark Spider. They build their web with the orb suspended directly above a river or the water body of a lake, a habitat that no other spider can use. This spiders silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, over ten times tougher than a sililarly-sized piece of kevlar. These are a spider of movies, with large females almost all black, with white hairs on their bodies legs of 1.4” long. and yes Constance was correct they can web a span of up to 3 meters.

After we were done the ‘interview’ part we just sat and kabitzed and this is really where the goods are —  here’s some out takes rememeber we’re a few whiskey samplers in, finishing our last one and enjoying casual banter…take a listen to these clips…

Who am I

This show is written and produced by me, Valerie Moss, in Calgary, Alberta, the Valerie’s “Variety” name came from my husband and his wealth of knowledge when it comes to my love for change – I couldn’t be pigeoned holed into one genre thus the ‘ReVies|InterViews and My DailyViews in the opening of this show, as this is what the show is truly about and the focus is these three main headings.

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You can find Constance at Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

InterView: E.C. Varga – The God’s Chair – Part TWO

E.C. Varga on Valerie’s Variety Podcast discussing her new book The God’s Chair

Episode 73

Previously On….Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Part ONE of the E.C. Varga InterView take a listen…

Todays show is Part TWO of The God’s Chair book review with Constance Varga. We investigate the protagonst Mike and where the scene of this book is set! The God’s Chair and their purpose of this. Each book to come after will have a major rock formation as the soul of the surroundings for the mystical magical chronicals. 

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast, this show is about ReViews InterViews and my Daily Views, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVEr WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday.

EC Varga brings light to dragons and folklore in her books. We talk about a rock formation where the setting of this book takes place. Also a rock formation from where I am from to compare.

This part is dedicated to readings from the book  and more banter getting to know this author. Her description of her characters. and references she uses.

Constance believes we should have a persona that we share outwardly and one we keep to ourselves. With this day an age in social media she might be onto something with this thought. Keeping our home spirit at home and with the people we are closest with is important.

She writes in vernacular which is a literatary genre that uses daily-used language in writting and speaking.  versus the written works formal variety of language. It’s a common language spoken by average citizens using many accents and dialects from the origin place.

At the end of Part TWO we’ve tried a few of the whiskeys, laughed alot and have tried to get through some more readings. Sorry in advance for cutting Constance off but I had so many questions and clarifications I needed from her…

Next weeks Part Three

In the next episode we will hear chapter 1 in it’s entirety and if you’ve been thinking about possilby picking up a copy of this book, you should. We can read it together and after you hear Chapter 1 you’ll want to know more.

We will continue to sip our whiskeys and enjoy more stories between us. We will talk about spiders and their webs strength – making web from goats milk. Talking about Audio books and ghost writers and some pretty famous books. We talk personal about our choices, and enjoy supporting each other. We talk inside moments within the story. Etheopian Proverbs and more. Come along for another week with Constance and I.

Find me at On Instagram @ValerieJMoss and Pinterest @VJMoss and Facebook @ValeriesVarietyPod

You can find Constance at Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

Talk to you next Tuesday.

InterView: E.C. Varga – The God’s Chair – Part ONE

Author Talk on E.C.Varga with her new book The God's Chair book 1 of the Weavers Chronicles.
Calgary Author, Constance Varga is sitting down with me, Valerie Moss about her new book, The God’s Chair

Episode 72

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast today shows is in along the lines of a ReView a new book ReView and another Calgary Author that I personally know. We are discussing her E.C. Varga’s new book called The God’s Chair. Book 1 of the Weaver Chronicles. Constance Varga has become a very dear friend of mine in and out of the dojo. Over the next few episodes we will get to know her and her book in more detail and once I read it – I’ll likely have her back on to complete all of my new questions. Find me at On Instagram @ValerieJMoss and Pinterest @VJMoss and Facebook @ValeriesVarietyPod

pairing whiskey with words discussing Constance Varga's book The God's Chair

This interview isn’t like any other that have been recorded in my Studio 17 – we paired whisky and words, dug deeper into this first book’s origins and I still want to know more. come along with me and Contance, get to know our banter like old friends.

Pairing Whiskey with Words

We are pairing Constance’s letters on paper from this book  with Whiskey – yes poeple whiskey. When I asked Constance (love her name) what she would like to have in the studio wine, tea, coffee…she said whiskey. I bought a variety of airplane bottles and displayed them along with small sipping dessert glasses with stems in a multitude of colours, sides of coke, Ginger ale and water and we just drank them neat. I had these stored in the freezer until she arrived so they were also chilled.

Part ONE

 What did you think about part one, have you seen this beautiful book lining the sheleves at Chapters?

Are you familiar with the Transylvania region? Do you know any of these amazing words she so beautifully roles off her tongue? Next week we will get to know more about the book, the background and the this Calgary Author Constance Varga EC Varga and The Gods Chair.

Find Constance at Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

You can purchase and find Constance’s book at any Calgary chapters (or at her online store), she can also be found over-there frequently signing books submersing herself in the fun of the largest bookshelves around like minded people.

Next week, we will delve more into the book, the people and learn more about Constanc’s thoughts surrounding the magical place of Transylvania and her husbands heritage.

Talk to you next Tuesday.

InterView: Valerie Martin on ‘Valerie’ Series

Valerie Martin

Episode 71

Valerie Martin with me, Valerie Moss on the 'Valerie Series'
Valerie Martin with me, Valerie Moss on Valerie’s Variety Podcast

I had the privilege of interviewing Valerie Martin, I found her through iTunes when searching for Valerie’s for this series. She’s a physiotherapist (she helps people change their behaviours and overcome problems). Things like past trauma, eating disorders, people pleasing, or self-destructive coping mechanisms, her purpose is to help, period!

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. This show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

This new series called ‘Valerie’ is a series about the Valerie’s, Val’s, Valley’s and whatever these amazing women go by, of the world. In this series I’m combing through the Jennifer’s Michelle’s and Cathy’s, looking for the vivacious, tenacious and dubious Valerie’s. Are you a Valerie get in touch with me – do you know a Valerie – tell her to connect. I’m looking for our common thread. Todays’ episode is with Valerie Martin from Nashville Tennessee.

Valerie Martin on the ‘Valerie’ Series

Valerie is light hearted but with serious undertones, she’s believes that everyone matters and is very positive about outcomes. She teaches Yoga, has an inspiring instagram page, a wealth of excellent books and resources. We started with a bit of a video chat and her studio is FULL of books, like FULL. She loves to read. She’s from Texas, y’all.

From Valerie Martin’s IG

Thank you for listening to the interview check out my site for all the photos and links to the show notes and to Valerie’s Martin, her life and her social pages.

This show is written and produced by me, Valerie Moss, the theme music for this show is written and produced by Jason Schnell, the artwork for these episodes was supplied by Valerie’s Martins website and Instagram check it out over at WonderWell. Reach out to her, say hi from me, look at yourself and say positive words. Listen to her podcast called ‘What’s the effing point’ Where she’s talks candid and swears a little to get her point across about life.

InterView FollowUp

Valerie Martin is one of the first Valerie’s I InterViewed and will not forget, I just like her real down to earth character and her belief in helping people find the brightness within them. She’s been on the other side of addition and has truly learnt from it. She’s a vegan in a meat state – like Calgary but south of the border. While editing this episode there was a few outstanding quetions I needed some answers on

1) I pressed her about the origin of her name – but she forgot to ask her dad, so funny, when this episode is about your name. How oftern to you get questioned about these details, so hard to forget to ask

2) When I first reached out to her, she had an immediate comment about being in love with Moss – so I asked her why, she says It’s stunningly beautiful and biologically incredible! The book Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer (and even just this teaser from Brain Pickings) will blow your mind.

3) she was on her first ever trip to Canada like that weekend following our phone convo – so asked her about it! Kingston, year long training eco-pyshology – Can you give me an update on this portion?

Yes, I’m training with Andy Fisher and a small group of other therapists/folks from related professions. I’ve now been twice, and will have two more trips over the next few months. I haven’t had a chance to see much else of Canada, but the Sumac Centre (in Mountain Grove, ON, not far from Kingston) is a beautiful event space and I’m learning so much that’s really exciting to integrate into both my professional and personal life.

4) I owed her the link to the Melissa Gilbert TED talk – this is a great episode to listen to. This is the EAT Pray LOVE lady but guess what she had other books. One was a sirendipidously journey with another person – great story, I highly recommend to listen to this TED talk.

4) Melissa Gilbert, The TED Interview: Elizabeth Gilbert shows up for … everything | TED …… 

 As promised a little late

Thanks for sharing, it’s on my list!

5) Valerie Chainy, Peter’s wife You made it Weird.- If you can send her my way. Or put me in touch with her, do you know Peter personally or just love his podcast?

I’ve never interacted with Valerie or Pete (Pete is kind of a big deal here in the US, haha) — but I did hear her lovely interview on one of Katie Dalebout’s podcast episodes (now called Let it Out, formerly known as The Wellness Wonderland). Maybe give it a listen and if you want to invite her on, reach out to her on Twitter?

Know a Valerie or are a Valerie?

If you know a Valerie (tell me about her) or are a Valerie, please get in touch with me, I want to get to know you…we might drink wine together (white or red?) or have a tea (do you like London Fog’s) just hang out become more acquainted. I’ve had so much interest into this right from early on, thank you Valerie… I cannot wait to get started. 

Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me today, getting to know my new friend who has my name too. Leave me a rating on your podcast app, a comment and stay tuned we have some exciting shows coming up! See you next Tuesday!

ReView: Sauce Italian Restaurant & Market Part TWO

Sauce signature 'S'

Episode 70 Part TWO

Listen to PartOne here of this two part episode up until we eat our appetizer

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. This show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

As our Day Date Continues…

Sauce, Signature ‘S’

33:59 our main course comes and don’t you just love it when they change out your cutlery?34:34 because we had decided to share both meals we needed to figure out how to split them up. As we get our meals shared between the two plates with meals on them, i know we could have asked for plates. One thing tho aobut keeping the plate that comes out is it’s already seasoned and warm, getting a fresh plate that is not connected to this meal isn’t the best option…were enjoying our meals 38:12 Jeff every once in a while likes my choice in ordering better than his – this was one of these rare times.43:16

39:25 the gargonzola cheese is so stinky and weird. Do you guys love cheese in your house or when you go out as mcu as we do? We are always buysing a variety of cheeses to eat at home with fruite and olives. 54:00

Sauce, wine cooler and room – delightful

Conversations between Him and Her

41:31 when I listen to these convos that me and my hubby over glass’s of wine and during day dates when our young person isn’t in ear shot. He shares with me some of his wants and desires about life. We discuss having our roots in Calgary and maybe retiring in the west in Kelowna or Oliver…41:48 then I hear these things come out of him – I woner if deep down he really could do this or if it’s something he likes to watch and admire, taste from afar? Soemtimes I wonder if we’re on the same page would he do these things, make wines and cheese and some small batch craft beers?

45:03 he thinks I can tell a good story, he’s right about that! Once, day we will produce and sell something onine and I will tell a story about it – a romantic story I’m sure…55:46 he is pretty shy and hasn’t actually come on my podcast – he’s said a few things here and there but to come on a speak about soemthing at length I’m not sure he’d be up for it. He’s pretty shy…I thought one time he could talk about cars as he’s a serious car guy but no go (so far)

Retirement Dreams

Isn’t it funny what you remember, when we talk about retiring and runming a little business in the west…we remember this story. 46;32 we can see ourselves there – it’s beautiful and rich in lanscape and perfec views. WE want to have that good feeling inside ourselves with whatever the retirement plan might end of being 50:36

The dessert menu: 56:20 well I can’t remember now if we ended up at Frenchie for their Key Lime pie which is one of the BEST key lime pies…but we passed on dessert here – this time.

1:01 listening to him say this – he’s totally right, we all love food, we like it to a fault at time when binging or eating pour choices. But it’s a social thing and makes us feel good inside. And like I said earlier when you only eat once a day make it yummy and satisfying and hittingall the right senses – touch, smell, site, taste and sound! So we started talkimg about my dad who’s a chef turnend xpat professor in the middle east. He chnges his profession in his 50s and se la vie! 1:03 

ReView: Sauce Italian Restaurant & Market Part ONE

Sauce Market

Episode 69 Part ONE

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss, this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. This show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

In the next two episodes we are reviewing Sauce, Italian restaurant and market. Located 3326- 17 Avenue SW. This place is located in the Chorus Entertainment Building and is a weekly stop for us to curb our Truffle Popcorn craving. We enjoyed this place so much during our day date – that this episode is broken up into two parts, part TWO will be released next week.

Sauce Italian Restaurant & Market is an absolutely awesome Italian food stop.
Sauce signature ‘S’

I first went to this place with my GF Jenny she frequented it and we went for supper one night and ever since I wanted to bring Jeff there. So, we finally went one day while have a day date while London was at a bday party…it was worth it.

When you walk in there’s a great deli in one area with ready made meals, small cafe style of tabls ad chairs, Italians and others visiting and drinking espresso. Around this are there’s shelves stocked with Italian foods, sauces, pasta’s olives, italians sodas and more..the stage for the Pcon is highight by their signature bag of Metallic Red, it’s a lrage size and worth the purchase.

There’s crates stamped with their signature ’S’ in red. The sausages and curing meats are hanging yearning to be purchased an dmake into a charcuterie board. Cheses are chilled and sliced in take home wedges. Their dessert bar is so beautirul, corner ceramic stove, espresso machine, pastries and goodies gallore. Workers waiting to help box up your favourite sweets.

Once you mange to get by this stand, you can move into the waiting area for the restaurant and ‘wait to be seated’ We made a reservation…as wer’e siting and kabitzing the waitress pours our water…we enjoy settling in for the next hour or so. When we were heret it was still chilly out we have our new featherlite winter jackets on – as you can hear we are quite happy with them.

Sauce, Chandeliers

Calamari Lobster Risotto, 

Here’s what risotto is, think creamy rice but is’ no soupy it’s thick like a good cheesy pasta. Risottos is typicaly made with a lot of butter and cheese, you can make a roux also to help with the richness of this meal, ti’s very good when it’s prepred right

So my hubbys voice is a bit soft but he says, ravioli is not enough food – you know how Ravioli comes out, you get 4 squares place on a large plate – it’s sort of shoking when the price refects like 10 orders. So we pass on this altho it doesn sound good.

We settle on Calamarie to start 5:28

the waitress offeers us bread to sop up the pomodoro sauce I order the fuzili and Jeff orders the Risotto…we enoy thebeautifully decoarted restaurant and our wine…

Sauce’s many chandeliers, so beautiful

6:11 the lights in this place are beautiful we are thinking of changing our lights out to somethig more spectaular then our modern, plane square globe style.Something to add some character. Like chandeliers…..

The Atmosphere

Jeff proceeds to tell a story about the mens washroom listen to this…6:52 so you walk in and there’s a long hallway giant square in the middle with one urnal in the middle of this  – which would fit many urinal. he can just see the guy waiting for you. and then one bathroom stall. I too describe the bathrooms – yes the bathrooms are gorgeous. 

Match Stick Quilt, made by me, Valerie Moss (this is our room today)

9:50 (after) so I started making thsi new10:33 quilt for us – for our bed so change things up a bit – you can see pictgures of this on my site but now I”m like erch – what? he doesn’t want this on our bed!! 

1017 Jeff explains our quilt on uur bed… He’s right I made that quite testing out a contemporary technique, it ended up working perfectly to our room personality. Again pics of this on our website. This quilt took me years to fimish and I’m pretty proud of it that’s for sure.

10:33 we test and taste eachothers wines. He’s moving into more of the red wines lately where as I’m still on the white wine side of things. He in the end likes my wine and I don’t mind his…you can hear the kitchen wich is just off to the back of where we are sitting. 11:56 – can you smell the garlic 

Chandeliers brighten up any room and add a personality
Chandelier in Studio 17 – today in my studio @Valerie’s Variety Podcast central

12:28 Candelier cover your cords in fabric or tools or toile. In the end when we hung the chandeliers we didn’t have enough cord to go any longer then we could so this chain link is showing instead of being covered. Best laid intentions right?

Sauce vs Cassis

14:13 We care now comparing this “sauce’ restaurant with Castle – Cassis Bistro another Itelian makret,, restaurant location we’ve been to a few times. 14:27 (after) we were invited to a breakfast paring with my friend Jenny and her bf. It was a bit pricey at a rate of a nice meal in a fine dinig restaurant, they paried all of the course with wines (Italian) and it was delightful. This breakfast was held in Cassis and we were served by the husband and wife team that own the place. They have a movie projector showing old black and white movies up on a big screen at the back of the place. Ths place might hold ony about 40 people. There wa s a 1 person band playing/singling in the background – it was quite romantic. 14:49 so if you’re not familiar with Hello Dollies they are a scrumptious combination of condensed milk, chocochips and coconut and graham wafer crumbs, combined in layers into a sweet dessert bite.

15:39 around us the tables are getting reserved for parties that will be filing in soon. As Jeff menionted it’s only 4:30. The one table has 2 high chairs – they are definitely a family friendly restaura nt. Lots of street parking also on 17 Avenue and all of the off streets around the building.

16:07 have you heard of Tavernatta – its on Edmonton Trail south of 16 Avenue  toward the diner delux and where the old OEB used to be. This place is amazing another great option for home cooked pasta, good wines and a great ambiance. It’s bustling and warm inside. Sometimes people are sitting at the outside tables playing bottce ball and enjoying lunch.

Our Appetizer Arrives

 17:15 our meal comes…well the calimarie. It’s kind of served in open peppers – sort of positioned so well on the plate, smells amazing – I can almost taste this as I’m writting nad it was very good. 19:00 we are enjoying dipping the bread the waitress suggested in tthe sauces and the oils. 

How good is the Calamari?

19:48 read after – wow fantastic Jeff says. One thing about the OMaD (one meal a day) eating regime is that food tasts so much better – first you are hungry, second you want to eat really good food when you break your fast. Youdon’t just eat anything you want food to be really good like top notch super satisfying. 20:13 I dont love it – you want to love food when you only 1 time per day…20:55 sorry about my full mouth but I don’t love calimarie in generally Jeff and London both really like it and typically will just share an order.I prefer to not look a tthe knarley tentacles stikcing out everywhere. Jeff put it right this meal is a ‘adult’ version of Calamarie.

21:44 Who doesn’t like a nice slice of bread, dipped into a fantastic saucee? or just with peanut butter and bananaas lol or bread…wait a side note my massage lady she doens’t eat bread like ever! – hmmm that sounds uspect dont you think?

22:22 are we enjoying the appies…umm yes! the sauce and the bread and the peppers are amazing the pomodor sauce it’s incredible. 31:56 the waitress clears our appetizerplate and ofers anoter glass of wine while we wait for our main course. She has these very funky glasses on and they looked fabulous on there – give someone a compliment once in a while – mean it tho – and make someones day!

23:13 as some of you know I bake bread at home 1-2 times per week. I’ve been doin this for about 5 years. Jeff’s been asking me lately if I can switch up the bread ‘loaves’ style and make maybe smaller loaves or buns instead. Hmm this might work if my bread maker could do this for me…23:56 a mixer.? erch – we don’t not need another applieance in this house. Do you have a bread maker? The beauty is you don’t have to wait around checking for rising and other timed events while makeing bread in a breadmaker – the breadmarker does the timing for you…

26:55 recently I went through a change phases with my glasses being comfortable and some days I just deal with them bugging me all day..sliding down pinching, pressing whatever it is but now I have another optin I went and got fitted for contacts. Do you wear contacts – like them or prefer your glasses – have you been through this – changed from glasses to contacts or flip beween the two?

Moments between Mom and Daughter

28:25 every night i lay with London and we read stories share secrets and things about our day. She gets on these kicks where she wants to learn and hear stories about wh en she was younger so this day..we talk about her ‘baby sisters’ their names were Chooney and Savanna and sometimes she had a brother names Duggen. This went on for quite a while I’d pick her up from day care and they would comment about London’s ‘baby sisters’ knowingfull well London was an only child.


What did you think of part ONE, describing bathrooms – hanging my new chandelier, my new quilting project, other places we’ve been or want to go, our appetizer full of knarly bits and the start of our entre while the rooms wafts of garlic…such a fun day

Part two will come out next week as we sit and make plans and goals for our future. You’ll get more of a glimpse of our life and our dreams. We talk about London and all this is during our day date…what do you and your life partner talk babout

InterView: Valerie (Flexual) on ‘Valerie’ Series – Part THREE

Episode 68 Part THREE (Final)

Check out Part TWO from last week. and Part ONE from the week before.

This ‘Valerie’ Series a series about the Valerie’s, Val’s, Valley’s and whatever these amazing women go by, of the world. In this series I’m combing through the Jennifer’s Michelle’s and Cathy’s, looking for the vivacious, tenacious and dubious Valerie’s. Are you a Valerie get in touch with me – do you know a Valerie – tell her to connect. I’m looking for our common thread.

I had the privilege of interviewing Valerie ‘Flexual’, I found her through instagram @ValFlexual and like me she doesn’t know any Valerie’s. She’s kind, she cares about the environment, she does her part. She has collected over 100 shark teeth. She’s scared of fresh water lakes. She’s a Sagittarius and she’s never left South Florida. Enjoy our banter, at times she gives me the chills with her good vibes that I feel right through the microphone. She loves to love and gives back. She believes…

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook Instagram @ValerieJMoss Pinterest @VJMoss Facebook @ValeriesVarietyPod

Valerie Flexual on ‘Valerie’ Series Part THREE (final)

ValFlexual on Valerie’s Variety Podcast, ‘Valerie’ Series

In this final part of the Valerie Flexual InterView, we are now friends, common passions in life, kindship we’re connected. She has a great voice, and is so full of compassion. I really enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her on a deep level. She’ll be on the show again. Did you know about Crocs versus Alegators? I didn’t but I do now. Next time you litter think of this show and remember Valerie Flexual who’s doing her best to keep her footprint clean, take care of pets and humans, who need it most.

Find her on Instagram @ValFlexual and on Facebook @ValerieFlexcobar

Talk to you next Tuesday.