Dear Jane a9 – Cabin Fever

The Deets!
  • Originally Completed: May 1, 2022
  • Technique: Paper Pieced
  • Number of Pieces: 41
  • Blocks Completed to Date: 9

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Cabin Fever was a fun block, I love to paper piece and this is really honing my skills these are such small pieces, triangles are the trickier part making sure you have adequate seam allowance on all those points…take your time squaring up for the 1/4″ seam allowance…see how small this is – yikes I haven’t ever worked with such small pieces before, have you?

I’m sure you felt like having a little cabin fever during our pandemic, I know I did, especially when walking with my daughter and the play grounds were taped off – closed. Cabin Fever was very close indeed. Keeping our spirits up was a task all on it’s own.


this ^^ round table is actually an antique piano stool, circa 1890s (wish I played) I use it as my stool to sew on, it swivels, has claw feet with glass balls, and just the most perfect backdrop for these little blocks. The scissors are 4″ Gingher Scissors in the Cheetah theme – they used to come out with a theme each year – check out this awesome photo to give you an idea.

This one seems a little wonky, that is from me IRONING and not pressing these little pieces in place, I also love to finger press to get the pressing part started, this way you can encourage the seam to lay a certain way before adding the heat!

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