Time to move on…

Hi Everyone…I see it’s been many months since I’ve last posted, 2013 was a very crazy year for the Moss house it all started back in July…we went camping for the first time in the season – we love our trailer – we had a wonderful two week vacation planned heading south into the USA….and then

My DH was experiencing some chest pains, and to make a long story short he didn’t have a heart attack but in the end the best treatment for him was open heart surgery. Those of you who know me, I’m 36 years old, my DH is just a tad older then me and at the time our daughter wasn’t even 2. We had so much to lose, a husband, a daddy, a brother…life for me has been changed entirely.

I went through so many emotions, my DH went through life changing feelings about our family and our lives long term and essentially short term – where do we go from here, what do we do next?

So, re-evaluating everything, our family, our extended family, our support systems (or lack there of). It’s time for life to make a change and the only people that can do this is me, my husband and our daughter as a family unit. So, we are going to do just that!

Pastimes has been wonderful for me, I’ve learned so much about marketing and having an online business…we have amazing visitors, 7,000 + unique people visit my site a month – more really when I’m a dedicated blogger. I’ve connected with people all over the world and it’s my hobby shoppe as they’d say. After 4+ years it’s time for me to move onto something new. I work full time, I’m a sales person through and through…so back into the B2B sales and loving it!

I’m still a quiter, sewer and stitcher, I’ve also dabbled in a bit of scrapbooking over the months because having London in my life makes scrapbooking a bit of a necessity.

and here’s the two of us…she says, “you’re my best friend, right mom” and I say you betcha!

I’ve discovered that I get to chose who I want to share my life with…and who gets a spot in my heart. My family is the BEST thing that’s EVER happened to me…

So here’s to all of YOU who’ve invested your time reading my blog (which by the way I’m going to start writing again…) supported me throughout the years and still do and to those of YOU who have helped pick and choose along the way the projects that we do and did as a club!

Here’s to YOU All – THANK YOU!

Trunk Show, London, Quilts & Mum(330)

So, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to speak and do a trunk show for the Sherwood Park Quilt Guild. That’s about 4.5 hours from me…I’m super excited, honoured and looking forward to it. My friend and fellow Facebooker Bradie Sparrow from Sparrow Studioz invited me to come and show my goodies to her and her guild.

I’m a little nervous to be honest but I’m thinking, just be myself and be prepared and it will all turn out, right? Jeff’s going to be away that day so I’m going to be packing up London and goodies, bringing her with me – always keeps me grounded – do you feel that way about your kids? It seems like having her around me makes me feel humble and grounded, and I do love that feeling. A constant reminder that there’s more important things in life besides…well most other things except people we love, am I right?

So I am planning my talk, and I’m going to speak about how and why I started Pastimes Online, what my motto is – do YOU know what my Motto is?

“I pick and choose the things that I LOVE for Pastimes Online and hope to attract the people that LOVE the same things I do”

Well Jeff left on Monday and I was pretty much ready to go on the Saturday because with an 8 month old it’s hard sometimes to be able to budget your time (like even to write this post) and ensure you’re prepared. So packing up these projects as well as myself and daughter took a bit of extra planning and time – but I got it done with the help of my Sister (Gold bless her).

Left here in plenty of time Thursday, went to deliver some packages at the post London was just about to go down for her morning nap..all good – she slept the entire way to my Mums which is about 2.5 hours from here. Unpacked her lunch, her and me – then we all went and had a nice lunch. Change her and I nursed her – packed up what we needed for our 1.5 hr trip and proceeded on our way…..

That’s when London decided she didn’t want to have an afternoon nap or didn’t want to be in her car seat (what did you kids think about their car seats?) or was trying to push her top 4 teeth through – Yep this 8 month old now has 6 teeth! or whatever else she was trying to deal with…well to make this a story worth reading she cried the whole way…1.5 hours – oh it was grueling. I was driving and Mum was helping with London – thank G for her too!! We finally ended up pulling over in Sherwood Park and I took her out – she was fine!! Yep even laughing…oh man – lol what do you do she’s just too cute for words.

Well she eventually settled, my Mum spent the time with her for her supper and while I was speaking…and she did great!!

I spoke about all 9 of my quilts and a few of my classes thus far like: 1) Journey of a Quilter by Leanne Beasley 2) A Kitten’s Tale by Lynette Anderson 3) Hocus Pocus Ville by Crabapple Hill Studio 4) Life is Beautiful by Hugs and Kisses 5) Crazy Christmas by Lynette Anderson 6) Truly Scrumptious by Cinderberry Stitches 7) Pies and Tarts by Sue Daley 8) Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines by Ella and Skysie Designs 9) Butterfly Garden by Leanne Beasley which was only the first block as well as Quilt Aid, some of my class projects and more…I hope I don’t over stay my welcome lol but I’ll be pretty excited to show my projects and our goodies PLUS I’ve packed up quite a few giveaways..I can’t wait to update you on my special day – well it’s a Speaking Engagement, yep I like the sounds of that.

They clapped, asked questions, ooohhh and awwed and really wanted to get to know me and my business – I spoke to Bradie and she said the VIBE was good throughout the room…there was about 80 women there! So in the end the day was FAB-O even London slept all the way home, we stayed at Mums and had a FAB-O time!

So I hope there’s more trunk shows in my future, I LOVE it being able to share sometime to someone about quilting always makes my day…I think they like the prizes too πŸ˜‰ 


Me Mondays: Don’t Carpe Diem (307)

Catchy title isn’t it…well need I say more…check out this article Don’t Carpe Diem so worth the read, I’m sure once you get through it, the perspective might make you think just a little more about what we say to other moms and parents out there.

Sometimes it’s hard not to pass judgement or say things to parents or mom’s when passing them in a shopping mall or grocery store or even a parking lot, but this article might make us think differently in these situations in the future. 

It’s always hard to write things about parent’s passed or empty-nesters because they’ve been where us new mom’s are and they have been through it ALL…but what we must remember is everyone’s experience is so different then the next, one mom might have had an easy peasy pregnancy where as the next mom went through rounds of fertility. One mom might have had shares in “Tums” where as the next mom could eat anything…what worked for you may not work for the next person. Some of the ways we were raised are quite different then today…spanking, kids seen and not heard, kids playing outside unsupervised, etc. 

When I was pregnant one piece of advice that stays with me almost on a daily basis is what my friend Heather T told me…”Valerie, trust your instincts – you’ll just know”. This piece of advice has been with me everyday and has given me the confidence to make the best decisions that I can AND builds my confidence as a parent to know it’s the right way – for me.

Enjoy this article and I look forward to hearing your comments!

Canada Post Strike Over (245)

Update!! The Canada Post strike is officially over, we (Canadians) should start to be receiving our goodies in the mail come Tuesday afternoon of this week!!

Here’s a good article I found regarding the update.

Thanks to Monica from Totally Tea as I have my order pending with her to be shipped and she is shipping it Canada Post (I emailed asking her for another method of shipping to ensure it’s arrival and she said that the Strike is over so thus shipping it the standard way) – YAY!! Thanks for the good news Monica :)) I’m super happy now!

What a nice way to start off my Monday.

I do realize there will be a huge backlog of mailing that’s been sitting for the last week or so so please be patient with your Postal Workers they are doing their job and we will get our goodies soon!!

Happy Monday all!

22 years old bye ol’ friend (224)

I know I know this isn’t quilting related per se but without this necessary item daily I wouldn’t be able to attend quilt shows or do quilting gigs or attend my quilt guild meetings…well you get the drift.

This was my first hair dryer and it kicked the bucket the other day much to my surprise because my hair was still sopping and we were headed out the door…so I turned up the heat and dried my hair (who said I wasn’t resourceful lol)

But here’s a big cheers to you ol’ girl for 22 years of great blow drying LOL I couldn’t resist posting this!!

p.s. hopefully my new blow dryer will give me another 22 years of good hair styles πŸ™‚

Valerie Moss: Who am I (217)

First, Happy Birthday to ME! It was a FAB-O day spent with waking up to a special card and goodies from my hubby, a surprise visit from my favourite Auntie and great lunch with my Sis; but enough about me:)

This is my regular position these days…I never thought doing 5 blocks of the months would marry me to my studio…well of course I did – it was on purpose!! I’m in love with fabrics, stitching (ask the callus on my finger) and all things to do with quilting. I sleep, eat and breathe it. This is what I was born to do…be a quilter. Since opening and starting this business, when asked what I do, I’ve started saying “I’m a quilter by trade” hmm not sure if this is a “trade” per se but that is how I feel and that is who I am and that is what I get paid (not much) to do…so in my books it’s a trade. 

I love being surrounded by inspiration by my bloggy blog friends and being connected to online communities all over the world – it’s truly an amazing gift – this social networking online world and YOU commenters, friends, encouragers and die-hard quilters alike:)

Sew, these days have been spent working on the 100 pies and tarts blocks I have to complete this month (big shout out and thanks to Kathy B for helping me), one of the cutest Truly Scrumptious Blocks, the most adorable sleigh in our next Crazy Christmas block, 2 amazing villages to visit in our next month of Hocus Pocus Ville as well as the new journal blocks in Life is Beautiful. These 5 boms in my life are what makes Valerie’s world go round and I LOVE them!!

If you have any suggestions for the next chapter of block of the months for Pastimes Online, leave me a comment or send me an email with your ideas as I’d love to hear them. Until next time, stay happy and creative.

Somedays are way too busy – (201)

Hi all, today is a catching up day, phew I’m feeling a bit behind…what am I behind in you wonder: 

  • Blog reading – I miss you guys and your inspiration
  • Blog writing – I love sharing and inspiring you too
  • Block of the month blocks…I made the decision to do 5 block of the months and boy oh boy am I a busy girl…good thing I LOVE to quilt!
  • I’m taking a class this weekend all about freehand machine quilting – with an excellent teacher so I’m super looking forward to that. My Mum’s coming up for it too so we have a great weekend ahead in our jammies, stitching…like minded-souls that is for sure!
  • I’m leaving on retreat next weekend for a few days…only bringing stuff to stitch so maybe I can get ahead. I like to stay at least 1-2 blocks ahead
  • hmmm I’m sure there’s something I’m missing

 Just a little re-cap for you and for those of you who miss my commenting on your blogs, so sorry, they’ll come, promise πŸ™‚

Until next time, stay happy and creative, Valerie


The Value of Eachother (193)

Here’s a poem from one of my longest and dearest friends…really made me stop to think and cherish everyone and our time together…you may need a kleenex.

To realize
The value of a sister/brother
Ask someone
Who doesn’t have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to
A premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:


**gets you thinking doesn’t it and appreciating everything…perfect time of the year to remind us all and how special we all are**

From me to you:)