Journey of a Quilter is baaaaccckkkk (356)

Hi All, I’m so pleased to announce that Journey of a Quilter is back. It’s by far the most popular quilt block of the month we’ve done to date! With the scrappy, now I mean scrappy – 20+ fabrics, beautiful hand dyed weeks floss, dupioni silks, silk pins, embroidery needles, sewing machine needles, private step by step blog postings and close up pictures…what more would you like?

…to join maybe?

Well it’s coming…3 options to choose from so pick the one that works for you and your schedule…maybe you are the type that wants everything at once – done. But maybe you are the type that wants to receive a special kit in the mail each month – done. And maybe you want to do it in black, white and red from your own collection – done or you want me to put together a special colour – you just let me know that you’d like purples or blues and I’ll put something special together just for you!

Would love to see you all play along…please sign up for Journey of a Quilter 2013 – today!

—-as a little side note here’s Kathy’s Journey quilt in her choice of fabrics – isn’t it just devine?

Happy Birthday Pastimes Online (267)

Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to yooouuuu….Haaaapppy Birthdaaaayyy dear Pastimes Onliiiinnnneeee. Happy Birthday to YOU!!

(photo curtesy of Google/SweetBeeBuzzings Blog)

Well another year has passed and boy has it been fun – 4 block of the months done

Journey of a Quilter

A Kittens Tale


{still have one kit left if you’re interested}


Many countries have received goodies from our store






New Zealand



United Kingdom

{just to name a few}

And totally looking forward to another year…THANK YOU all for following my block, signing up for my newsletter and keeping me inspired with your creations. Here’s to YOU!!

Review: Vignette Issue 2 (243)

Sew for Issue 2 you’re in luck as it’s pretty much just as great as Issue 1 with more recipes, tantalizing photos, and inspiration..She’s gone and done it – made an awesome magazine…

Here’s your preview, thread that looks like you could just take it off the page…

This Raspberry Crumble makes my mouth water..yummy!

More inspiring photos…this octagonal english paper piecing looks like an awesome project…ooooh I must remember to save a copy for myself this round 🙂

Until next time, stay happy, make a good recipe and be creative…Valerie

Review: Vignette Issue 1 (242)


As promised, here’s my review of the Vignette Magazine by Leanne Beasley (remember she designed Journey of a Quilter)…I’m in LUV! I LUV the pictures, the colour saturation in the photos, the PHOTOS are amazing, the recipes, the full colours stitchery images, all of the projects and inspiration…here’s my review and your preview. I’ve sold out of all of my copies so far so good as they say…more en route because YOU just can’t get enough:)

How about curling up in this chair to do your stitching – looks perfectly comfortable for me and Tig!

this just says how I feel each and every day

Last but not least or should I say the main part of this mag is this incredible 16 part block of the month project starting from Issue 1. See Kathy’s start in this recent blog post, Show off YOUR Stuff, she may just inspire you.

If you’ve read this magazine I’d love to hear your review and if you’ve started the block of the month, please send me some pics…I haven’t decided if I want to start this now or next year Yikes…not sure what to do here as I can’t possibly add another block of the month to my existing 5!!! Until next time stay happy, dry, and creative! Valerie

Finished Quilting Project – Journey of a Quilter (235)

Sew remember my Journey of a Quilter bom from last year – it’s completely finished, and quilted by moi…as some of you might remember I took a class from Ana Buzzalino in Jan and have put my lesson to the test for both Journey and A Kittens Tale…here’s some inspiration, I hope for all of you:)

Best pics of the quilting are from the back…

Okay, Journey club members, how are your’s coming along…I’ve seen a few but would LOVE to see more finished tops:) Send me pics ladies…

And here it is at Heritage Park, Festival of Quilts this year…I’m super happy with how it was displayed…how many of you put their quilts into Heritage Park this year?

Journey of a Quilter getting Finished (223)

My Friend Kathy and I made a pact that we would have our Journey of a Quilter tops finished by the Heritage Park Show (end of May) that being said, we had a quilt guild meeting in between and our Quilt Show in Chestermere (please stop by and say hi) is May 7 so our dates of completion have been cut by 3 weeks YIKES!! Well I thought I would get a move on this finishing thing..since I have to finish A Kittens Tale also…

cut the batting – check!

the back was pieced last year and just waiting patiently to be used – check!

crawling around on the carpet adding a million basting pins, sore knees – check! Thanks to Jen who stopped by for some stitching that day – good motivation to get pinning!

Practicing my free motion quilting from Ana’s class (which I learnt so much). I only used my free motion quilting foot on this project what a learning curve but I think I’m getting it finally.

I’m thinking this pebbling filler stitch is my new favourite!! I’m not kidding it’s super easy to get into a groove with this stitch, I’m in LOVE! What do you think? Liking it aren’t you?

I have more pics to take and show you, I’ve done quite a bit more since these were taken so I’ll get more pics here to show y’all.

Until next time, stay happy and creative, get your quilt tops pinned and layered and it won’t seem like such a daunting task to start the quilting process:)

Vignette Magazine is coming… (216)

Sew I got this interesting email from Leanne Beasley…sound familiar? She’s the amazing designer of Journey of a Quilter here’s a pic for those of you who’ve missed this awesome block of the month we did in 2010.

This is the picture of Leanne’s pattern front – can you say amazing?

Here’s how our’s turned out with the dupioni silks we incorporated – this project is still available by pattern only option you still get full access to our private blog postings, video tutorials and sew much more…

So now that I have your attention, Leanne’s contacted me regarding carrying her brand new magazine called Vignette…”Vignette magazine is a quarterly visual delight filled with ideas for your creativity, your home, your garden, your kitchen, and much more! Issues 1-8 include the latest BOM pattern, ‘Vignette In Stitches’.

She’s offering a free block of the month club program including her fabrics and through our shop we will likely tuck in a few of our dupioni silks here & there 🙂

So I’m asking YOU!! I’ve received numerous email regarding her magazine and if I’m going to be carrying it…I’ve started the process to bring it in and be the FIRST Canadian shoppe to carry it, would you be interested in this magazine and possibly her block of the month project? If so contact me or leave a comment and let me know and I’ll add you to our growing list:)

Until next time, stay happy and creative…Valerie

TIP: Keep and old plastic container with a tight lid to dispose of used rotary blades. If these are thrown in the trash, someone handling the trash could cut themselves on the blade.

Tutorial on Miter Borders (180)

Today’s post is an excerpt from the Private Journey of a Quilter blog post showing how to do the mitered borders and I thought this would be excellent to share with all of you…

Now onto borders using my Journey of a Quilter project as the example (45″ square)…prep your border sections by cutting them into the correct width, in this case, 3″

You will need 4 strips for one side. 19″ x 4 strips = 76″ – 18″ (is what’s taken up when you connect the 4 strips together on the diagonal) = 58″

you will need 52″ (45.5″ + 6 (extra for mitering at the corners) but leave it at the 58 so you have some extra when doing the mitering).

When connecting strips, you should always connect on the 45 degree diagonal because with a straight up and down line your eye will see this, if you connect on the diagonal your eye won’t tend to look directly at it as it’s more subtle. I use a Clover Chalk pencil with the roller on the end for marking, just preference, you can use a pencil or whatever will show up the best for you. Mark your diagonal and then pin 🙂

I always connect strips in the same direction. Right side facing up, on my left hand side, add the extra strip on the right with the right side of the fabric facing down. 

I do this the same when when I connect any strips together regardless of the width of the strip, borders, bindings always the same way. If you don’t do it always in the same direction, you will notice it so much because one diagonal will go one way and another will go the opposite way. One thing with quilting is you need to find your rhythm. The way that makes sense to you so that way you will become an expert at the technique.

Sew across, make sure your needle position is in the center and not set to 1/4″ seam allowance or just be conscious if it is when connecting these on the diagonal.

with scissors or a rotary cutter, remove the excess leaving 1/4″ seam allowance, press really well to set the seam, them press open.

Cut away the seam allowance

Here’s what your border strips will look like. Remember when I mentioned the direction of the seam is very important how you connect your strips because if they aren’t connected in the same way, the seams from the front will go in opposite directions…here’s the correct way when all the strips are connected in the same direction.

I’m going to show you how to do mitered borders, so the corners of your borders meet at a 45 degree angle instead of square. This quilt needs an amazing frame whether you hang it on the wall of lay it on a chair, trust me the results are fabulous!


Finger press your quilt top in half, mark with a pin, this is your center.

Finger press your border fabric in half, mark with a pin, this is your center.

Start pinning from the center then towards both the outside edges. 

When you do mitered borders, you start sewing 1/4″ in from the end, be very exact here, then backstitch at that point, sew along full length, watching your seam allowances that they are nice and flat while sewing, stop 1/4″ in from the other end, back stitch. You can mark this 1/4″ with a pencil, pin or whatever works for you to remember to stop and backstitch 1/4″ in. 

Here’s what it will look like from the front.

repeat the same thing on all 4 sides.

With right sides together at 90 degrees (top and side) you will match the borders, perfectly, pin in place to hold while you mark your diagonal, line your ruler up, see how my 45 degree marking on my ruler is flush with the bottom of the quilt when it’s folded?

mark this way from both sides, this will ensure you have the correct angle, you can pin from both sides also, if you put a pin through your line on one side it should be in the line from the other side.

pin from both sides

sew, starting at the edge of your stitching line from the border, backstitch, sew to edge, backstitch, break thread. Trim so your seam allowance is 1/4″

Here’s the front…Did you try this, are you happy with how it turned out?

and from the back

Any Questions? 

Until next time, if you create a mitered border based on my tutorial, please let me know, I love to see your work, email me a pic if you feel so inclined 🙂

Until next time, stay happy, mitered and creative!

Journey of a Quilter: Top Finished!! (170)

Hi everyone, okay final pics of the Journey of a Quilter Top – it’s finished and I’m so proud of it!!

and a close up of the middle…don’t you just love the silks and the stitching…

Here’s what you get in your finishing kit in your chosen colours: backing, binding and hanging sleeve fabric, silk quarters for your borders and matching thread, tape for layering your quilt, 300 safety pins for basting, Machine Quilting needles for your quilting needs….how does this sound?

If you’ve been interested in the Journey throughout these months but missed out on your chance to partake, I have one kit left that has the same colours as the finished top above…including finishing kit…for a special price, if you’re interested let me ( know and we can make arrangements 🙂

Catching Up (157)

So I’m finallying catching up on a few blocks. 

First, A Kittens Tale Block 5, I’m loving this special little quilt with the pinwheels, applique, combination of silks and fabulous fabrics this is going to be a super delightful quilt when it’s finished.

And Block 6, check out how adorable the spider’s web is and her…

AND I’ve finished Journey of a Quilter Block 8, pieced Journey of a Quilter’s Block 9 and working on the cutting & finishing instructions for both!!

This Journey quilt is truly that – a Journey – I can actually see what a difference my piecing is now compared to the beginning and my stitching has improved tremendously. Isn’t that what life is a journey, Mr. VQ and I always say it’s getting there not the finish line 🙂

Thanks so much to the whole bunch of you who’ve par-taked in this great quilt and to the whole lot of you who’ve recently joined, such an awesome club to launch my 1st Block of the Month club, what a success!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative day,