Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(370)

Okay so I was telling you about the next call….

We show up to back up our partners – remember the two huge cops. We get to this 4-plex home, it’s the basement suite we were heading into. A young-ish man comes to the door to greet us and we head down. Immediately you can smell cigarette smoke – like it’s so thick. The young-ish man has piercing’s in his face and ears, a tattoo on his neck in Chinese or Japanese, he has a white hat on with a square brim, his pants are hanging down his bum but they are quite fitted. Anyway, we follow him into the house. The other guy that’s there is so surprise to see us. These two are a couple. The older of the two is in his late 30s, he’s quite short, his hair is propbably his most noticeable feature. Balding severly at the top of his head, with longer straight hair all the way around this shiny spot! He is smoking and has a cat in his arms. There’s a mom and three kitty’s living in the basement suite – we are greeted by their litter box!

So the younger man is in the process of moving out – all four of the cops have been to this location 30-40 times, isn’t that crazy? So this young kid is proceeding to pack up his clothes and his abundance of hats around this tiny apartment. The older guy is walking around bitching and complaining about the younger one and how  – with his matching tatoo – thought they had a great relationship. I was asking the young guy while he was packing up his stuff how long he had lived in this place – he said a while. I asked how long is a while and he said since the beginning of the month! Oh how perspectives are so different hey? Anyway, I asked where he lived before here…he said in “the House”, Oh my. I of course asked why he was in jail and he said for assulting his mom and his sister. So strange how this young kid can have such a complicated life already.

While he was packing up his stuff my partner was playing with the kitty’s – biding time while this was being dealt with. The younger guy’s new boyfriend was coming to get him. So he was just bringing his stuff to the front yard waiting for his new boyfriend. While we waited, all you could feel was eyes on your from ALL around. There was pictures of Marilyn Munroe ALL over the apartment. Almost every square inch of wall space and chair rails were covered by Marilyn. It was so creepy.

So, he gets his stuff out, we get back into our car – our two cop partners leave. We hang around and fill out our reports, and wait for the new boyfriend to come and pick up the kid who’s leaving..

While we are waiting…we get our next call…code 300 – a gun is drawn at a house party

Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(368)

How are you enjoying my adventure so far?

Scene 9)

We get a call from dispatch with another domestic dispute – this one is at a parking lot from a cell phone a couple is fighting in the car, she calls the Police. By the time we show up to back up our partners, it’s been diffused.

Typically, you always back up your other colleagues in all cases because you just never know if they will need your help or vice-versa.

Oh and get this? The couple had only been together for 3 months, they were in their early twenties. So much to go through in life to be calling the cops so soon for some non-emergency couples dispute or so we found out.

Scene 10)

Another 911 call, dispatch reports that someone has called in loud shouting from a field behind their house, there’s a truck that’s stuck and two guys are drunk and being loud around this truck. So, we head over there, yes the truck is totally high centered, it’s dark now, so we put our external spotlights onto the scene. It’s a white extendid cab half tonne, high centered in this field. 

The story of the guy’s wife was out doing surveying for this area because they are building a new mall or something here, so earlier in the day she was there doing her job and ended up getting the truck stuck. These two guys were there waiting for a tow. The one guy look eneebreated but the other guy seem cool and collected. 

There didn’t seem to be anything we could do, my partner asked if they wanted us to wait or call someone for them – it’s was quite cold out – she offered for them to wait in the car. They declined our offer and we headed off.

Cleared that call

Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(367)

our night was just beginning, so far pretty quiet and uneventful.


We get a call from dispatch, a domestic and we need to meet this women at a coffee shoppe to see what’s going on. We drive through the parking lot (a well know drug spot and high traffic area) looking for the women who call the police. We find her, meet her over by the street so we don’t attract more attention then a cop car already does. She get’s into the back of the car and begings her story…

50 something years old, long hair, a little on the heavy side, rings on many of her fingers, wreeks like cigarette smoke, gruff voice but nice enough.

She proceeds to tell us a story about how her son was picking up a transmission from the X’s house, so they pick this transmission, then the X finds out about it and goes and removes the transmission out of the son’s truck. The X show’s up at the coffee shop and apparantly is uttering death threats at her while she’s outside of the coffee shoppe and he’s driving by. She shows us a copy of the restraining order – which apparantly needs to be signed to be enforceable and it wasn’t. My partner cheques it over and there isn’t anything she can do because it isn’t signed.

Where’s the transmission you ask?

All of a sudden the daughter shows up, so she gets in the back seat of the car beside her mom, she’s about my age, very tall, baseball cap, long hair, many earrings, smokes, rough around the edges also – similar to her mom…she preceeds to verify her moms story word for word. Good alibi right?

So, we get the number for the X, phone him – and he’s quite mad on the phone as he has his side of the story, right? We make a visit to his place

Scene 8) 

We pull up to the X’s place, normally my partner rides by herself so she would call or have backup with her just because she’s a female and by herself. But since I was with her (with all of my CSI watching training, she felt safe and secure lol) it’s always safer in two’s right? We approached the house, the X came storming to do the door and pointed to me saying “SHE CAN’T COME OR SET FOOT IN HERE”, my heart was reacting for a second there but my partner said I was with her and they I was part of this – he thought I was the daughter! Phew…okay my partner calmed him down and we stepped into the house.

modest house, main level was baby blue, the door opened into the living room, big TV mounted to the wall, couch back was to the door opening, a younger women was sitting on the chair (soon to be known as daughter #2) they were smoking like chimneys and it was quite hard for me to breathe. The X looks like your typical biker dude, scruffy, tattoos, longer hair, ball cap. There there was another guy, maybe a roommate or something that just leaned in from the hallway observing, like me but I was on the right side of the law…not sure about him.

He definitely had a difference of opinion, yes he took the transmission for payment because the son was supposed to give him back the engine – or something along these lines. So the X and the women have been togehter but not married for almost 20 years. The women says he’s used her as a door mat for far too long but the X said he’s been trying to stay away from her. He was trying to get his personal belongings out of “their” house for months and she wouldn’t give him anything including his clothes, personal trophies and tools and such. Finally the one daughter got him a few things. So my partner just said that they need to sort this through their lawyers and that there wasn’t much that we could do. He said that when he was getting out of his truck a few hours before that a black unmarked cadillac SUV came barrelling down his street swerving towards his truck door that was open almost took him out. My partner asked if he had gotten a liscence plate number…nope!

And we carry on to the next call.