Lakeside Quilters Guild WindUp (29)

This was such a fun gathering of Quilters from my Lakeside Guild thanks to Danielle for organizing everything and to Laurie for Opening up her home to all of us and what a beautiful home you have Laurie:)
With the pin cushion challenge to be voted on here’s the entries. Also some fun photos of the night:) what a treat to have all of us together. For those ladies that missed it, hope this post helps you feel included. 


New York Beauty (24)

The Lakeside Quilters Guild girls have been work furiously on this quilting project for our next Raffle quilt to raise funds for our local charity projects.

Would you like to WIN this!!

how about a close up?

If you’re interested in a ticket AND are currently living in Alberta email me and we can figure out how to get you tickets…which by the way are $1. each 🙂

Lakeside Quilters: Name Tag Workshop (23)

Sew about a dozen of us embarked on the project of a life time to ensure we all have names and are proud to wear them on our hearts 🙂

We had sew much fun, thanks to all the ladies to hauled their machines and goodies for everyone to share and a BIG THANKS to Jo for stitching our names – I love mine!

See you soon at the Christmas Party – with Bells On 🙂

Lakeside Quilters: Fabric Painting & a night of Schnibbles (19)

Hi Ladies, well last Saturday was a day filled with inspiration, a little bit of stress learning something new and a finished fabric painted apple that is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks so much to Ana for your super teaching skills and help throughout the day it was so great! Thanks to my SIL for making the trek from DeWinton and my Mum for coming from a conference and 3 hours from home 🙂 and too all the Ladies who committed to come and learn something so totally new and challenging.

Heather, this pic is for you as you dressed up for the photo opps today 🙂

Here’s all of us with our proud works of art!

So after this amazing day of painting was over, my SIL drove home to change, my Mum drove home to her cottage and some girls came over to change and get ready at my house with me because we were off to a FAB dinner and trunk show with Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. For those of you unfamiliar with Carrie she is the creator of the Schnibbles line of patterns – which are absolutely adorable!!

Our table was full of so many laughs after so much good food and a nice glass of wine we (I) got the giggles boy did we (I) have so much fun, along with everyone else at the table. Thanks to all my dear Quilting buddies for making it the best night!

unfortunately I didn’t bring my awesome D90 but I did have my iPhone which is 3MB so I shot these few photos with that, enjoy.


check out her binding clips, she really uses this many – isn’t that an absolute riot!!

then we had to get some photos with us girls and she was such a delight to sit and chat with..

Last is me with her, she signed out patterns and fabric packs like a real trooper, thanks Carrie for taking the time to laugh and be with us, we loved it!


until next event in Quilting in Alberta, stay creative everyone 🙂

Lakeside Quilters: Spring Fair (17)

The Lakeside Guild, Chestermere Quilt Show “Country Connections Spring Fair” was a huge success, can I say “WOW” we had the best turnout of quilts EVER and the best turnout of people. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come out to the show and make it a success for all of us a Lakeside Quilters. THANK-YOU!! Celebrating out 10th year as a quilters guild is so rewarding and we still have 5 of the founding members.


Thanks to all of the husbands who climb ladders, hauled tables and chairs – so appreciated!

It was really nice to have a few vendors there selling their awesome goodies!

Sue and Elke hard at it greeting all of our visitors!

the ladies looking through some candids

Cathy doing some selling in my booth, thanks Cathy

Heather won the amazing bag full of goodies, Kim posing with her..

Finally a great group shot of all of us and I think we are all present!

What a great looking group of fabulous quilters!!

Lakeside Quilters: Quilt til You Wilt (entry 15)

Hi Ladies, so for those of you who came and went, for those of you who stayed until the end and for those of you who missed it: Another FABULOUS Quilt til You Wilt day was had!!

Jo working busily on one of her many projects

Kim taking a well needed break especially after negotiating the price on her house – YAY it sold!!

Elke and her gorgeous block, beautiful!

Heather and her adorable pink and white quilt, she’s always so productive, nice job Heather!

Here’s our newest member Teena and she’s working on a blue and yellow star quilt – the instructions weren’t the best, remember measure twice cut one lol. PS good garbage can Teena.

Hey Kathy, guess you shouldn’t have done that with your tongue…captured for everyone to see 🙂

Mum asked me to take her picture in the window…not so flattering

here’s a much better one

this is the two of us the next morning, does it look like we went to bed at 3:45 am? Pretty bright eyed and bushy taled I’d say.

Until next time we girls get together, have happy and creative days!

Lakeside Quilters Sew Day (entry 8)

The Saturday turned out to be sew fun…there was just 2 of us to start Heather and myself right a 9am…we setup the classroom expecting a bunch of women to show up for our Turning Twenty Again quilt class day

Kathy showed up and entertained us with her fabulous stories follow by June and Suzie.

Heather and her quilt(s) – this is the second one she was working on and has decided she will keep these quilts..

her blocks…

here’s the pattern from this book that June chose

and here’s her blocks

here’s June organizing all of her blocks.

Suzie like me just came to sew on her own stuff and WOW she is making a stunning Bargello 

I was working on a border which is still a secret so I can’t post anything for it at this time..
With the four of us we had a fab time telling loads of stories…about my DH and I scaring each other on an ongoing basis 🙂 and my cat Tig being the chattiest of any cat I know…we heard about a 6 year old telling her Grandma that she had never seen a bear in her entire life – how great it is to be 6!! June was telling us about her cat that would answer back to “morning” in Catenese :-} what a riot. We ate from the concession downstairs bad food but perfect for us quilters..
Sorry the rest of you couldn’t have joined us in our great day…quilts didn’t get finished but we sure got in quite a few laughs.
Oh yeah and thanks to the husbands who brought forgotten patterns, missing foot pedals and picked up Halloween candies – you guys are the best!!
Until next time..

Fall Fair 09, Lakeside Quilters Guild in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada (1)

 Hello everyone, please take the time to look through some of our most prized possessions…our Quilts!! Leave comments if you like – we would love the feedback.

Our Lakeside Quilters Guild Banner

Some of our UFO’s (unfinished objects)

This is a cheery round robin quilt we did as guild sisters – Kathy thank you for donating this to charity.

Debbie Cooks Collection: This Dragonfly quilt is hand pieced & quilted in Vietnam

Valerie Moss: top Mystery Quilt, bottom Pinky Lee

Kathy made this for Alison in return for helping Kathy with some landscaping – just what Alison needed for the new niece in her family…nice hand quilting Kathy!

Left to Right – Wilma (in charge of Fairs & Shows – Good Job Wilma), Alison (Past President) and Kathy (our in-house expert hand quilter)

If you are interested in tickets, we will be selling them at Heritage Park or if you want to purchase tickets you can contact Kim

some of Kathy’s amazing hand quilting 

(love this picture so much – I want this quilt so beautiful)

Valerie Moss: loved this little chenille monthly quilt

This is Wilma’s Quilt diva – She is such a RIOT!!

Elke Dubois make these (above and below)

this is a quilt from Debbie Cooks collection of handmade quilts from Vietnam

Alison made this central beauty and it’s for someone special in her family – whoever that is is so lucky!

Debbie Cooks Mystery Quilt

Hi Kathy – thanks for posing for me;)