Pies and Tarts (328)

So Remember Pies and Tarts from last year? I’ve been thinking about laying mine out differently since my Mum was here showing off her completed top with all of the amazing colour and beauty – the dupioni silks sure add shimmer and texture to this top of many colours…wouldn’t you say?

This close up here just doesn’t do it justice…the full size pic is so stunning in person, what a nice job she’s done. We picked the border and binding a couple of weeks ago – she’s going with purple and a scalloped edge…I can’t wait to see it finished.

Funny how the spot where this picture was taken is now full of a jolly jumper, exer saucer, quilts on the floor and a million toys – then London chooses a piece of string to play with – isn’t that always the way? 

I love how my house is changing all the time to accomodate this little addition…she’s just a delight!

Anyway – not to get side tracked – here’s my blocks, I’ve decided to give mine a sashing…I have a sleigh bed so I didn’t want the pies and tarts to go to waste at the bottom of the quilt So my plan is to have 
it plain at the bottom, then a nice wide band of pies and tarts with white tonal fabric separating them…then where our pillows go

this will be plain too…we will see how it turns out. In my head, it works lol.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have them be completely scrappy or if I’m going to have all the same background colour in a row…row after row? Thoughts? Have you gotten yours done yet? If so, send me a pic.

I don’t know why I’m leaning towards white tonal but I just feel like it will freshen up these colours and it’s in all of the fabrics.

I’ll keep you posted 😉

Finished blocks for the last few months (269)

Sorry ladies, taken me a while to get to this post – hopefully I haven’t missed anyones pics. So what I’m going to do is post all of the blocks for the last few months and so if you’ve sent pics into me you’ll go in for the draw for as many pics as you sent.

Isobel with her Pies and Tarts

Kathy S with her Pies and Tarts too!

Kathy S with another round of Pies and Tarts

Robyn with her Crazy Christmas

Shannon M with her Crazy Christmas blocks

Shannon M again

Shannon M again

The winner is Shannon M

She wins the latest copy of Quilters Connection Magazine – congrats Shannon!!

Entries for August (261)

Never fails Kathy S get’s her blocks completed on time each and every month even if she’s travelling – how perfect!

Kathy B has decided to change her Life is Beautiful to a blue and cream colourway AND she’s all caught up – nice job Kathy!

Candace C and her beautiful Pies and Tarts

Robyn Y Crazy Christmas

So 3 entries for August…looking good ladies hmm now what should the prize be?