All Hail The Ceasar & Ginger Beef – vvp11

Two classics and staples in Calgary…and more

  • The Caesar Cocktail
  • Ginger Beef
  • The Silk Road Spice Merchant
  • Kings Western Chinese Restaurant Chain
  • Rosso Coffee Roasters Shops

The Caesar

cocktail  glass, flood the edge with water, dip in celery salt or a variety of spices, add ice, add clamato juice, add worchestershire

, add tobasco (coming from Tobasco peppers), mix with a spoon add garnish and voila…The ceasar. drank by millions in Canada. it’s also been referred to as hangover cure. Is all restaurants they have their version of The ceasar with medleys of garnish like:

  1. pickled bean
  2. bacon
  3. large crab legs
  4. celery sticks
  5. green olives
  6. chicken wings
  7. mini slider burgers
  8. onion rings
  9. fried shrimp
  10. pepperoni
  11. cheese
  12. asparagus pickled
  13. Lobster Tail
  14. fresh oyster to shuck
  15. horseradish

Invented by Walter Chell in 1969 when he was a chef at the Westin Hotel.

clamato juice the secret juice of the ceasar was invented in 1966 – wiki

General Thai Menu picture

Ginger Beef

Ginger beef is a Canadian Chinese dish made from beef, ginger, and a distinctive sweet sauce.

The ingredients of ginger beef can depend on where it is featured, but the Western Canadian version generally consists of deep fried strips of beef coated in a dark sweet sauce that is reminiscent of other Asian sauces based on vinegar and sugar. It also contains flavors of ginger, garlic, and hot peppers, and is commonly served with a small amount of juliennedcarrots and onions in the sauce.[1] Ginger beef is derived from the original Geung Ngao Yuk (Chinese: 薑牛肉) dish.

As with many dishes, the invention of ginger beef is claimed by several restaurants and chefs. However, the most widely accepted origin attributes the dish’s development during the mid-1970s by chef George Wong at the Silver Inn in Calgary, Alberta.[2][3][4][5] The dish is now a very important part of culture in Calgary and that part of Canada.[4][5][6] A radio segment featuring ginger beef was aired on CBC Radio One programme The Main Ingredient.[7]

What else is invented in Calgary that you love and couldn’t live without?

Some of my Favourite Spices by The Silk Road Spice Merchant

The Silk Road Spice Merchant

– stop by and indulge in the awesomeness of this place with the world of spices around you and the assaulting your every sense – in a good way.

Kings Restaurant, Calgary Alberta


– for the best hangover curing wonton soup…filled with broccoli, fork dumplings, carrots, salty broth and their special hot sauce.

Rosso coffee roasters

….finish off your day with an excellent cup of coffee or a London Fog.

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Another lesson in life…go with your gut!

Since we’ve moved London had to move to a new day home/care situation. Because her birthday is at the end of August she can’t start kindergarden until next year even tho I’d love for her to start today and be empowered with knowledge.

It was gruelling, we searched high and low for a good fit we probably talked to or saw 15+ places. Some were horrific some sounded okay. Then we found One in Highland Park area less than 10 minutes from home. Perfect, right? NOT!

London came with me initially when I met The women who ran this place, she played for a few hours with the kids while I was there observing. It felt okay. The parents seemed happy enough but how do you really tell?

First sign: She was annoyed about me changing my mind on London’s start day even tho I’d phoned Her and told her that she wasn’t going to start until the Tuesday as I was going to finish off the month at Jens. What does it matter I’d already put down my hefty deposit for the full time spot starting April first and I’d left a message letting her know.

Second sign: London was crying so hard from the time she would wake up. She didn’t want to go. She’d cry at night about not wanting to go. I was chalking this up to the move. Jeff was out of town this first week of April the new day home. Just so many factors.

Third sign: we would both be crying when going. Poor London Jean and mom. Mona would tell her not to cry that she was a big girl. She’s only 2.5 years old. Poor bugs. She would roll her eyes at me when London and I were having a rough morning. Me not wanting to leave her and her not wanting to stay.

To make a long story short, we had to jail brake her out of there. The women kept saying we were to kind to our daughter and needed to be cruel to be kind – not the other way around – crazy I know. She wouldn’t give us back our money deposit nor the payment for the first month well she was only there 8 days and we paid for a month and a half..

Eight days was enough to know that that wasn’t the right fit for London, she was loosing her spark and we weren’t handling it well either…go with our gut instinct and get her out of there.

We moved her a better-safer place. We all feel better. Huge sigh of relief…

Have you heard of KidsU it all started with an idea that kids need education in their first 2000 days instead of a daycare/dayhome scenario…so after this horrible experience up above, we need a different option and we found an amazing place with KidsU.

Not sure if she didn’t want her picture taken or if she was looking at something but I just love that her backpack is almost as big as her – adorbs!

Project Pallet Garden is in effect…

I’m feeling inspired to work in my yard again, I used to plant a vegetable garden years ago but then we bought a holiday trailer and the garden went to seed while we were out enjoying camping…now that we’ve moved and are getting settled into our home, I feel like I’d like to play in the garden again. My Sister inspired me to plant and do “raised” beds as they grow quicker and the results are faster plus there’s less weeds!

I wanted something different and the more I googled “raised garden beds” I found some neat things.

One was a pallet garden box. I fell in love this with idea because of this site Pallet Garden.

So after doing a bunch of research in how to do this-  preparing the pallet for the garden, I marched down to this landscaping and greenhouse that’s a few blocks away called Plantation Garden Center found a couple of FREE pallets ONE for me to use and the other one for parts…

Jeff helped replace a few boards, we picked up the perfect red paint and landscaping fabric to enclose the back – so the dirt doesn’t fall out…

After doing some more reading on a seattle girls blog she mentioned to fill it up with dirt, while it’s on it’s back and let it sit for a few weeks to set the roots etc. I”m all set to put plants in. I have some started, carrots, lettuce, radishes, onions and cucumbers…I’ll get these placed in here tomorrow. I also have some sweet peas ready to go into the dirt too…wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted as to the success of this…I also added my compost bin from the house to help keep the soil nutrient and ready to take the new plants. I’d love to add some succulents to this mix also – plus they are perrennials so that will help increase the longevity of this idea. Have you tried this before? Any tips you can give me? I’ll post pictures once I have this up and attached to my fence or leaning against my fence.

{admiring it from within the house after our power painting episode}

{ready to go…letting it settle over night, will transfer some or all of my plants in it tomorrow}

Selling it All

The time has come to sell it all and that’s just what I’ve done. My cupboards are bare, the packing is beginning and the time has come to turn the next corner.

I’m feeling super happy with this new change.

I’ve sold all of my cottons, when you price them at $3/m they tend to go pretty fast. I still have a bit of silks, matching poly threads, floss and a few magazines and books left. So getting there.

I’m onto packing mode though as in less than 1 week we will be moved into our new place. So exciting.

I have my moments of “am I making the right decision?” And “I hope London adjusts well in the new home”.

I start school tomorrow, so yet another notch in the new cap. We’ve decided we needed a goal for our new journey we are calling them the “Ls”
– Location
– London
– Love
– Learning

I’m being honest about things, embracing the living part of life and being connected with more people on a truer level.

I’ll keep you posted!

Total change over

Since we are on the path to new…I’ve decided to change the do.

It feels amazing. It’s super easy to
Do. And I feel free and refreshed!

I’ve had long hair most of my life…well except that time when I was about 5, maybe 6. My grandmother told me I didn’t take care of my hair so she took me to this hair dresser closet place. It was like in the back of an old woman’s clothing store. I still remember it. This woman took these giant scissors and just started hacking off my hair…I balled. Then for school photos that year, I looked like a boy. Horrible memory.

This new look came from a fantastic experience. I feel new and great. Even though deep down I’m realizing it may be a mid life crisis and I’m
Embracing it all.

Fabric Purging Time…

Hi Everyone, time to purge my fabrics, we are moving and downsizing my studio..please have a look all of the cottons are $3/meter Minimum 1 meter cuts!


Plus Shipping Typically I can ship a faily large envelope across Canada for around $15.

Cheques payable to Valerie Moss

See anything you like?


Time to move on…

Hi Everyone…I see it’s been many months since I’ve last posted, 2013 was a very crazy year for the Moss house it all started back in July…we went camping for the first time in the season – we love our trailer – we had a wonderful two week vacation planned heading south into the USA….and then

My DH was experiencing some chest pains, and to make a long story short he didn’t have a heart attack but in the end the best treatment for him was open heart surgery. Those of you who know me, I’m 36 years old, my DH is just a tad older then me and at the time our daughter wasn’t even 2. We had so much to lose, a husband, a daddy, a brother…life for me has been changed entirely.

I went through so many emotions, my DH went through life changing feelings about our family and our lives long term and essentially short term – where do we go from here, what do we do next?

So, re-evaluating everything, our family, our extended family, our support systems (or lack there of). It’s time for life to make a change and the only people that can do this is me, my husband and our daughter as a family unit. So, we are going to do just that!

Pastimes has been wonderful for me, I’ve learned so much about marketing and having an online business…we have amazing visitors, 7,000 + unique people visit my site a month – more really when I’m a dedicated blogger. I’ve connected with people all over the world and it’s my hobby shoppe as they’d say. After 4+ years it’s time for me to move onto something new. I work full time, I’m a sales person through and through…so back into the B2B sales and loving it!

I’m still a quiter, sewer and stitcher, I’ve also dabbled in a bit of scrapbooking over the months because having London in my life makes scrapbooking a bit of a necessity.

and here’s the two of us…she says, “you’re my best friend, right mom” and I say you betcha!

I’ve discovered that I get to chose who I want to share my life with…and who gets a spot in my heart. My family is the BEST thing that’s EVER happened to me…

So here’s to all of YOU who’ve invested your time reading my blog (which by the way I’m going to start writing again…) supported me throughout the years and still do and to those of YOU who have helped pick and choose along the way the projects that we do and did as a club!

Here’s to YOU All – THANK YOU!

Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(371)

I didn’t hear the call come in becuase I turned my radio down while we were waiting for the kid to get his stuff and his new boyfriend to pick him up. My partner was doing some reporting we were just waiting…so this call comes in. She reports it to me and we bolt out of there so fast. She’s telling me what’s happening, I’m scared and worried for her, for us.

She says it’s likely better that I wait in the car, I don’t dispute this.

She tells me how to radio in and what to look for on our laptop to be able to report back to dispatch who I am where I am etc – which dispatch knows but not everyone know I”m on this ride along – my husband and London are at home sleeping. This puts things into huge perspective for me, I’m grateful for police that we have safety in our world and in our community, I’m grateful for my friend and her amazing passion for her job.

So I get the hoedown on what to say and where I am, its so  dark out, I think I will just sit here and be as still as possible. She get’s out, grabs a shot gun that was in the holster between us and cocks it as she runs towards the house with the gunman…OMG I’m thinking I’d be running the other way…All of these police officers show up to assist, I can see them they are all walking towards this house they are like ninja’s or ants streeming towards food. Then I see this un-marked suv pull up – no one gets out – I’m still like not even breathing I slowly turn down my radio incase it’s just a bit too loud. I”m watching, I can see a reflection in the outside mirror of this SUV I’m wondering who’s the heck is in there and why are they taking so long to get out. More Cops walk by my vehicle and don’t notice me, I’m watching the laptop for all the written updates about this cop passes by to look at the laptop through the window to get the correct address he turns and sees me – WHOA! that starttled us both.

I have the radio and I can here the play by play, dispatch is connecting with the Cops they are trying to assess the situation, my partner is the smallest they are going to heave hoe her over the fence to see if she can get a better visual…the SUV beside me has movement. It’s K9, he’s preparing himself and his dog for this call.

I’m waiting, and listening..

My partner get volunteered to knock on the callers door, dispatch is in my radio asking for an update when possible…it’s so quiet outside, but my hearts racing and I’m on high alert! There’s no response.

Waiting and listening…feels like forever, I look around and there’s I think 8+ cop cars around me plus this K9 SUV , a lot of people for this call…

Finally, there’s a couple of cops one’s my partner (thank G) and a man approx 5’10” with shorts and a T-shirt on, remember it’s quite chilly out and it’s almost 1am. My partner gets in the vehicle

they haven’t located a gun, no one’s seen it, there was 6 people in the house and no weapon was drawn…so. The caller isn’t well, he has a brain injury and is on assistance. He sais these people have drawn a gun on him and his uncle before (no uncle was in the house). He couldn’t hand write a statement so my partner wrote his story for him which was do disjointed and disconnected. The ending of the story was about the neighbours (who he called the cops on) had thron boiling water on his cat, who was eating his food on the balcony at the time – there was no evidence of this.

We gether to fill out the rest of the reports, this man didn’t want to sit in the warmth of the police car, he just wanted to wait while they were reporting. No one was injured, no one was hurt all the polic were safe.

We had to take the caller into the hospital to have him checked as this is an unsafe situation and he (the caller) needs some supervision.

Our partners take him to the hospital.

All of the police leave the scene and park at a nearby school to do a debrief, I waiting in the vehicle, Phew we made it through that one!

We headed back to the station and I picked up my car and headed home.I hope you enjoyed my story, I wanted to share my version, this is as true as I remember, I haven’t included all the details but most of them. I was a definite experiene that I will likely aways remember. I value the police in our city because they job is to keep us safe, keep the bad guys under controll and protect our children.


Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(370)

Okay so I was telling you about the next call….

We show up to back up our partners – remember the two huge cops. We get to this 4-plex home, it’s the basement suite we were heading into. A young-ish man comes to the door to greet us and we head down. Immediately you can smell cigarette smoke – like it’s so thick. The young-ish man has piercing’s in his face and ears, a tattoo on his neck in Chinese or Japanese, he has a white hat on with a square brim, his pants are hanging down his bum but they are quite fitted. Anyway, we follow him into the house. The other guy that’s there is so surprise to see us. These two are a couple. The older of the two is in his late 30s, he’s quite short, his hair is propbably his most noticeable feature. Balding severly at the top of his head, with longer straight hair all the way around this shiny spot! He is smoking and has a cat in his arms. There’s a mom and three kitty’s living in the basement suite – we are greeted by their litter box!

So the younger man is in the process of moving out – all four of the cops have been to this location 30-40 times, isn’t that crazy? So this young kid is proceeding to pack up his clothes and his abundance of hats around this tiny apartment. The older guy is walking around bitching and complaining about the younger one and how  – with his matching tatoo – thought they had a great relationship. I was asking the young guy while he was packing up his stuff how long he had lived in this place – he said a while. I asked how long is a while and he said since the beginning of the month! Oh how perspectives are so different hey? Anyway, I asked where he lived before here…he said in “the House”, Oh my. I of course asked why he was in jail and he said for assulting his mom and his sister. So strange how this young kid can have such a complicated life already.

While he was packing up his stuff my partner was playing with the kitty’s – biding time while this was being dealt with. The younger guy’s new boyfriend was coming to get him. So he was just bringing his stuff to the front yard waiting for his new boyfriend. While we waited, all you could feel was eyes on your from ALL around. There was pictures of Marilyn Munroe ALL over the apartment. Almost every square inch of wall space and chair rails were covered by Marilyn. It was so creepy.

So, he gets his stuff out, we get back into our car – our two cop partners leave. We hang around and fill out our reports, and wait for the new boyfriend to come and pick up the kid who’s leaving..

While we are waiting…we get our next call…code 300 – a gun is drawn at a house party