….when the moon hits your eye like a BIG pizza Pie… – e75s1

episode 75 season 1

When The Moon Hits your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie…..
Without Papers, ambiance, service and delicious pizza

Episode 75

Welcome back to VVP with your host me, Valerie Moss, todays show I’m ReViewing Without Papers, a great pizza place upstairs in Inglewood, Enjoy the episode and don’t forget the napkins! The background of this recording is pretty convoluted with the music but the music is great. VVP is a weekly show about mylife in Calgary, ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views, it’s a story podcast WhatEVER, WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

When we went here it was still a bit fresh outside – which I love, walking on a fall day out in the crisp air. When you walk into this place you go up a long narrow red staircase, there’s a huge disco ball spinning. They are playing black and white movies. on a projector and great air supply music. As we mull the menu over, we debate if this is going to be our meal or a snack we do this ALOT and we are always trying to change the pizza toppings

I’ve influenced London’s idea of good glassware to drink out of, I HATE drinking out of plastic as you know do you know why? When I was 16 I had to get my tonsils out, stay overnight in a small town hospital. All of the dishes were plastic – ever since then. Horrible flavour and feeling drinking out of this foreign substance. 

We debate the menu and finally make a decision while keeping London’s wishes. a compromise so we are all happy.  Well we get the menu figured out our pizza ordered the waitress is quite patient with us, well me mostly  but shew as so patient.

Without Papers Pizza

Without papers or ‘wop’ the name is derived from brash italian kids running the streets without papers – meaning without legal papers for being in the country. It’s a slur to the Italians. Nothing to do with pizza. And the ‘wop’ word isn’t actually used in reference either. They don’t even have their name on the menu, just a cool symbol and the WP noted discreetly.

I love to go to Inglewood, get a chai tea or London Fog at Rossos’s coffee, walk up and down, in and out of shops in Inglewood, always stopping at PLANT for new purchase or check things out, pet the shop dogs and carry on. If it’s a sunny crisp day we, London and I will be down there for hours.  Since Jeff was with us this day, we stopped into Kent and he purchased some beard bomb, it smells like cigar smoke and whiskey – so nice. Good manly smell and it works good to!

Our wine comes a blend for me, Jeff’s drinking Red…not my favourite! The waitress brings us crayons…don’t you just love to doodle while waiting for the meal, London and I always do this together…on the back of the menu, where it’s a blank canvas, but don’t you  hate it when the crayons are not sharp…London says the crayons are not sharp – that isn’t cool, is it people?

We are reminiscing about The Diner, this is The Diner Delux on Edmonton Trail and like 8 in Bridgeland. We used to frequent the Diner like on a weekly basis for years. Then it was sold, then they changed their hours, then they remodelled. You know life changes and then we stopped going. It’s only opened till 4. They had a bakery on the one side, had the best ever granola bars – haven’t found on since this place had them – did you try these or know about these? Anyway it was and probably still is a great place.

Being in the position of ‘MOM’

When you are a Mom and a wife, you are in the middle of all convos. Table heights, tracing hands. Honestly it’s the best place to be. You’re in the know – you know everyone’s thoughts and commentary. 

Our meals arrives!! Chilly oil, chillie flakes, and a side of creamy garlic panno… Bugs and I compare our sketches…we’re admiring the pizza. Don’t you just love a good pizza? and Bugs wants to finish it off. I finish it off saying the jalapeño are a bit of a kicker! We are missing the honey we like to drizzle onto our pizza. 

Do you eat jalepenos? On pizza? or other things? We never did. Until a few year ago, I was out with the girls and shared a plate of nachos with my friend Meghan, she wanted jalapeño and I was like okkkkkaaaay a bit aprehensively. But then I LOVED them. Next was getting Jeff to try them and he was in like flyn! So now we eat them on these two main things and have them inside fish tacos also…do you eat these spicey little slices?

Momma do you hand print, we have been tracing hands in the Moss house for many years always capturing the change in size, only of one set tho. It’s so cool to see the transformation.  hmmm that’s delicious Jeff says, a nice pizza sauce, I totally agree. Also the pizza was very hot and stayed hot for a long time. The sauce as the base was sortof creamy like a rose almost.

Remember the black and white movies  I mentioned at the top of the show?  Bill Murray was acting on this show…with El vira..I don’t know what this movie was and now I can’t find anything remotely similar, if you know please tell me.

Without Papers, movie playing while we munch our pizza

The waitress comes, and we joke with her saying it wasn’t very good but our plates are just shy of being licked clean. 34:30 I was askng hr about the chillies, they buy them. Our waitress was excellent, chilled and good. She ate pizza here one night then kept thinking about how good it was and came back, and got a job! now that’s a compliment.

While gandering through Inglewood, if Jeff’s with us he’s taking pictures, today was no exception, He was snapping pictures while in Without Papers and out of this great place…He, Jeff Moss captured a pic of this gal sitting in front of the window just over there from us…such a great shot! See the tree followed the curvature of her back, it was brighter in the outside, her body was silhouette. The Tree is framing her, such a neat composition, good black and white Jeff says. Check out my site to see the picture of this girl, what do you think? Yeah totally she has a neat look, like Bridgette Bardot back in the day.

Inglewood Calgary Photo Walkm photo curtesy from Jeff Moss

to end the show, I’m in love with French BullDog shirts

 So I bought a cute T-Shirt from my favourite consignment store, Thrifty Princess like 6 months ago and when we were in Vegas for Jeff’s bday – while wearing my favourite French bulldog shirt I found another one. It’s so funny. Now I love them! And I’m on the hunt for more Jeff’s reference to Frenchie’s Restaurant beside UNA Pizza to ensure I know which type of dog this is, now as Jeff has confirmed the type of French BullDog it is :))

Full disclosure, Jeff and I got onto IG just in the last year or so, this is when we were about a few months still quite novice (January) and not really totally committed to the flow of IG. Can you hear his commentary about my app possibly not being current, updated. He’s always catching me with un-updated apps (is this a word), We make our way our of the restaurant with drawings in tow and back onto the streets of Inglewood, down the steep staircase. Jeff snaps a few pictures of me on our way out. 

Our experience at Without Papers was super, we had a fun time, the pizza’s were a bit pricey we thought but what do you get for $20 at a saught after pizza place these days. We ate it all, and drank the wine, plus got some good pictures from the day. It was a fresh crisp sunny day. We spent it togehter walking through beautiful Inglewood. It’s all good.

Inglewood Calgary Photo Walk with me, Valerie Moss taken by Jeff Moss

Do you have a restaurant you’d like me and my family to review? Let me know if it’s your favourite pizza joint or a great soup and sandwich place I’m in – soup and sandwiches – is my favourite meal.

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Coming UP on Future Shows

Coming up on some future episodes, we have more Valerie InterViews, so if you know a Valerie have them get in touch with me, or are a Valerie, reach out to me at Valerie@ValerieMoss.ca, 

We have a new local author and one of Calgary’s own Police Detectives, talking about his new book and stories from within. If you know a Calgary author that you love let me know about them, if you are a Calgary author reach out to me as I’d love to meet you. 

Another upcoming topic of convo on this show is about birthdays, did you know 15 million people share your birthday – that’s right people you share your birthday with 15 million people, holy smokes right. Along the line of finding Valerie’s I’m on the hunt for people with my birthday, March 29th – is this your birthday? Do you know someone who has this birthday? I actullly share this birthday with my FIL – crazy right. But that is only 1 of 15 million. If you share you birthday with someone I’d like to hear your story. If you’re birthday is March 29th I’d like you to be my guest….

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First Trailer for Valerie’s Variety Podcast, produced by me, Valerie Moss

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White vs Black (& the rest of the whiskey) – e74s1p3

episode 74 part 3 season 1

Whiskey & God, let’s review this Great Book, The God’s Chair.
E.C. Varga on Valerie’s Variety Podcast discussing her new book The God’s Chair

Episode 74

Previously On….Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Part ONE and Part TWO of the E.C. Varga InterView take a listen

Todays Show is Part THREE of this interView with ECVarga and her book The God’s Chair. What’s interesting is how deep we are getting to know this author, she’s a local Calgary Author. Lives just outside of the city on an acreage. She works at Chapters by day in all black attire  – and is a black belt karate sensei teaching in the Dojo by night – dressed in all white – with her partner in crime, Erno (the E in EC Varga). 

We are continuing on with our whiskey samplers from Canadian Club, to Gibsons, Jack Danieles to Crown Royal and finishing off with Fireball – we’ve covered these and this YA sci-fi novel. This book is stunning.

This show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVER WhenEVER, this show drops Every Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Don’t forget to check out the show notes for pictures, links to our socials and more. Thanks for listening, now on with todays episode!

Back to Chapter 1 – let’s fnd out more about this book 1 of 4, in todays, show, enjoy the episode.

Thank you for listening today and I hope you enjoyed our banter

You know, I’m a varacious reader altho it takes me a while to finish a book, I always have a good story on the go. I just love local authors and referencing familar places and cities within the book – it the connection to the story we are always looking for weather it’s the characters or the locations described in  the book. If we can connect, we’re committed readers, rights?

The spider that Constance is referring to is call the Darwins Bark Spider. They build their web with the orb suspended directly above a river or the water body of a lake, a habitat that no other spider can use. This spiders silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, over ten times tougher than a sililarly-sized piece of kevlar. These are a spider of movies, with large females almost all black, with white hairs on their bodies legs of 1.4” long. and yes Constance was correct they can web a span of up to 3 meters.

After we were done the ‘interview’ part we just sat and kabitzed and this is really where the goods are —  here’s some out takes rememeber we’re a few whiskey samplers in, finishing our last one and enjoying casual banter…take a listen to these clips…

Who am I

This show is written and produced by me, Valerie Moss, in Calgary, Alberta, the Valerie’s “Variety” name came from my husband and his wealth of knowledge when it comes to my love for change – I couldn’t be pigeoned holed into one genre thus the ‘ReVies|InterViews and My DailyViews in the opening of this show, as this is what the show is truly about and the focus is these three main headings.

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You can find Constance at ECVarga.com Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

Mystical Magical Chronicles & more Whiskey – e73s1p2

episode 73 part 2 season 1

Whiskey & God, let’s review this Great Book, The God’s Chair.
E.C. Varga on Valerie’s Variety Podcast discussing her new book The God’s Chair

Episode 73

Previously On….Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Part ONE of the E.C. Varga InterView take a listen…

Todays show is Part TWO of The God’s Chair book review with Constance Varga. We investigate the protagonst Mike and where the scene of this book is set! The God’s Chair and their purpose of this. Each book to come after will have a major rock formation as the soul of the surroundings for the mystical magical chronicals. 

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast, this show is about ReViews InterViews and my Daily Views, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVEr WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday.

EC Varga brings light to dragons and folklore in her books. We talk about a rock formation where the setting of this book takes place. Also a rock formation from where I am from to compare.

This part is dedicated to readings from the book  and more banter getting to know this author. Her description of her characters. and references she uses.

Constance believes we should have a persona that we share outwardly and one we keep to ourselves. With this day an age in social media she might be onto something with this thought. Keeping our home spirit at home and with the people we are closest with is important.

She writes in vernacular which is a literatary genre that uses daily-used language in writting and speaking.  versus the written works formal variety of language. It’s a common language spoken by average citizens using many accents and dialects from the origin place.

At the end of Part TWO we’ve tried a few of the whiskeys, laughed alot and have tried to get through some more readings. Sorry in advance for cutting Constance off but I had so many questions and clarifications I needed from her…

Next weeks Part Three

In the next episode we will hear chapter 1 in it’s entirety and if you’ve been thinking about possilby picking up a copy of this book, you should. We can read it together and after you hear Chapter 1 you’ll want to know more.

We will continue to sip our whiskeys and enjoy more stories between us. We will talk about spiders and their webs strength – making web from goats milk. Talking about Audio books and ghost writers and some pretty famous books. We talk personal about our choices, and enjoy supporting each other. We talk inside moments within the story. Etheopian Proverbs and more. Come along for another week with Constance and I.

Find me at ValerieMoss.ca On Instagram @ValerieJMoss and Pinterest @VJMoss and Facebook @ValeriesVarietyPod

You can find Constance at ECVarga.com Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

Talk to you next Tuesday.