Janome Horizon Review: Update, Quilting-Get Started (123)

Welcome back to Val’s Quilting where I fill you in on all the exciting stuff that’s happening…

First off, update for those of you who’ve left comments, advice, feedback on my challenges with Janome Canada (thank you so much!). I’ve had several email conversations with the CEO of Janome Canada as well as heard back from Jim Findlay (while he is on holidays)…I still haven’t heard back from the CEO or anyone from the warranty department about where I take my machine with this amazing 2 years full coverage warranty for warranty work? And they will not return my machine….

here’s a picture of the fix we came up with for the wiggly feet, we’ve put a piece of tape on the edge of the shaft to provide some cushioning when the foot snaps in to make it nice and secure – it works!!

I’ve been sewing on it quite a bit over the last week and getting more used to the differences and the new options. Still have some quirks that I need to get used to…Any suggestions about the Janome that you can give me I’d appreciate it very much:) Looks like I’m stuck with it so I might as well start liking it 😉

So, I’ll keep you posted on whatever else I hear.

I finished my Quilting – Get Started Quilt and I’m so happy with the way it turned out!! 

I quilted each block slightly different

the Oak Leaf’s: raw edge applique, block 4,  I tied

The Dresden Plate, needle turn applique, block 3, I ecco quilted


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 I’m at the Chestermere Farmer’s Market today from 3:30 – 7:30

if you’re in the neighbourhood stop by and say “Hi”
as I’d love to meet you and visit with you.

Until next time, have a happy and creative day,

Quilting – Get Started, Freebie, A Kittens Tale (116)

Hi Everyone, how are you? What have you been working on lately? Last week I completed a few things including 1 hard block with about 20 inset seams, yikes it was a doozie but I LOVE the way it turned out

I finished Block 3 of A Kittens Tale bom which is so adorable…here’s the preview, I still have the yo-yos and stitching to complete

These two blocks almost took me an entire day to complete but look how amazing…well I think so anyway…they turned out 🙂

Then I got down to it and finished the sampler top for my last class in the Quilting – Get Started program on Wednesday night and I’m quite pleased, it’s so cheery and fun looking, what do you think? We will be cutting borders, layering, basting on Wednesday night, I’m kind of sad to be finished I’m so enjoying the teaching.

Check out my new Class set for the Fall Semester

Cathedral Tote

Kites for Kids, which has also been added to my Patterns Kits area here

Quilting – Get Started

I’m also working on a swap with Quilting Gallery’s website called “Be Amoungst the Bees” it’s a cute stitchery pattern I’m going to do using my silks. Are any of you doing this swap? If so, do you already have yours completed, what did you choose for fabrics?

 Also, please vote on our new Poll for 2010 block of the months clubs that are coming, we need your help!! Until next time, have a happy and creative day, 

Need Advice, Block of the Month, Sampler (entry 112)

Hi Everyone, how’s everyone’s week been? Mine has been good and busy, up bright and early this morning writing this blog post as I have a full day. I’ll also do a quick blog posting about the St. Albert Quilt Show I attended last weekend with my Sister and my Mum for Mother’s day.

To Do’s

– finish sampler as I need to have it photographed by Monday for the school catalogue – how exciting hey?

– do freebie 15 block as tomorrow is the 15th

– do A Kitten’s Tale Block 3 – get it put together

– figure out how much the finishing kits will be for the sampler and email to students

So, what about your day?

I’ve been working on programming my website, got a new gal all lined up to be e-interviewed for June and she’s got quite the story…I have a brand new poll coming up for our block of the month clubs, not sure exactly how this works but I’m learning as I go. Here’s a sneak peak of what I have instore for the fall…if Interested email me and tell me which one you would like to try and I’ll mark you down to be contacted. 

Crazy Christmas by Lynette Anderson

HocusPocusVille by Crabapple Hill Girls

Life is Beautiful by Hugs and Kisses

Pies and Tarts by Sue Daley Designs

Snow Days by Crabapple Hills Girls

Truly Scrumptious by Cinderberry Stitches which is all Fairies in playful poses and it’s so adorable

Vintage Garden by Little Green Cottage, very whimsical

So have I tweaked your interest? As you can see a good combination of stitching and patchwork which seems to be very popular these days…if you are interested contact me and I’ll put you on the list to be contacted in the fall. Just think: shimmery silks, hand dyed flosses, crisp cottons, silk pins, step by step instructions….hmmm total bliss.

I need your advice, I have this idea in my head for a girls design not little girl but not teenage either. I’ve been getting mixed reviews on my colour palette. I’m thinking black, white and red but her room isn’t these colours at all…what do you think I really need some advice here ladies? I was hoping for a fun preteen style of quilt that she can take to slumber parties and whatever she likes but…is it too wild for that age group?

Here’s what my sampler for the Quilting – Get Started course is looking like. I’m going to finish the top today I have that mosaic border completed on 3 sides, what do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone, I have my DH’s Grandma’s 90th tomorrow so I’ll be busy making Mexican Chicken, Veggie Casserole and No-Bake Cheesecake tomorrow, what are you up to this weekend?

Until next time have a weekend full of happiness and creativity

Chestermere Quilt Show, Quilt Canada, Updates, Draw (entry 111)

Hi Everyone, for today I have so much to update you on but I don’t want to go crazy and make this post too long so I’ll try and capture the highlights of my last week. Also don’t forget to get your vote in for our amazing 100th blog draw

Quilt Canada was amazing, I had the privilege of volunteering in the SAQA booth and I’m so glad I did. The fibre art was so inspiring and incredible that I was overflowing with creativity.





































So, are you full of inspiration or what? These quilts are I think 20″ square max and the detail is almost implausible. So thank you SAQA for having me volunteer…Check out Anna Hergerts website as she is the Western Canadian Rep for SAQA and you’ll be forever changed 🙂

Now onto the Chestermere Quilt Show, can I say “WOW” we had the best turnout of quilts EVER and the best turnout of people. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come out to the show and made it a success for all of us a Lakeside Quilters.

This was the first show that I entered in Pastimes Online and I can’t believe the amount of ladies who came up to me and said they heard about the show through my blog – how great is that? Thanks to all of you that came from all over the City to meet me and check out my store goodies, it meant the world. 

 I couldn’t find a cute cash box so I had to make my own…

My car was stuffed full of goodies, this was so fun for me…

  proud moment for me hanging my finished banner, for my first show, bliss…

My adorable Sister, arranging and re-arranging my tables, cute shoes Li, thanks so much for your help and hanging out with me, I loved it!



I finally got my iron in I’ve been waiting for. It’s a gravity feed iron by Sapporo and I LOVE it!! It has amazing heat, nice sharp point, teflon coated base, perfect steam, good weight and it’s pretty good-looking too 🙂 

I finally got my iron in I’ve been waiting for. It’s a gravity feed iron by Sapporo and I LOVE it!! It has amazing heat, nice sharp point, teflon coated base, perfect steam, good weight and it’s pretty good-looking too 🙂 


(notice my cute ironing board cover?)

Because of parent-teacher interviews, I didn’t instruct last week, but I was back at it this week, the students finished their dresden plate blocks at home, we worked on squaring up the blocks…slowly and carefully..then onto the raw edge applique (block 4) and started block 5 flying squares…I put some pressure on them but they loved it 🙂 Here’s all of the blocks, just working on finished this top for next weeks class…we’ll see how close I get.

A recent shot of my studio and store

Have a FAB weekend everyone, I’m off to St. Albert for their Quilt Show tomorrow after my guild meeting so I’ll have that to report on shortly…

Until next time, stay happy and creative

100th Blog Post, Chestermere Quilt Show (entry 105)

First I want to thank all 16 of you who entered your name in for the amazing 100th Blog Giveaway draw that we are having…THANKS and HERES to YOU all!! The draw closes May 15th so share and tell you friends about it!!

Hi Everyone, for days and days I’ve been cutting, bundling, cutting, bundling, stitching my banner, cutting, and bundling and loving every minute of it!!

Chestermere Lakeside Quilters Guild is having a Quilt Show. Saturday, May 1st 10-4pm, Quilts, prizes, and a few vendors…come out and see us!! It’s our 10 year celebration of our Guild and we’re having a little party!!

Recreation Center beside the Lake across from Tim Hortons on 17 Ave SE, Chestermere. Here’s our flyer

I’ve also been learning to do some coding on my website and I must say I’m enjoying this part so much, thanks hubby for helping me out and giving me some training…who knows maybe I could be called a “code monkey” someday lol!

Here’s some pics of what I’ve been up to for the last week…I still need to get my banner completed but it’s so close!!

My class on Wednesday was on the dresden fan block, all needle turn applique…I think they were a bit nervous at first but I hope they liked it in the end 🙂 It was a nice class to just stitch and visit together..

I met with Piecemakers Guild on Monday to tell them a bit about myself, show them some of my goodies, and commit to going to their retreat on Oct 2 with my Traveling Store. It’s like a blitz from what I gather…so I’m so excited for it! Thank you ladies for making me feel right at home, mic and all 🙂

My Mum is up visiting she got here yesterday, spending time with us girls and shopping for fabrics (of course)…she is also going to help me with my books today hopefully (fingers crossed). We spent most of the day yesterday visiting Traditional Pastimes and Out of Hand and they are both such gorgeous stores – we definitely love them very much! Spent the wad which was totally fun! Then my sis and mum came back to my place and we hung out in the studio looking at fabrics, jackets, quilt projects, stitching projects and so much more…until 2:30 am – can you say bliss… 

here’s one of her quilt tops we were dissecting and trying to figure out sashing…how fun and crazy busy this one is…

Last but not least is my sweet kitty, Tig. Always a delight and brightens my day, everyday!

Quilt Canada is in Calgary next week and I’m so looking forward to it!! I don’t have a booth in this show as you know I just started this business so I wasn’t really prepared for that big hoohaw so soon 🙂 But look out world I’m ready now *smile*

Another Quilt Show that’s coming up the St. Albert Quilters’ Guild “How Green Does your Quilt Grow” Quilt Show May 6 – May 9 including a Quilt Walk in downtown St. Albert contact Michelle E for more information at quilting_michelle@hotmail.com

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend everyone…


Sunny Friday with Updates, 100th Blog Post Giveaway (entry 102)

Sew…I’ve surpassed 100 blog posts and feel totally awesome about it. Thanks to all of you who’ve followed me through the beginning of this new book in my life…yes a book as the previous book consists of my old professional world that has moulded me into the person I am today and I’m very thankful for that.

I would like to do a GIVEAWAY!! The winner will receive a tin of Quilters Tea and a Scissor Keeper Kit & Pattern and a bundle of 4 FABULOUS Silk Quarters for you to drool over 🙂 How does this sound?

Here’s a picture of the Scissor Keeper Kit Jen E created!

A Bundle of Silk Quarters colours to be picked my MOI and trust me this is something you will adore in your collection!!

What do you need to do for this great prize? Leave a comment, Refer people to this blog posting and have them leave a comment including your name, the more people you refer the better your chances of winning 🙂 Sound Good!!

Because it’s a bright and cheery morning here…I have a pile of stuff to do today:

– get brochures, patterns, newsletter ready for my show May 1st

– Piecemakers Guild Presentation on Monday, need to prepare for this

– finish my Pastimes Online Banner for my studio and my show..here’s a sneak pic since this picture, I’ve completed the applique and now onto the stitching of my adorable spool from my logo then onto the quilting and finishing…yikes time is of the essence 🙂

 Here’s the pizza box block I did for SH…

here’s the finished pieced block 4 for Journey of a Quilter…I’m so in love with this project it is so beautiful!

Here’s block 2 for A Kittens Tale, arn’t the pinwheels adorable?

So as you can see I have a few things on the go and I’m loving it!!

Update on my class, the second class went really well we completed this pinwheel block and now onto the dresden plate, needle turn applique.

The colours I’ve chosen come from two fabric lines

Little Palm Paisley and Metro Blue Remix

Any questions about my projects, the GIVEAWAY or anything else you see in this blog please email me valerie@PastimesOnline.ca. Good luck to you all!!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend!!

OH Yeah, don’t forget to visit my Photo Blog when you have a chance as it’s a collection of pictures I love…

Birthday, Kits, Lesson, (entry 96)

Hi Everyone, beautiful sunny morning here today making Good Friday a welcomed day 🙂

I’ve been so busy the last week or so, with the Quilt Show last weekend in Red Deer, which was so FAB including spending the day with my Sister and my Mum.

Monday was my birthday which I also share with my FIL same day…my AIL and her’s is 2 days before mine, we gathered here and I was truly spoiled, thank everyone!! I’ll post pics shortly.

I got the kits cut for the Journey of a Quilter Block of the Month – Block 3 and that was so fun, I always love seeing all the kits ready to go.

Here’s the finished block 3, my Mum suggested I use the stem stitch instead of the straight backstitch and boy what a difference, I love it (video podcast coming soon)

I also drew the name for the winner of block 2 and this is what Kathy B won. Each month the club members send in a picture of their completed block to be entered in for a draw this month we had 7 people complete their block.

Here’s the pile of block from the Community Sew Day last Sat, Jen and I worked together, which went so well, we got 15 blocks completed and the top put together, what fun. This quilt will be donated to Quilts of Valour when finished.

On Wednesday night, I taught another Cathedral Windows class to my Lakeside Quilters Guild, this was class 3, working on getting our totes finished. We are almost to the point of getting the lining’s sewn into the bags. Here’s Alison’s…

Here’s Danielle’s wine tote, she did her windows all in the same colour.

Here’s Wilma’s

Here’s Tina’s

As you can see everyone’s looks so different and we are almost at the same stage…

I ordered a new iron, gravity feed style – anyone use one of these? I thought it would have been in by now but, nothing.

I’m busy working on my lessons for my Quilting – Get Started class starting on Wednesday, here’s the Springy colour palette we will be using

Here’s block one: Log Cabin

What do you think? There is still space available in the class if you are interested in taking a beginning quilting class or know someone who is, contact either myself of Chinook Learning Services.

We also added a few more pages to our website: Kind Words (highlighting awesome comments that you all have left for me), Our Newsletter (Quarterly, giving special mention to my most popular blog postings) We just sent the first one out? What did you think?

I’m going to spend the day sewing: lesson blocks, Journey of a Quilter Block 4, A Kittens Tale block 2, Freebie 15 block 6…and more I’m sure that I just can’t think of right now…Sunday we will spent with my DH’s family out for Brunch. What are your plans for the Easter long weekend?

Until next time, have a happy and creative long weekend,


Studio Update (entry 93)

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for following my transition with my new studio and work space. It’s pretty close to completion or I would like to think so. I’ve been quite busy and I have still have about 10% left to do 🙂 YAY I’m loving it and thanks for all of the encouragement and comments along the way.

I’ll be heading to Red Deer on Friday (while your reading my post) for their FAB quilt and shopping show. I’m going with my sister and we’ll be meeting my Mum there also. A nice day for the girls to be together. My Sister doesn’t quilt (YET) but we hope one day she will be as addicted as the rest of us 🙂 
Also on Saturday, my Chestermere guild will be hosting a Community Sew Day for charity. It will be held here in town, if you are interested, please stop by with your machine and stay a while. Kits to work on and lunch will be provided!

I have a few things up my sleeve to share with you so hopefully next week I’ll have a great post for you

My new contracting job with Chinook College will begin April 7 so if any of you Calgary folks are interested in a “Quilting – Getting Started” class, check out their site. I’ll be teaching 6 blocks one per week everything from applique, to templates, piecing, squaring up and more.

Until next time, have a great weekend everyone,