Dear Jane a11 – Pebble’s Protest

The Deets!
  • Originally Completed: May 3, 2022
  • Technique: Paper Piecing
  • Number of Pieces: 42 (?)
  • Blocks Completed to Date: 11

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Pebble’s Protest is an accurate name, if my name was Pebble’s, this was an extremely complex block with all of the pieces, whenever possible I will paper piece so seams and sizes are more accurate. But as you can see below there’s some wonky-ness to this block…I am however happy it turned out as well as it did 🙂


this ^^ round table is actually an antique piano stool, circa 1890s (wish I played) I use it as my stool to sew on, it swivels, has claw feet with glass balls, and just the most perfect backdrop for these little blocks. The scissors are 4″ Gingher Scissors in the Cheetah theme – they used to come out with a theme each year – check out this awesome photo to give you an idea.

I am liking the variety in each of the pieces cut from the same fabric, it’s giving it a rather organic look, more diverse, than you typical patterned fabric.

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