A Kittens Tale Finished (236)

Sew, here’s A Kittens Tale in all it’s glory, displayed outside in the perfect lighting diffused by the slightly cloudy skies (since it’s been raining in Calgary all the previous week, it was a nice site to not have rain on this special day) and the perfectly fresh smelling air, surrounded by quilt lovers from all over…Thanks so much to Nancy for volunteering and looking after my special quilt.

A Kittens Tale was such a fun project each month a cute design full of character and whimsy, plus the fabric line, Feline Friendship made this quilt. After taking Ana Buzzalino’s class in January, like the post I did on Journey of a Quilter, I put the lessons taught to the test in this quilt also, with a lollipop flower in each blade of the pinwheels, as well as in between each yo-yo flower cluster in the border.  Scattering the rest of the quilt with dense quilting including shells, pebbling, and feathers I feel like I’m “getting it” the free motion quilting:)

Do you do your own quilting or do you take it to someone special to complete for you? Why?


How about this scrappy back?

A big huge thanks to Nancy B for volunteering at Heritage Park and supervising the location where my quilt was hung, sew appreciated!!

Okay, do I look like a proud quilter here or what – I’m loving A Kittens Tale and I hope I’ve inspired you to maybe enter a quilt into Heritage Park one of these years, need help in doing so, just email me:)

A Kittens Tale Goal (228)

As some of you know Kathy and I made a pact to get our Journey of a Quilter projects finished for Heritage Park but in the meantime our local quilt guild is having a show so we had to get these done by May 7th and not May 27th – big jump in finishing deadline but who doesn’t like a hard deadline anyway?

I got mine done – pics to come…

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get my other BOM completed from 2010, A Kittens Tale for Heritage Park and now it’s pinned and ready for quilting.

Last Friday, Lori and I spent the day creating and sewing our hearts out (Friday’s are Sew days at my house, just call before you come). I finished the back for A Kittens Tale, I’m notorious for using up the left over scraps from the front (and all of the kits I cut each month) for the backs of my quilts, plus I LOVE scrappy and I love that a quilt can be just a cute from behind (lol not many things are).

Whenever I piece the back, I always use a slightly larger seam allowance like 3/8s or my needle placement is in the middle position. I always press my seams open to ease up on bulk and I try to backstitch at the beginning and end of each piece I add.

Tape in place, crawl around and slightly pull in all directions so it’s nice and taut, no wrinkles. Thanks Lori for helping me out with this. Isn’t it great to have an extra set of “quilters” eyes sometimes to help out:)

I do have it pinned and ready to quilting. 

Thanks to Ana Buzzalino for teaching me free motion quilting and getting me going and Leah Day for her 365 challenge. Thanks to both of these ladies I can honestly say “I’m getting this” and I can’t wait to get A Kittens Tale into my machine…only 20 days left to get it quilted – YIKES..bye for now lol better get at it!

Me Mondays: A Kittens Tale (177)

Well ladies, I’ve done it, I’ve finally finished A Kittens Tale by Lynette Anderson…wonderful journey of learning to master half square triangles and pinwheels…applique needle turn & raw edge…playing with silks yet again…and completely being the guru of the smallest yo-yo’s available to make lol…let me see the border alone was 112 yo-yos – BLISS..

(well I did curse them a little towards the end lol)

But Look, what do you think? I’m in love, all over again…come here kitty, kitty, kitty 🙂


Until next time, stay happy and creative!

Catching Up (157)

So I’m finallying catching up on a few blocks. 

First, A Kittens Tale Block 5, I’m loving this special little quilt with the pinwheels, applique, combination of silks and fabulous fabrics this is going to be a super delightful quilt when it’s finished.

And Block 6, check out how adorable the spider’s web is and her…

AND I’ve finished Journey of a Quilter Block 8, pieced Journey of a Quilter’s Block 9 and working on the cutting & finishing instructions for both!!

This Journey quilt is truly that – a Journey – I can actually see what a difference my piecing is now compared to the beginning and my stitching has improved tremendously. Isn’t that what life is a journey, Mr. VQ and I always say it’s getting there not the finish line 🙂

Thanks so much to the whole bunch of you who’ve par-taked in this great quilt and to the whole lot of you who’ve recently joined, such an awesome club to launch my 1st Block of the Month club, what a success!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative day,

Open House and A Kittens Tale flub (129)

Hi Everyone and welcome back to Val’s Quilting.

Our Open House was a huge success so thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by and say “hi” it meant the world to me to see so much support. I especially want to thank the Airdrie Quilt Guild for coming out such a ways and spending some time getting to know more about Pastimes Online, I would love to come out to your guild one of these days and meet everyone!! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos when the room was full of women because…I was just too darn busy…

We own a holiday trailer and have been out doing some camping so I’ve been away from my sweet machine “cherry” and I miss her but the last couple of nights have been great because I’ve sewn 2 blocks for the Journey of a Quilter block of the month club and I’m getting ready to sit down and sew this afternoon…doesn’t it feel good to just sit and sew? It’s my true calling, lol!

A Kittens Tale Block 4 finished, but notice anything…lol I’m keeping it this way, I got busy chatting and stitching with my Mum and because the brown silk is so dark I couldn’t pre-trace the letters so I winged it *smile* too funny!

Here’s Tig, it’s about 1am and I’m still sewing, pressing, sewing, pressing, “just one more seam” I say to her…she’s tired and wants to go to bed, what a great pal to have hanging out during late sewing nights 🙂

Love you Tig.

Temari Balls & A Kittens Tale (126)

Temari Balls…”huh what did you say”, Yes I said Temari Balls (wikipedia).

These adorable little balls had me at “hello”.

I found this book which I had to have…You can buy it here. It’s chalked full of all of the info you need to get you started, basics, advanced and so much more!

 Then I had to have this book because of this adorable image

and all of the images inside are so inspiring it was a must buy 🙂 You can purchase it here

A couple of websites for more inspiration and of course

you can google: temari ball images and be blown away.



They are small, like the size of a baseball or slightly smaller but you can pretty much make them the size you want 🙂

Here’s the first one I’ve finished and the second one I’ve started:

Don’t you just want to hold them? They make you feel good 🙂

A Kittens Tale Block 5 I’m falling in total love with this quilt, it’s quite involved with all of the piecing and applique but so worth it.

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend!

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Quilting – Get Started, Freebie, A Kittens Tale (116)

Hi Everyone, how are you? What have you been working on lately? Last week I completed a few things including 1 hard block with about 20 inset seams, yikes it was a doozie but I LOVE the way it turned out

I finished Block 3 of A Kittens Tale bom which is so adorable…here’s the preview, I still have the yo-yos and stitching to complete

These two blocks almost took me an entire day to complete but look how amazing…well I think so anyway…they turned out 🙂

Then I got down to it and finished the sampler top for my last class in the Quilting – Get Started program on Wednesday night and I’m quite pleased, it’s so cheery and fun looking, what do you think? We will be cutting borders, layering, basting on Wednesday night, I’m kind of sad to be finished I’m so enjoying the teaching.

Check out my new Class set for the Fall Semester

Cathedral Tote

Kites for Kids, which has also been added to my Patterns Kits area here

Quilting – Get Started

I’m also working on a swap with Quilting Gallery’s website called “Be Amoungst the Bees” it’s a cute stitchery pattern I’m going to do using my silks. Are any of you doing this swap? If so, do you already have yours completed, what did you choose for fabrics?

 Also, please vote on our new Poll for 2010 block of the months clubs that are coming, we need your help!! Until next time, have a happy and creative day, 

Studio, Zach’s Quilt, Patterns (entry 82)

Hi Everyone, today I have some great news, the carpet is going into my new studio this morning YAY, I’m so excited to be getting so close to the move, which will be full of un-packing more boxes (hmm could be another un-boxing video coming up), stacking shelves, purring of my sewing machine (as I’m behind on a few things), cutting kits, and more…stay tuned.

I’m just finishing the label for Zach’s quilt (I should have done a Kite label to keep with the theme and maybe I will, but his theme for the baby shower was ducks so this is still suiting), it seems like I’ve been working on this for a while but hey it’s one of the first quilts I designed from top to bottom, I really LOVE the colours and I’m a bit sad to see this one come to an end….good thing I’m finishing up the pattern and it will be kitted soon enough 🙂

Speaking of patterns, I just finished my Chenille Scissor Keeper pattern and I’ve also made up some kits. The tutorial on making the chenille is here if you missed it in my past blog posting…


Besides painting, painting and more painting, I haven’t done much sewing but I did finish the embroidery on A Kittens Tale Block of the Month (One) and I’m planning to launch this one in a couple of weeks sooo if you are still debating starting a cute and easy wall hanging quilt come and join us here. Two options full kit (dupioni silks, embroidery needles, silk pins, silk flosses, yo-yo maker, sewing machine needles, private blog posting with step by step instructions and more $25/month) and also a Pattern only option $15…

Their cute little faces, and I LOVE working with the silk floss, they glide through so beautifully…

Before I forget to mention, these are my new 3 favourite things:

the 3.5″ x 18.5″ Gingher Ruler, this little baby I’ve been using so much lately, it’s the perfect length and width, also the copper topped embroidery needles, love these AND this thread holder you see is made by and excellent craftsman, custom made for Pastimes Online..will be for sale shortly.

This thread keeper, is so perfect for applique and doing binding, keeps your needle in the right place (magnet on side) and your thread always at the “ready” position.

I’ll be at my Lakdside Quilters Guild “Quilt til You Wilt” day on Saturday which is always full of fun and interesting projects, stories and more 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

Until next time, have a happy and creative weekend,