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As a podcaster I am always searching for a great story, I was galavanting through an antique store and found this book by Margaret Echard, based on a true story about her family, set in the 40s – the book, smelled good, it felt like it was SOMETHING more than paper and ink and it’s green hard cover texture. A collection of juicy secrets and skin tingling worthy words, a collection of mystery, deceit and intrigue. A good story has to have LOVE and DEATH (did you know this) I bought this book and within the cover there was an insignia ______

I tell stories for Audible as a side hustle, I know how to produce my voice for satiable listening ears..or so I’ve been told. I’m a project manager by day. I like the challenge of putting things together in a consolidated view, playing with files, organizing, planning, keeping people motivated. It’s the process I love.

My CAST knows the vibe I give, “please don’t give up on me now…”

I read the book, cover to cover, did some investigating on the people, places and history of the author and the book itself. I could only find one, 1 person who left a review about this book and he, it turns out is Canadian, and an actor…my idea was forming.

What if I made this book into an audio drama? What if I got a bunch of people who use their voice(s) to tell stories like podcasters and voice over artists, and actors…what if I did this?

Lots of ideas begin to ruminate, I carried the book with me, wrote copious amounts of notes, picked apart all of my favourite podcasts for their best tricks and tips and included those and some of my own from my over 100 episodes.

Lots of sleepless nights, late nights & early mornings.

I put out my feelers…leaned on my community of voice artists and the excitement was contagious which was sort of inline with the covid pandemic feel, a sense of connection to the world going through the pandemic together, ALONE, isolated.

We recorded this all REMOTE in our own homes, ALONE, I collected these clips and files, processed, processed some more, spliced, added music, mixed and mastered for hours, and days and minutes…

I asked for more from my CAST of 25, can you add this line, can someone play this on the piano, I had people drop out, other CASTs friends wanted to join, and their moms and their kid’s are involved, roommates, wife and husbands, friends of friends, even my husband got in on it when I needed titles read, miscellaneous lines added here and there.

It has to stay a secret, only this ^^ one guy knows the truth, the book name

Welcome to ProjectDF, it’s a mystery, it’s a side project that I am so proud of, it’s a collection of amazing talent from across this country of Canada, across the United States of America as well as into Australia..the talent runs far and wide.

If you’re still reading by this point, thank you for your support, thank you for listening and sharing and leaving comments. Thank you to Kylee and Rafe and London as my main characters who didn’t give up well over a year into this – it all paused, but they stuck with it and came through for me, for this…Project DF Podcast.

Chained Maggie – e117s3

episode 117 season 3

Today I welcome to the show Tamira Ci Thayne, author, animal activist, book designer, and founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better. She reached out to me to produce an audiobook, Reboot Ranch by Eileen Watkins and I just fell in love with Tamira’s purpose – to inspire, assist and entertain animal lovers, activist and rescuers in your fight for the animals. She fits perfectly into my theme of READ and CREATE. Think Books for Animal Lovers, think books that tug on your heart strings and you want to learn more about rescue operations, slaughter houses, adoption and donating. Welcome to the show Tamira!


First break: How did you get into this, how did the name come about, Who Chains You? What happened that changed you?

Second Break: How did you get a passion for saving animals? Younger?

Third Break: What was the start of the book…after Dogs Deserve Better?

Fourth Break: What would be your ideal, infrastructure to get your business where you want it?

Fifth Break: Do you read all of the books you publish? Whats the Criteria?

Sixth Break: Do you have a favourite book in your repertoire?

Seventh Break: The Olympic Animal Sanctuary, true story?

Eighth Break: It went to the Dogs, Tamira’s Book

Ninth Break: Eileen Watkins book Reboot Ranch (insert retail clip)

Tenth Break: Her platform for people to tell their stories?

Eleventh Break: List off some of the more unique stories about animals in your publishing house? Snails, Hermit Crabs, Sloth Bears (dancing bears)

Twelth Break: A book that has done so well, unexpectedly, think rats!

 Thirteenth Break: How do you read these books, does it take a toll?

Fourteenth Break: Starfish Story..

Fifteenth Break: Who’s your audience?

Sixteenth Break: The books that Tamira writes..

Eighteenth Break: The people who harm animals…

Nineteeth Break: A personal story about turtles that has impacted me..

Twentietth Break: One piece of advice for helping animals and rescue shelters..

Twenty Onth Break: Tamira asks me…

Twenty Second Break: What’s next for Tamira. & What is a Piegon Shoot?

Twenty Third Break: Coronavirus Impact..

Season Three – video cover art

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Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself

episode 116 season 3
Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself

Hey everyone it’s Valerie here today I have a guest that I follow on IG she has a create catchy handle of a name – she plays with textures, paper, sews and does it to pleasure and for her own therapy, guest is Val from ValLoves2Create from Ig. think of breaking the rules when it comes to building up a project. Think of the pressures of being a mom and the heartache and love we go through all day every day with this being we’ve brought into the world. Val has this disposition of a favourite teacher that would make you believe you can do anything. Well that’s because she was a teacher, and likely has something to do with having 3 brothers. I hope you feel inspired after this episode and take the time to Check out Val’s IG. We also have a giveaway, one of Vans incredible journals… enjoy the show! We also have a giveaway. Oh my gosh it’s so beautiful. 

Our down to earth chat and what we covered:

  • Welcoming Val to the show…
  • Tell me about your art form…
  • Did your background in teaching feed this passion…
  • Val or Valerie or Annie or ‘Berge’
  • Pick a photo…tissue paper, magazine pages, cardboard, stitching, fabric and I can go on…
  • Journal do you use photos?
  • do you have a favourite
  • Do you have a favourite time of day…
  • Is this scrapbooking?
  • What’s your best tip
  • It’s cold here 
  • Florida vs Jersey
  • Who were you named after?
  • Do you post on IG daily?
  • Other hobbies, umm yep
  • Favourite books
Season Three – video cover art
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