Me Mondays: A Kittens Tale (177)

Well ladies, I’ve done it, I’ve finally finished A Kittens Tale by Lynette Anderson…wonderful journey of learning to master half square triangles and pinwheels…applique needle turn & raw edge…playing with silks yet again…and completely being the guru of the smallest yo-yo’s available to make lol…let me see the border alone was 112 yo-yos – BLISS..

(well I did curse them a little towards the end lol)

But Look, what do you think? I’m in love, all over again…come here kitty, kitty, kitty 🙂


Until next time, stay happy and creative!

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  1. Very cute!!! I'm working on a quilt now that I'm going to making yo-yo's for, but mine are the big yo-yo's,. I'm not sure I would have the patients to make AND sew on 112 of them! lol.

    Jamie: thanks so much for your comment *blush* the yo-yo's were super fun in stages lol, the finished project I'm super happy with 🙂

  2. OHHH this kitty lover is in love…absolutely delightful border Val…you may not have been in LOVE with them towards the end of your journey but for us viewers..we glad you continued….meowwwwwwwwwwwww

    Madame Samm, thanks so much for your comment. This quilt was pig in dedication for my cat Tig and for all of the cat lovers out there 🙂 Valerie

  3. It looks gorgeous. And I curse you because I love how the yo-yos look on the outside border so much that I'm probably going to do it too and me and yo-yos have a strained relationship. LOL

    Heather, too funny, strained. I would say me and yo-yos were dating, then married, then separated and now we just can't live without eachother 🙂 Valerie

  4. It looks even cuter in person. I must admit too, that usually I am not a big fan of the cat, but after seeing this it made me wish I had done it too. Great job Miss Valerie.

    Jen, thanks for your comment. I know your a dog person but there was some cute dogs throughout the quilt was a fun project with lots of techniques:) Valerie

  5. OMG!! This quilt is adorable. I love it! Great job on finishing it! Hugs Ariane

    Ariane, thanks so much for your comment. I'm sew glad you love it I'm assuming you're a cat person too 🙂 Thanks for such a nice complement! Valerie, Pastimes Online

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