Q & A between Mom and 6 year old Daughter – e12s1


Discussions between mom and daughter…

Q and A between Mom and 6 year old

Interview with my 6 year old daughter about life through her eyes…

  • at what age is a person an adult?
    • 41 and 18 is a very young adult
  • at what age do you want to be an adult?
    • 1 then 60
  • What would be hard thing about being blind
    • bump into things – a guiding dog would be perfect
  • What would you rather give up, iPad candy or friend?
    • ipad
  • How would you describe yourself?
    • pretty – nice and fluffy hair
  • what would someone else and your friends describe you?
    • interesting
  • What is the best thing about your mom?
    • Hugs and kisses and podcasts
      • podcastes – podcast-ed :0 o cute
  • If you were a mom what would be the best thing that you would do?
    • watch iPad
    • bike rides
    • be nice
    • unsupervised bike rides
  • What do you love most about camping?
    • (plactus) plastic cheese
    • London describes camping cheese…
  • Tell me the funny thing or person you know
    • funny person at school, Mr. Clark
  • What’s the hardest thing about being a child
    • wants to watch more tv
    • it’s hard to make choices
      • hard to control yourself at school…figure out playing by yourself or with your friends
      • who to play with?
  • Favourite Pets
    • hamster and story about fish
  • Chores
    • dishwasher
  • If you were invisible
    • scare mom and dad.
q and a between Mom and 6 year old Daughter

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