Me Mondays: Humbling Experiences (143)

Hi Ladies and welcome back to Me Mondays, since I’ve been holidays throughout the Northern States we’ve come upon so many antique shops with amazing things in them…I’ve found the cutest Hat Pins, Irons (I need one for each step) and adorable old ladder that will hold cute things (of course) as well as some quilts (2 to be exact). The USA seems to have many more good quality antique stores and a good variety of stuff in them, my dh found an amazing camera (his hobby) that was actually just featured into one of his favourite magazines (ShutterBug) which he was thrilled about…heading to 4 stores to find the magazine to make sure this was the camera well that wasn’t the best part I assure you 😉 but hey the things we do for our hubby’s!

On another note, while searching for these goodies for my studio…driving around in all of these USA towns it struck us to the core how many shops are closed, how many places are empty, we would pass huge shopping centres without any occupants, how does this happen? Many store owners shared their devastating experiences with us and how “hard times” really are. How does the whole shopping centre not have enough business to even keep a few stores open? This was so surprising to me and humbling at the same time…being a business owner myself, I’m appreciative of all of the support around us and being a Canadian we are truly lucky to not have been hit as hard as some of the towns I’ve visited and have supported throughout my holidays. Very humbling experience and I sure do appreciate all of the extra’s we have in life.

Me Mondays: Enjoying (130)

Hi Everyone, as some of you know I focus strictly on quilting within my blog but

I did a small poll a couple of blogs back asking if you would mind if I got a little personal…

so for my first somewhat personal blog posting, I’m loving my life

I started this business of my (my 2nd venture) over a year ago, committed myself to blogging

about the same time and boy I’m hooked. My hubby Jeff is such a wonderful

supporter of my love for being online and what I do plus he’s a TechGuy so he 

totally gets being connected and needing WiFi 🙂

When we were away camping last Friday, I was taking some time stitching outside, sitting in the sun

smelling the new fresh mountain air, enjoying the warmth on my face when I hear a snap

in the woods beside me…I look over and there is a deer not 10 feet away, a little babes,

munching on some leaves…just strolling through feeling completely safe…we were in the provincial

forest/park where they should feel completely safe but this baby deer had not a care in the world

 I had a moment, so connected with nature… complete contentment being able to sit and watch this

adorable little deer doing my hobby…bliss

Then I go to grab more floss as I’m stitching, watching the baby deer, pic up the floss and

there is a small grey squirrel just sitting and looking at me

my friend D said…”you were like Dr. Doolittle”…well not exactly

but these smaller things and simpler things in life make everything worth something don’t they?