Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(368)

How are you enjoying my adventure so far?

Scene 9)

We get a call from dispatch with another domestic dispute – this one is at a parking lot from a cell phone a couple is fighting in the car, she calls the Police. By the time we show up to back up our partners, it’s been diffused.

Typically, you always back up your other colleagues in all cases because you just never know if they will need your help or vice-versa.

Oh and get this? The couple had only been together for 3 months, they were in their early twenties. So much to go through in life to be calling the cops so soon for some non-emergency couples dispute or so we found out.

Scene 10)

Another 911 call, dispatch reports that someone has called in loud shouting from a field behind their house, there’s a truck that’s stuck and two guys are drunk and being loud around this truck. So, we head over there, yes the truck is totally high centered, it’s dark now, so we put our external spotlights onto the scene. It’s a white extendid cab half tonne, high centered in this field. 

The story of the guy’s wife was out doing surveying for this area because they are building a new mall or something here, so earlier in the day she was there doing her job and ended up getting the truck stuck. These two guys were there waiting for a tow. The one guy look eneebreated but the other guy seem cool and collected. 

There didn’t seem to be anything we could do, my partner asked if they wanted us to wait or call someone for them – it’s was quite cold out – she offered for them to wait in the car. They declined our offer and we headed off.

Cleared that call

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