Me Mondays: a Ride-Along continued…(369)

Scene 11)

Another domestic dispute is called in our partners are taking the call, we go for backup…

We show up to this parking lot that is fenced in. There’s a 1980 or maybe earlier motorhome parked in the corner of this business lot. The lot is rather large and the rest of the lot is vacant. The motorhome is parked in the corner with an ’90s year mini van parked next to it. The one cop let’s call him “Don” is standing outside with a women..

in her late 40’s, long dark hair, she’s very intoxicated, so much so that’s she’s now peed her pants, has no pants, panties, socks or shoes on. But in very good spirits mind you. She’s well over the limit – let’s just say. “Don” is hassling her a bit and they are laughing and carrying on outside. 

We are standing inbetween these two vehicles. I’m standing next to “Don” and my partner is inside with Don’s partner. So the guy that lives in the motorhome is smoking pot, you can smell it as soon as we walk up to the vehicles. He’s been drinking but not as much as his girlfiend. He phoned the cops because she wouldn’t leave and something maybe to do with her wet bum 😉 My partner says to come in and check out the motorshome – is’a pig sty – very small and crowded with all of his posessions…smells awful like cigarette smoke and pot and whatever they had for supper.

So, my partner is trying to find drunk lady some clothes – inside the motorhome…I’m standing outside with the big huge cop “Don” and he and the drunk women are debating if he should take her down to the drunk tank…she’s cracking cop jokes – this was so funny.

We find her some pants and some shoes and she gets into the car with our two partners and they take her to the drunk tank, we carry on to another call.

Scene 12)

We went and had some lunch – yep at Timmy’s and then got a call to back up our partners from earlier.

So you have to picture these two guys – they are HUGE – and so funny. They are extrememly scarey looking partners and they can intimidate the pants off of Big Foot, I swear.

This next call is so crazy and funny…I just can’t believe this story and I hope I can portray it well…we show up to this bungalow, my partner (Cagney) is quite familiar with this place and the occupants. We are call in to assist. So one person wants to move out, but he wants the cops there incase a fight breaks out.

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