Me Mondays: Don’t Carpe Diem (307)

Catchy title isn’t it…well need I say more…check out this article Don’t Carpe Diem so worth the read, I’m sure once you get through it, the perspective might make you think just a little more about what we say to other moms and parents out there.

Sometimes it’s hard not to pass judgement or say things to parents or mom’s when passing them in a shopping mall or grocery store or even a parking lot, but this article might make us think differently in these situations in the future. 

It’s always hard to write things about parent’s passed or empty-nesters because they’ve been where us new mom’s are and they have been through it ALL…but what we must remember is everyone’s experience is so different then the next, one mom might have had an easy peasy pregnancy where as the next mom went through rounds of fertility. One mom might have had shares in “Tums” where as the next mom could eat anything…what worked for you may not work for the next person. Some of the ways we were raised are quite different then today…spanking, kids seen and not heard, kids playing outside unsupervised, etc. 

When I was pregnant one piece of advice that stays with me almost on a daily basis is what my friend Heather T told me…”Valerie, trust your instincts – you’ll just know”. This piece of advice has been with me everyday and has given me the confidence to make the best decisions that I can AND builds my confidence as a parent to know it’s the right way – for me.

Enjoy this article and I look forward to hearing your comments!

Canada Post Strike Over (245)

Update!! The Canada Post strike is officially over, we (Canadians) should start to be receiving our goodies in the mail come Tuesday afternoon of this week!!

Here’s a good article I found regarding the update.

Thanks to Monica from Totally Tea as I have my order pending with her to be shipped and she is shipping it Canada Post (I emailed asking her for another method of shipping to ensure it’s arrival and she said that the Strike is over so thus shipping it the standard way) – YAY!! Thanks for the good news Monica :)) I’m super happy now!

What a nice way to start off my Monday.

I do realize there will be a huge backlog of mailing that’s been sitting for the last week or so so please be patient with your Postal Workers they are doing their job and we will get our goodies soon!!

Happy Monday all!

22 years old bye ol’ friend (224)

I know I know this isn’t quilting related per se but without this necessary item daily I wouldn’t be able to attend quilt shows or do quilting gigs or attend my quilt guild meetings…well you get the drift.

This was my first hair dryer and it kicked the bucket the other day much to my surprise because my hair was still sopping and we were headed out the door…so I turned up the heat and dried my hair (who said I wasn’t resourceful lol)

But here’s a big cheers to you ol’ girl for 22 years of great blow drying LOL I couldn’t resist posting this!!

p.s. hopefully my new blow dryer will give me another 22 years of good hair styles 🙂