InterView: Clare C. Marshall, Calgary Author

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss. This show is about ReViews, InterViews and my DailyViews, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVER | WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday.

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Episode 63 Part ONE

Todays show will be spread over several parts as I’m InterViewing Clare. C Marshall, Author of my latest read. The Sparkstone Sega a Young Adult Science Fiction series about superheroes fighting a secret alien invasion at a university in Alberta, Canada. This book has incredible artwork on the cover(s), wistfully details the school, the characters and the location connections like Macleod Hall. I was so enamoured with the writing I wanted her to be on my show! Here’s how this happened.


Last year I attended the Festival of Crafts, in Calgary Alberta, it runs around the middle of November each year at the Stampede Grounds. It’s a greatly inspiring show full of handmade everything including things like:

  • Jewellery
  • Wine
  • Books
  • Pottery
  • Wood Working
  • and more…

Our Purchases

While we my gf Alison and I attended this market we bought something from almost everything on this list Jewellery – yes both bought earring and necklaces. Wine yes we bought a case and split it – this wine is so delicious it’s honey wine from Spirit Hills, right here in Calgary. I bought a spurtle, which is a wooden Scottish kitchen tool, dating from the fifteenth century, Spurtles are made from hand crafted wood, the one I chose for my dad was cherrywood. So he could mix his perogy dough with it.

Clare C. Marshall, the Author

We were trying the wine at a booth and then I see this lovely booth full of books and the covers of her books captured me. Faery Ink Press and Clare C. Marshall the author. I’m gravitated towards her books and her attractive booth displays and all of these book covers.

Clare C Marshall, book launch Gear and Sea
Clare C. Marshall, FanQuest Winnipeg

Stars in her Eyes, the Sparkstone Sega caught my eye, I love the book cover, It’s mysterious and colourful, the girls hair is red and sort of wavy down her shoulders (not like mine at all). I was intrigued, then I find out Clare is the author and from Calgary!

Book One and Book Two fo the SPARKSTONE SEGA by, Clare C. Marshall

We bought letters on paper

So Alison and I make our way, right into the booth and get settled, she, Clare, has quite the spread of delightful paperbacks, and impressive book covers. She’s super outgoing and just wants to share all of her passion with us – she’s extremely magnetic. I buy the Sparkstone Sega and Alison buys the Violet Fox Series, both sets have 3 books in them. Clare, offered to sign our books for us, we agreed, left our paid for books and carried on our way throughout the show, stopped back and picked them up, all signed with delightful pens!

Book One of the Violet Fox Series by Clare C. Marshall

I start reading the Sparkstone Sega series and I love favourite line, “Don’t Eat the Food”. Since Clare C. Marshall is a Calgary author I reached out to her and asked if she’d like to be on the show. She was In!

Clare C. Marshall InterView in my home studio 17, drinking tea and reading from her books = BLISS

InterView Day

She arrives at my home, studio 17 and we settle in over a good book Sega – which of course is hers. In this InterView she’s funny and serious, and reads pages from her books. I could listen to her read all day, giving a great personal touch to each Character. I closed my eyes and listened as she read, it’s amazing, almost mesmerizing. We drank tea and talked through all my questions, thank you Clare C. Marshall.

Clare C. Marshall, reading from Stars in her Eyes, book one of the Sparkstone Sega

Here’s part 1 of a 3 part series with Clare C. Marshall from Faery Ink Press, talking about The Sparkstone Sega, we focus mostly on book one to get you interested in reading along with me. Here’s my questions:

  • What’s your background, tell me about the inspiration for your sparkstone series of books 
  • Tell me about Ingrid? Is she someone you know?
  • Love all the Canadian references Calgary Alberta McLeod Trail. Where are You from?
  • Clare, reads a passage….
  • My favourite line “don’t eat the food”
  • Such thought in the fact that even the doors can pin prick you to get your DNA 🧬 
  • Read a passage….
  • Tell me about the characters their traits Who’s Sunni. Southern bell what’s her story Misty, Jia, Will Ethan
  • The teachers Jadore her skin is so neat and her ‘blind’ crutch is such a good facade 
  • Where can people find you on social media?
  • What’s next for you?
  • What’s your favourite book. Author?
  • Artwork, where does this creativeness come from?
Clare C. Marshall and me, Valerie Moss get talking about the Sparkstone Sega

Enjoy the episode.

insert episode here:

Visit My websites for all the links:

  • The Festival of Crafts Show
  • The Spirit Hills Winery
  • Clare C. Marshall and her publishing company: FaeryInkPress: her socials: Facebook @FaeryInkPress, IG@FaeryInkPress her books, and her upcoming events. Her new weekly series called Wingtorn: a Young Adult Fantasy Serial Novel, Podcast – which I’m going to start listening to. You can read it or listen to her podcast, in this interView Clare gives us a reading from this new series also, she’s so good.
  • and photos of the books and us enjoying letters on pages.
  • Videos of her reading, seriously people she has a knack for this!
  • Where to buy her books either E-read or PaperBack.

Part 2 will drop next Tuesday, as always…talk to you then!

A New ‘Valerie’ Series

V stands for Valerie
Valerie, who are these amazing people

Episode 62

Valerie Jean Moss on the ‘Valerie’ Series

Me, Valerie Moss my Hubby Jeff and Daughter London

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss. This show is about ReViews InterViews and my Daily Views, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVER | WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday.

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Valerie Series…starting with Moi!

Todays episode is the start of a new series on the show the ‘Valerie’s series where I’m combing through the Emily’s, Christine’s Danielle, Jennifer’s and Michelle’s looking for the Valerie’s of the world. I rarely come upon women with the same name as mine. Once in Calgary and she ended up being a Valora. 

So come hang out with me and the ‘Valerie’s that will be featured on the show. Women like, One who collects shark teeth, one who loves pretty paper, one who can categorize your personality, one who can draw like no one i’ve met before, one who loves food but didn’t always and me, who loves to create. And so many more…

Me, Valerie Moss and my Hubby Jeff (date night #yyc)

My sister Janice has been on this show before in an early episode called ‘Broadcasting for Correstions’, she lives in Regina Saskatchewan and the best one for the role. She has a great radio voice too. I wanted someone who knew me well to InterView me.

My Pitch

“Morning Valerie, I run a podcast, Valerie’s Variety Podcast, it’s a weekly show about my life in Calgary, Re-Views and InTerViews. It’s a story podcast. Each week is a new story. I’m thinking of running a segment on “Valerie’s” (with a variety of spellings 🙂 to include questions like: Where are you from?, Where did you get your name? Who are you? A place to bring us all together. You interested? Since there isn’t many of us, this will be fun!! Let me know email me, and check out my legitimacy at Valerie’s Variety Podcast

when checking if the ‘Valerie’ were interested…guess what they were!

Do you think there’s a thread that connects the Valerie’s? So far, one of the Valerie’s LOVES Moss so she’s in love with my last name…one of them is inspiring to be a Project manger…and I’m a PM. A couple of them run their very own podcast…hmmm, this sounds like it’s going to be fun hey?

Do you know a Valerie – if you do, please send them my way so they can join other like-named Valerie’s of the world…in this New ‘Valerie’ Series on my podcast, Valerie’s Variety Podcast.

Some of the questions I’ll be investigating within this deep rabbit hole searching and by-passing the Michelle’s, Jaime’s, and Jennifers – while honing in on the very few Valerie’s of the world will be:


  • What’s your Sign? Signs are HUGE to me I’m an Aries and I’m most compatible with Aries and Libras.
  • What’s your favourite number? Mine as my loyal listeners likely know is 17 (doesn’t it just have a nice ring to it).
  • How would someone describe you? Me, I’m driven, I’m organized, I need purpose, I’m better one on one, I like my life to be full by accomplishing things.
  • Who’s your favourite person (can be living or past on) and Why? hmm I miss my Gramma Ramsey, she wasn’t my true gramma for every sense of the word (must be related) but she was a good influence on me and cared for me and I felt that she truly loved me. RIP Gramma Ramsey.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you? What do you do that’s weird? I love to figure out how things are connected like if I get along great with someone, I will try to figure out why – same age, same sign?
  • Are you Frugal or a Extravagant? I’m Frugal, I’ll buy consignment clothes and things on sale for both myself and my daughter…way before I purchase something at full price. I have been known to have buyers remorse also. Plus, I’ll go without instead of spending money – I’m a saver.
  • and more..

Thank you Janice for helping me with this interview, asking me these questions, via remotely. Janice and I have been sisters since we were like 13 for her and 15 years for, me our parents in love…

And if you noticed I have this great background music for this new series. Tascam 128 called Valerie Valerie – written and produced and played by Jason Schnell same guy that wrote my original background music Tascam 40. 

Background Noise

You can hear my daughter and her friend in the background giggling while I record,. They are in the other room, and it’s a nice summer day so ….life’s good when the kids have the kiss of summer on their skin.

Thanks for listening today, and I hope you’re intrigued by this new series coming up on this show called ‘Valerie’. Those of you who have been listening from the start did you picture me like this? Are you like I didn’t know that about you or think of you like this? 

Know a Valerie or are a Valerie?

If you know a Valerie (tell me about her) or are a Valerie, please get in touch with me, I want to get to know you…we might drink wine together (white or red?) or have a tea (do you like London Fog’s). Just hang out become more acquainted. I’ve had so much interest into this right from early on, so thank you Valerie… I cannot wait to get started.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me today, leave me a rating on your podcast app, a comment and stay tuned we have some exciting shows coming up! See you next Tuesday!

Point Sushi ReView

ReView of Point Sushi

Episode 61

Todays episode I’m goig to review Point sushi. 34:09 You order on an Ipad pick your favourite and they come shooting out on a streamlined system at bullet speed beside you – watch your fingers and enjoy the episode.

 Point sushi  has been opened for 7 month before we discovered this place. It’s located at? Pretty good sushi and served on a butelt train car.

As we sit a peruse the ipad style of menu, and get tea, right besie me there’s a hot water tap to refill your tea cups and pot at your convenience, but it is hot. We’re situated in a bench seat at the back

Point Sushi Bullet Train Delivery
Watch out for the bullet train delivery by point sushi

I want coke London says. To clarify she doesn’t drink pop typically, once in a while for a treat but can you hear the confidence in her voice – like this is standard, it isn’t people

As we’re trying to figure out the menu – you sort of feel like using the ipad is foreign at first lol but you press all of the buttons to get it to work and order things 1 by 1 – it’s an interesting process. Especially with the ipad mounted securely to the table.

As we are mulling pictures over, the bullets of food go shooting by, at records speeds.

Jeff says tea would be good for me, London really wants to order ice tea, honestly people she never finishes her drinks, she likes the idea of a coke or an ice tea but in the end it’s a $3. glass sitting almost full on the table as we walk away…  

4:15 Mom look – as another tray go wizzing by, this place is great entertainment for the kids and the parents. 

 4:54 now we are order, first we ordered these fried that come with a ‘shaker’ powder to put on them under hot foods, then we order salmon…as a side note when we first started taking London for sushi at like 2 years old, she wasn’t sure about all of this texture. She said to us is this really good mom? We said yes gave her a small piece of raw salmon then, she held her little hand out to her dad and more, he slapped a full piece of salmon into her hand and she was hook-line and sinker – in love with Sushi! Not the easy rolls but full on raw fish.

as we ponder the menu and order our tea and water when it shows up the cups just have tea bags in them…the water is self serve.

London is sitting across from me closest to this conveyor belt of sorts and she points and get’s’s funny listening to Jeff and I we can still get away with some extreme measures to get our points across – it will cut your fingers off lol

ordering our rolls, it’s nice because you can see all of the pictures

small unagi rolls which is bbq’d eel, it’s a sweet bbq flavoured eel and it’s delicious. 

It’s distracting in here it’s very busy and everyone is doing what we are doing reviewing the menu selecting and tapping their choices plus taking in the scene. There is a whole bunch of single or two people lined up along the wall beside us, they got this down pat, the dishes are situated, with napkins, ginger, soya sauce, chopsticks etc you just sort of help youself.

you have to order each and every item lol

Jeff and I are trying to solve how this system works

is when we figureout how to get napkins etc, I had to figure out what was going on…being observement pays off, less salty and or regular soya – which do you prefer? 

Don’t you love a good set of chopsticks, that don’t come out of paper – that have been washed

nice chopsticks and good tea – what else do you need at a good sushi place..oh the food, it’s coming.  

Fries arrive, the order is a little small but it’s fun to create this paper bag of potatoe sticks. Adding powder at a time until the flavour is where you want it to be… 18:39 the fries are really good – who doesn’t love fries and dipping them in mayo – ME! 

the water still hasn’t arrived, we got our tea already but still no water…listen to London, she’s so cute, have some tea while we still wait for the 

we finally get our water and it’s served in glass, glassware

We are filling up our teas with the table faucet of on-demand hot-water, but it comes out super slow, so just be patient (you don’t have to be as patient as waiting for the glass’ of water tho lol) 32:35 jasmin tea, in hand filled tea bags…such good earthy tea flavour 

Point Sushi, ice glass wear and chopsticks!

This is a fun place, it’s got a good vibe, busy and clean, and new  33:34 You know what creates a good vibe, is when people areound you are having a good time also…we could feel the energy in this place and all of the people were having a great time.

we are still reviewing the menu, picking this and pondering that…since we are pescatarians when we eat together (you know me I’m flexible). the pan fried shrimp dumpling…

22:25 our food starts to arrive, this is so fun, it stops perfectly beside our table.


One thing I love about Japanese culture and style of food is their pride in displaying tiny things. Weather it be sushi perfectly positioned on a plate just so or quilting and stitching it’s the smallest detail that is perfect. Growing up with my dad being a chef food display and preparation was so important. The Japan style just takes this up one more notch!

the food is turning out to be really good, fresh and well put together 31:04

yes we are thoroughly impressed with the food, London and Jeff love the caviar black and pink. the Shrimp balls are just like when you go for dimsum but….better they are pan fried, steamed shrimp dumplings 35:46 and 39:11 black and white ninja roll – so good!

London is talking to the bullet car as we’ve already unloaded it but it’s not leaving yet…how does this mysterious tray know when to go? Is it by weight, by magnet or is it timed?? Do you know? 

Keep on eye on things

you can monitor your time what’s been delivered and how long you’ve been waiting – it’s a Calgary thing we are a demanding culture? the ipad is securely place at the edge of the table so it’s only really convenient for th epeople on that end, not the other side…one person controlls the ship! 29:18

We are pretty adventurous however we are western Canadian people, not sure if I would try snail kimchi, would you? 

checking out the menu and reviewing what we have eaten…I hear this voice say to me, watch out or something listen…move your hand please…yikes!

Not as effective telling Jeff but when I tell London…39:54 careful it would have skinned my hand alive hahaha

London excuses herself to go to the restroom (which also means she wants to explore the restaurent and people further) while she’s gone we review the menu further – yes people there’s lots of choices. As she’s coming back I spot her out of my peripheral and in the Moss house we always scare each other – like I mean scare the pants off. So you’ll be brushing your teeth and open the door and BOOOO someone will scare you to death…it’s been going on for years since jeff and I met. Even the cat gets it – so as were sitting there jeff’s sort of facing the back of the restaurent and London comes up and scares him, 38:26 – even in a restaurant you’re never safe!

we review the final tally of our order we let London review this…

some of you might remember my episode of the robber in our garage, this is still sitting with London…I try to change the topic. 44:55

Point Sushi ReView, overall it was a good night here, checking out this place, London and Jeff have been back numerous times and always enjoy coming. Have you been there? Let me know how you liked it or if you try let me know your thoughts? 59:09

1:03 thanks for listening!

Photo by Jeff Moss – Crazy April Snow Day

Photos by Jeff is a new segment on my podcast, Jeff being my hubby for almost 20 years is an incredible photographer. I’m in awe of the emotion he can capture with the click of a finger. He’s been shooting stills for the better part of his life, capturing the year book in High School is where he made his start. He still has this camera! His passion shows through his photography at every snap! Mom & Daughter team, a shy dog, birds steeling berries. You get a feeling, you want to be there.

Episode 60

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss. This show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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Once in a while I’ll showcase and describe one picture of Jeff’s through a story. Let me know what you think and feel about these snapshots. Appreciate the visual, while driving in your car, making supper, doing chores. Then take a minute to checkout the picture that goes with the story. Was this what you imagined?

Today I’m featuring:
Crazy April Snow Day

The Path

The path is shadowed, there’s lines of sunlight peeking through the neighbours fence boards casting onto the snow filled sidewalk. The snow hasn’t been touched yet, it’s late in the day, almost supper time. When looking at the garage from the studio room, there’s 3 diagonal power line wires cast upon the peak of the garage.

Perfect Dip

One small perfect dip, a resting point no doubt left over from a bird. The garage’s window is frosted up from the bottom almost 3 quarters, it’s furry and your hand would leave a perfect imprint if you were to touch this. The window ledge is full, the snow and ice is spilling over the corner at just the right angle down toward the corner of the door. Catch me it’s calling, don’t let me fall.
The light is off, the door is locked, the garage is asleep and closed for the day. The cars are safe, the contents are secured.

Slice of Light

There’s a diagonal of sunlight no twilight maybe that’s displayed in a wide rectangle across the door to the garage and across the front of the  garage. This diagonal has a wide section with one wire shadow slicing through its path.

The Shovel

A blue shovel is resting against the garage, outside in the cold with  the snow alone, knowing another night is bestowed upon him. Tomorrow he’ll have work to do clearing this path as one more day of shovelling is ahead, and maybe more to come.

What colour is the garage?

What colour is the shovel?

This is Crazy April Snow Day, written and produced by Valerie Moss, photo by Jeff Moss check him out on IG @ Jeff Moss

Check out my website for this picture and leave your comments, did I miss describing something – were you picturing something else, tell me your thoughts?

Story by Valerie Moss, Photo by Jeff Moss

Cre8tive Hair

My Hair Studio
My Hair Studio
Cre8tive Hair

Episode 59

Today I’m sharing a ReView of my hairdressers, called Cre8tive Hair, located in a strip mall just off the intersection of McKnight and Edmonton Trail NE. Why I go here and why I recommend THIS place.

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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Cre8tive with an ‘8’ is your average hair salon. It’s run by Asian people, there’s a mix of clientele like Asians, Caucasions – walk-ins, business owners from around the neighbourhood but mostly its run by Donna – she’s the soul of this place.

insert here

When I walk into Cre8tive Hair they know me, I’ve been coming to ‘Donna’s’ since we moved into our home about 10 mins from this place – like 5 years ago. My good hair style and colour Donna’s mastered it over the years, she’s made me platinum blond even. London and Jeff both go to this salon. My Sister and her family go here, my girlfriend Alison goes here – it’s a great affordable place with good people.


Donna, is about my age, she’s bubbly, passionate about hair and you can tell she loves being there. She can speak several languages, we both have a young child about the same age – we share stories. When we have life changes we share them with each other.

In this small hair salon, there’s also a nail studio. Mandie runs this portion, she’s a Vietnamese lady with long nails, great smile and she too loves what she does. She’s good at it too, many times I’ve had my nails done here and have shared this place with other people as well. She’s cheap and good like $26 for a polish change with fancy designs, her instagram page is fantastic.

What do you like about your salon, their price, their styles, the vibe? Me, I want to trust my hairdresser and I’m sort of cheap, I don’t want to spend $200 plus dollars getting my short hair coloured. I hate waiting for my hair to set and change and process…it’s the worst amount of wasted time but, I bring my laptop and write and produce when I’m there…

Basically I’m giving a shout out to this small place with a few stylists, where posters are stuck on the walls with tape, the TV is playing Ellen where Donna has always looked after me and my family, friends. Even a hop, skip and jump up the road from the KidsU that London attended for several years. They speak all sorts of languages in their including English.

Try Them Out!

hair stylist Donna conquered by Rock Star look!
photo curtesy by Jeff Moss, style curtesy of Donna

If you’re looking for a place to get your hair cut/styled or coloured or your nails done (Fabulash Nails and Spa) stop in at this little joint, it’s quaint, full of great people, good prices. 5010 – 4 street NE, Calgary Alberta. Say hi to them from Me, Valerie, London’s Mom lol.

Thanks for listening, this show drops every Tuesday.

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Calgary Stampede YeeeHaw!

Calgary Stampede

Episode 58

Today I’m sharing my first hand experience of The Calgary Stampede, the greatest outdoor show on Earth – or so they say. Stampede is coming up and we, Calgary are bracing ourselves for the chaos to ensue. Starts July 5th ends end of day July 14th. Boasting rodeos, mid-way rides, prizes, show home, super dogs, free concerts. Plus all the pancake breakfasts you can take in and the night life doesn’t end.

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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I’ve lived in Calgary for 22 years and have only JUST attended the Calgary Stampede Rodeo last year. It’s hot, there’s crowds, it’s exciting. You see more than you should likely with the scantily dressed women and guys. It’s not the best place for kids but you’ll see lots of them there.

It was Amazing.

It’s cowboy hats, bbq smoking up the air, western dressed everyone old, new, dogs, horses – showing off their stampede duds, eating the mid way foods like:

  • Deep Fried Oreos
  • Corn Dogs
  • Bbq’d Everything
  • Drinking Ice Cold Flavoured Lemonade
  • Ice Cold Root Beer

Things to SEE and DO:

The Calgary Stampede Marching bands, my favourite 'to-see' item.
Calgary Marching Bands
  • Riding the Roller Coasters
  • Bumper Cars
  • Bungee Jumping
  • a new Zip Line was added last year
  • Marching bands are always my favourite
  • Rodeo and Grand Stand Show
Rodeo cloys are all entertainment, buying time at Calgary Stampede.
Calgary Stampede Rodeo Clown

What’s this about?

The Cowboys and Cowgirls come from all over the world to complete with this particular event, it’s one of the biggest Rodeo competitions. the purse prize of $100,000 makes it all worth while. I love the cowboy names like Ryder Write, Ty Wallace, don’t they just sound like strong country names that are full of moxie. Plus, bull names like Whiskey Hand and Night Moves are sure to scare even the toughest Cowboy.

It’s exciting times and lots on the line when these young men and women come to wager it all…when the bull doesn’t perform or the rider get’s a penalty for all of the wrong things, it just makes the event that much more unique. We rely on the grounds – the earth, being perfect, the weather cooperating, the animals to perform, the fans to buy tickets – all of this combined makes this event that much more powerful to be part of.

Giving out prizes at the Rodeo, during the Calgary Stampede.
Calgary Stampede Winner Ryder Write

They don’t call it the Greatest Outdoor show on earth for no reason…it’s over 100 years old and counting not many of us know anything that’s been around this long and still going strong. The stampede takes in approx 1 million visitors a year. There’s family day and kids day and seniors day to name a few special themes. They also have the CocaCola stage that has live bands with big names from last year like:

  • Walk off the Earth
  • Our Lady Peace
  • Cheryl Crow
  • Simple Plan
  • Billy Talent

Check out this past line up on my website, and for future and past highlighted bands, it’s pretty cool who gets to plan and how famous some of these bands truly are.

Being part of this amazing spirit and City Gratitude when it comes to the Stampede is pretty cool. All the buildings and people dress up or have something that shows their spirit like a cowboy hat or just a bandana, the kids go crazy for this time of year.

Plus so many business’ part take in festivities by having stampede breakfast parties serving free food – pancakes, sausages and include festivities for the kids like face painting and fun! If you’re coming to Calgary in the summer be sure to make this trip during the stampede season it’s sure to leave you with great memories.

Me, Valerie Moss and my hubby enjoying the Stampede
Calgary Stampede with my hubby Jeff and Me.

Top 10 things to do while in Calgary:

  1. Eat Pizza at 4th Spot Kitchen and Bar, boasts best pizza in YYC, check out my podcast about this place here
  2. 17th Avenue SW, stroll along restaurant hoping
  3. Ride Bikes through East Village full of markets and music
  4. Calgary Stampede
  5. Calgary Tower Check out my podcast about this here
  6. Have Breakfast at OeB(Over Easy BreakFast)
  7. Have Supper at The Keg Steakhouse
  8. Drive to Banff, Alberta
  9. Enjoy a day walking through Inglewood
  10. Have a Bull Dog and a good plate of chips and Salsa at Julio Barrios in Kensington

Thank you for listening check out my site for all the photos and links to the top 10 things I recommend doing while in Calgary. Have you taken in the Stampede did you buy tickets to the show home? Did you win prizes at the mid-way, try the deep friend Oreos? Let me know, tell me about your experience.

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This show is written and produced by me, Valerie Moss, the theme music for this show is written and produced by Jason Schnell but the background recordings are by me and loops through GarageBand. Talk to you next Tuesday!

The Blues Can

The Blues Can
Gritty graffiti from this local blues bar

Episode 57

Today I’m sharing my ReView of a night out at a gritty grounded bar called the Blues Can, located at Inglewood 1429 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta. Boats some great bluesy acts from across the globe. Think dark suits, 40’s polished shoes, harmonica and good vocals that sooth you. Feeling music in your bones…taking your mind somewhere else. This place is great.

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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When you walk into this place it looks like out of a movie, like picture the bar out of the Patrick Swayzee movie Rhoadhouse, Double Deuce. But the biggest different is it’s not the meanest bar – altho I’m sure it has some stories. Step foot into this bar, you need to pay a cover…$15 this doesn’t buy you a seat just a spot to stand. Back in the day it would have been filled with smoke, it’s gritty inside but casual. The line of site to the bar from anywhere is perfect.

insert 10 secs


Smells like a bar, like food and booze and people. Like stories are told and the bartenders have seen it all and heard music that they will never forget, it’s changed them. You smell and feel history in this place. You know there’s a culture here that makes it what it is.

insert 10 secs


The feeling is everything, it was just me and my girlfriend for a night out celebrating both our birthdays. Changing our corporate attire for casual jeans and boots. Walking into this place with a mixed demographic from here and the Deep South. You kind of feel like you may not belong, two women in a gritty bar. We were there to dance and enjoy the good music.

Insert 10 secs


No Original 16 at this bar…so we settled for their usual. The bar stools were full all the way around. There’s tables here and there, higher booth style along the wall to the right of the room, these were full, the place was full. The bar is situated off to the left as you walk in, the stage is centered at the back of the room, directly across from the entrance. the stage is lit up well, perfectly actually highlighting all the right parts of the band, the instruments and solidifying the mood in the room. It’s exactly where I wanted to be. Listening to live southern blues, gravely voices, steel guitars. Their plastic tip jar on the floor beside the mic stand…was filling up with purple bills, these guys were good.

The dance floor is small, people are laughing and having a good time around us and with us. Guys and Gals strutting and shaking their bodies, releasing their stresses, enjoying and absorbing the music. This wooden floor has supported many pairs of feet enjoying a night out at this great place. Grinning people all around young and old, great dancers prancer their swagger criss-crossing the dance floor. It was awesome.

insert 10 seconds

This place isn’t to sit and drink high priced whiskey or the finest of wines, you drink what you can see on the shelf or in the bar well. It’s the ‘usual’ and that’s what you order. We did a couple shots of Jack – seems like the right thing to do in this place but – we were ultimately there for the music.

insert 10 seconds

The finest polished shoes.

At one point in the night this man, finely dressed with his red shirt, white suspenders, top hat with the crispest ribbon detail, came up on stage with a walking stick in hand and the darkest of sun glasses He, this man of poise proceeded to tear the harmonica apart. The place went crazy. And ad such, I was in awe of the excellence and talent before me. We set our purses on the stage just on the smallest corner as we couldn’t leave the at the table plus we were taxi-ing it all over this night.

insert 10 seconds

As most of you know I do these background recordings from my phone. its discreet and just to give you a sense of feeling from this part of my life. In no way am I’m steeling or portraying their work as my own, just to provide a context for my night out. Furthermore, I had never been to the Blues Can before, have you? There’s almost 600 reviews on google for this place. The list of Performers on their site is endless…check it out there’s link on my site

They have names like:

  • Silvertone Devils
  • Smoking 45s
  • Peter Fischer and the Hurricanes
  • our very own cousin in our Family Miss Ange and Company has also played there
  • Oscar Lopez Calgary owns
  • Rusty Reed

Don’t these names solidify the mood and the personality of these bands. These are old souls in these bands they have stories to tall and magic to perform. talking and engaging the crowds looking for the song and word that connects us all. These people perform and love to influence the souls before them. We all have a story and hearing a song a cord that strikes you is what we are after. Me and my brown haired friend had a great time. My first time here and definitely not my last.

Have you been here, do you love the music, the instruments, the gravelly voices, dark top hats, the deepest of bass and jazz notes? Can you sit in a bar, where you can barely see it’s so dim and feel at ease, your with like-minded patrons who are there for the same thing. Bathrooms don’t have doors on the stalls…the tables and chairs don’t match…it’s old and gots a story to tell? Can you?

insert 10 seconds

Take your bestie on a night out, in your jeans, order a drink from the bartender, like a Budweiser or a rum and coke, spend your time on the dance floor or in a table and just enjoy the music, let it penetrate your skin, your body, so your ears buzz with enjoyment. You won’t be disappointed and maybe you’ll be inspired by a good harmonica, tapping a symbol, polishing up a great pair of shoes, appreciating a ‘usual’ drink from the guy behind the bar. Bluesy Jazzy music to get your feet back on the ground as the song Mustang Sally would say.

Isn’t it funny how life is, I’m writing this last Saturday morning, getting all my thoughts down on paper. I’m satisfied. We had a heavy weekend inclusive of a funeral. I’m settling in for the night it’s about 9pm, Im stitching with embroidery and needle. My friend sends me a text…’wanna meet me at the Blues Can’ – so serendipitous – I say yes. 10:30pm, pull on some jeans, runners – yes it’s this casual and head down…

Don’t take my word for it check out these great ReViews:

  • If you are a music lover this is a MUST SEE. Small venue for up close and personal Blues shows. Come early as seating gets filled up very quickly. Staff are quick and efficient as it is a fast past environment for them.
    Please note there is usually cover here avg $20 /head depending on artist performing.
    So much talent comes through this place.
  • CASH ONLY. Excellent tequila. Reasonable prices. Fun at the Saturday afternoon jam from 3-6PM. Go early to get a seat. Dancing floor.
  • Calgary’s premier blues bar… live music nightly… superb staff, well situated along the Music Mile in Inglewood, good food and decent beer selection. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys authentic music.

Thank you for listening today…check out The Blues Can and it’s owner Greg Smith here’s a write up I found in the YYC Scene giving some background on this great place and the vision behind it.

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A Quilters Story

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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a collection of stories about quilters

Todays show I’m sharing some inspiration that I’ve been going through. It’s been 5 years since I went on a quilting retreat. Yes people I quilt. I used to go every year sometimes twice but lately life’s been busy work has held me back and honestly I hadn’t been quilting or sewing as much since I closed my business. This girl needed a break. Turned the chapter, we had some severe life changes, made some new goals went back to school, moved, cut off my hair and more life changing decisions. So quilting retreats and quilting was tabled.

Recently, I regained my fire for being a quilter and called up a couple of close friends from my sewing/quilting life to see if they wanted to join me on a retreat. Dusted of my sewing machine, took out some kits and I was ready and excited, we set off car loaded with projects, I felt renewed.

When was the last time you felt renewed a bit like your old self, feeling inspired and creative? I love to C*R*E*A*T*E plan, change things up (like my dishes as you know). I found this part of my creativity back and I was excited.

We nestled into this lodge in Coleman at the retreat house, Country Encounters. this place is run by a husband and wife team and family. It’s a huge home over 20 rooms, great facility over 100 years old plus they have a new modern hotel across the street. We stayed heer in a lovely suite with two rooms, fireplace seating area, kitchen gorgeous bathroom with a computerized shower that was hilarious to figure out, claw footed tub etc. Beds were cozy and it’s was a great place to rest after a hard day and night of quilting.

We setup in a great room, boasting a wall of windows, fire place, bar area (that we used well) as well as two lovely washrooms. picture A frame ceilings with exposed beams, tables and sun mixed with women from all over Calgary, Chestermere, Strathmore, Fernie.

One thing about retreats is you get to know people at a different level. People feel comfortable to open up with you, you can have room conversations with everyone or just get to know the lady beside you. People are making gifts for friends, themselves, siblings, people dying of cancer – you just never know what the purpose is of their project.

For me I wanted to have the feeling of a sisterhood back – I got this. I wanted to sew and visit all night with great friends – I got this chance to. I wanted to finished a couple of projects like:

  • Every Bunny’s Welcome at The Moss’: a very Easter themed quilt that I designed years ago 2012 and ran it as a mystery block of the month club through my store. I started and stopped so many times throughout the years. I got this quilted and finished – just need the binding to put on now. It’s full of hand stitched Easter eggs and bunnies, chicks, appliquéd on it – it’s a Great Wall hanging for any room during the Easter Season
  • Easter Bunny: this small wall hanging I started making I think in 2003, and I’ve always wanted to finish it – finally got the hand stitching completed. Small cute little bunny with big floppy years protecting his Easter egg
  • My Tuffet Kit – my friend Alison she bought these kits for us. Do you know what a Tuffet is? It’s a short foot stool with little bun feet. They are put together in a striped assembly of fabric. Quite a stunning focal point in any room. You can sit on them as they are wide enough approx 18″ across and soft enough approx 18″ tall or just use them as a foot stool. My hubby said you could put a hand bashed copper plate on top and set a plant on it – great idea hubby
  • Plaid Lap Robe quilt kit: my mum put this together for me, it’s all paper pieced with homespun plaids, some of them are even my step dads shirts. Such a cute kit. I dug this out and got a few blocks put together. I have plans for this quilt I want to make it a summer quilt for my bed. This quilt boasts a log cabin feel and in my ultra modern room – what a focal point this will be.
  • Truly Scrumptious: This quilt holds a special place in my heart. Long before I had my beautiful daughter I had suffered a miscarriage – even to write this I can feel tears. This was a block of the month club I ran through my quilting store (Pastimes Online). Fast forward 5 years later of trying we finally with outside intervention conceived, then failed, then conceived..and planted a little girl. So while I made this quilt all these years prior I made this with the hopes one day I’d have a girl to give this to. So I’ve kept the finished quilt top tucked away and recently showed London, my 7 yo daughter – she loved it. She doesn’t know this back story yet but one day she will. I asked her to help pick fabrics for the back of the quilt so, here we are in my quilting storage room going through fabrics what cute sounds from her ‘ oh mom I just love this with the bees’ or ‘mom can you add this it matches see’ and ‘this and this and that and this’ then she says, ‘mom I’m getting carried away’. This beautiful backed pieced with fabrics she loves.
  • Charm Candy Bag: this is a cute little lunch bag that I needed as my current bag is falling apart. I should clarify I’m not much of a lunch eater since switching to the OmAd (one meal a day) eating regime..anyway I made this bag with beautiful fabrics, silks and some machine quilting, cording for the straps, a small pocket inside – voila I love it! It’s approx. 10″h x 6 x 6 just enough to fit a water bottle or two, a snack or two

Those are my projects so just a touch of finishing for some and get into the finished piecing for others. I’m already using my bag and I’m still working on the plaid quilt top.

One thing about retreats is the stories about these people I love. As you might know by now I’m a pretty connected person, I like to get to know people on an intimate level, I’m curious and respectful.

Brown Eyed Suzy

One of the ladies at this retreat I’ve known for a while I’m going to refer to her as Brown Eyed Suzy. There’s something calming about her, I love how she talks, her voice is solid to me. She’s a reassuring person. I really like her. She worked as a porter at the hospital for years (like 30 years) and recently retired. She’s confident and sure of her thoughts.

She was working on some quilts talking about her kids, I knew she had kids and was married or as least I thought she was. Her and her Beau have been together for 42 years but never married legally. Her mom, was so embarrassed by this that she made up a married date for Brown Eyed Suzy in the family album – crazy hey.

Once I got talking to her she was telling me about her son. He’s not in a very good place has some addiction issues and has been in and out of jail most of his life. Brown Eyed become emotional as did I, she loves her son deeply and is so scared for him and his choices. He tells his mom that he loves the high of drugs and the thrill of the steal. She says to me he tells me too much and she doesn’t want to know these things. She’s had to set boundaries but yet be his mom – wow what a hard decision to make.

Southern Bell

Southern Bell I met years ago at another retreat, she’s got blond hair, bang and red rimmed glasses, she has a huge small and a very contagious laugh. Her purpose in life is her grandkids and her sons. She has a big Bermese mountain Dog that she adores and has had I think she said 7 of these dogs through her life. She’s travel with her army husband all over the world and talks about these amazing places she’s been. Germany, France, England, Croatia and more. She has a son that suffers with severe schizophrenia who’s disappeared for weeks and months at a time. BUT she told me a story at the lunch table that will blow your socks off…listen to this. She has a daughter that was shot by her boyfriend and then shot himself in front of her.


Southern Bell at the time was living in the Meritimes and this daughter was living in Ontario. The daughter was struggling with a controlling boyfriend and had finally separated from him. The story goes something like this, she was out one night and on her way home, it was dark, she always circled the blocks around her house row by row looking for his vehicle in a radius of 6 blocks one block circle at a time…she had done this routine faithfully. She opening her front door and he was inside already – waiting. He grabbed her at gun point, made her strip down and he proceeded to shoot her through the neck and out the shoulder, two bullet shots. She then still alive witnessed him shoot himself in her apartment.

When the police showed up at Southern Bell’s home in the middle of the night – she thought they were there to deliver news about her son with skitzophrenia that had been lost for many months but no, they were there to share this news about her daughter. Southern Bell was days away with a husband shipped off in the war somewhere…

How do you live through things like this? This story as I’m sitting at the lunch table brought me to tears. Her very daughter was shot – and lived – and witnessed this indescribable trauma. They both Southern Bell and the daughter still suffer from ptsd it’s only been about 10 years. This boyfriend has made a mark a scar truly on this young women body and her family that will never be forgotten.

The Horticulturist

This lady is a dear friend of mine, she’s funny and serious like me. I’ve known her and quilted with her for many years like 15 years. We’ve shared stories about life and work and kids. She was there for me when Jeff had his surgery. She has one son, been married for 30 some years. She’s a friend that you can just let go and be yourself with, she slightly older than me so I lean on her for advice, she’s genuine, thoughtful and caring. She’s struggling with parenting her mid-twenty year old son. he’s lost in life, not really any goals or direction, maybe no motivation. He’s feisty and his mom can be feisty back. She helps where she can, he takes what he wants from her. She wants the world for him, she wants him to be happy, healthy and find his way.

This is weighing on my friend the planter, she, like most of us compares her parenting skills to other people that influence her life like her siblings, her friends, and in-laws. In the end, it has to be your life that you are in control of not someone else’s. Her son, is in his mid-twenties going though pre-adulthood – is this the right word?. He needs to find his way, on his own. Get a job, get a place, get a goal, ambitions and maybe have a passion. My green thumb friend, wants the world for him, it crushes her that he can’t settle, find his groove, be responsible, have his own life. It’s heavy and makes her upset, angry at times. As parents we can only do so much…I adore her for her strength and her undying commitment to her son with boundaries.

This plant lady was working on the tuffet project with me together, she was also working on the beginnings of a t-shirt quilt for her friend that has cancer, such a purposeful project.


Do you have any Gingers in your life. My friend with her red hair has been through things in life. First she was married, moved and had her first baby right away, her and her hubby lived in quite a large home 4 or 6 bedrooms, then she had her second baby. We’re quilting friends. She’s always been one of my hugest fans and supporters – thank you as I know you’re listening.

Her husband had a daughter years prior who was now back in his life and Ginger’s by proxy. this daughter was about 16 at the time and threw these two parents into teenager hood long before their in due time natural course. My friend, was having some challenges with this – this teen ended up moving out several months later…

Ginger’s husband came up to her one day and shared that he was gay. She as his wife, wondered why he liked the movie “broke back mountain” so much and now she had her answers. You know, this friend of mine, accepted her hubby’s ways with respect. Obviously, life is taking a crazy turn for her, selling their home, finding her new home and accepting this change, single mother hood and all.

She’s been on her own now with both kids, dad has been around here and there but not really a staple in their lives. The kids are incredible, smart and established and grounded. One moving off to pursue education dreams which my friend is sad and excited – the other still finishing high school – which my friend is grateful she still has one at home.

This red-headed friend of mine also just lost 50 pounds on the keyto diet and she couldn’t be more proud of herself. I wish the world for her, she’s such a neat grounded person. She too has a great laugh and the loudest hiccups. Her ginger hair the same as when I met her 15 years ago, her love for the Beatles has never died. She is true to herself and empowered from what she’s been through. This lady travels by herself, like I mean goes on cruises, enjoys bands and does and goes where she wants. We shared a room – she’d leave the light on for me every night as she to bed early. Thank you.

She was working on stitching projects that she discovered she needed glasses now to see – as the project was from several years back – lol she could see better with glasses – don’t we know how this feels.

Green Eyes

This lady is upbeat, she’s looking for purpose, most of the gals here know her story. Been a quilter for so many years but shelved it for quite a few. Likes to gab and connect with people. One lady asked her about her husbands heart surgery, Green Eyes explained what had happened and the sadness and anger she went through. How he was just 47 years old and their daughter was not even 2.

Brown Eyed Suzy asked about his health now and they got to chatting about changing their eating and lifestyle No meat cooked in there house – she was aghast at this – saying her hubby would like die if he never ate meat lol. Such a funny reaction. She was so curious about their pescatarian diet and eating raw veggies and only 1 meal a day (OMaD). Most of the ladies new green eyes mom as she would bring her to these retreats.

This pair of green eyes would laugh and have a great time. But then the older set of green eyes wouldn’t respond to requests or text or invitations. This mom would disappear and not be involved – suffering from her own personal traumas. Not be available for her daughter for a while. It’s been a few years since this daughter and mother have been together at a retreat laughing and enjoying. These women knew this feeling, everyone had a story.

This is me and a shortened version of my story.

Burnt Sienna

As we were leaving the lunch table I noticed on one of the ladies arms that she had this amazing scar covering the entire inside of her forearm. This scar looked like years had passed over it. I said to her sort of secretly as we were walking back to the great room – the room where our projects came to fruition – what happened?

She said when she was 8 she dumped a pot of coffee onto her arm and burnt the skin right off. Remembering the pain to this day likely 50 years or so later how it felt when they were picking the gauze out of the infection. Then she healed. Her parents took her to see a plastic surgeon at 13 to have this scar repaired. They described the surgery as cutting skin from the insides of her thighs and grafting it onto of her arm…nope she didn’t want to go through with this pain again or anymore. Sienna accepted her scar. It doesn’t bother her – it’s just part of her.

What would you do, would you have this scar fixed?

There was many other ladies at this retreat but these are the stories that have sort of stuck with me. This gathering of women who have this hobby in common, drives us to be together and share what we are working on and the cathartic nature of what we do – it’s our sort of therapy. When you are open to a room, receiving the room, they will receive you back, no judgements. Empower each other and build them up, it’s so important in life to value the moment, and be in the moment. These ladies impact me and change me, they teach me and make me reflect on my parenting style or my choices. The plant lady she said to me one of these nights that I am the best mother she knew…brought me to tears.

Do you have a group of people that you cherish, think of them whether family friends or colleagues. These people make you feel real, grounded and slightly open to sharing your life, good and bad with them. These are true people that you need in your life.

Tell me about your story of friendships that impact you deeply or a story that someone told you once that you think about every once in a while. These are the stories that build up our characters, we can reflect, use, take home to the bank!

The loops for this show is provided through GarageBand, thanks to Jason Schnell for my theme music. Tascam 40 – my very own music made just for me. Thanks to Kim, Alison, Pat, Colleen, Kathy and all the ladies that have inspired my story and taught me, shared with me and involved into their personal feeling.

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Thanks for listening.

The Messiest Body Scrub – BUT it’s worth it!

Two Minute Tuesdays on Valerie's Variety Podcast...
Two Minute Tuesdays Cover Art…

Episode 55

Two minute Tuesday TMTs Segment I’m featuring my favourite body scrub – a quick and dirty cheap body scrub. This is for all the girls, gals, ladies and guys if you want to have soft radiant skin. I love to exfoliate – like I mean a good scrub on my body to get all of the dead skin off, arms, legs mostly and face – neck, plus it feels really good.

Coffee and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I always save my used coffee grounds from my Keurig, we use a re-useable cup for our machine and scoop the coffee into this instead of the dreadful disposable cups. Anyway if you let this reusable cup sit overnight it will be dry and powdery. You tap the top of the cup and the ground just pour out – clean.


I have a red cylinder vase that looks nice on the counter that holds all of my use coffee grounds. Stirring occasionally with a chop stick to ensure it’s dry through. I transfer this to a tupperware to use in the shower. I found a small glass toy coffee cup that I use as my scoop- this probably holds a teaspoon, you could use any small scoop but it’s nice if it has a handle – easier to scoop the coffee out of the tupperware with wet hands. The tupperware size I’m talking about is like 1 measuring cup – not very big. The 2nd tupperware I have holds my Extra Virgin Coconut oil maybe half a cup. This is my favourite moisturizer to use, daily.

What to do

While in the shower, bring your ‘coffee’ tupperware with scoop in with you. Rinse off your body take a small scoop of coffee in your hand, moisten it slightly – you should have enough that coats both hands, and proceed to rub this into your legs, feet, bum, back, arms, keep getting more coffee as needed. The natural oils from the coffee also provide moisture. I also use this on my face. Please test an area of your body like you arm or your thigh first to ensure you don’t have any reaction. Scrub as firm as you want. I just love this good scratch, exfoliating on the body.

It’s Messy!

Warning, this is a message scrub, leaves your shower with little coffee grinds but it’s worth it! Also try ti limit the amount of water that gets into your container in the shower as it will mould. So, if you do get water just leave open on your bathroom counter over night giving it a stir with a chopstick or something dry until it’s dry through, easy!

Let me know if you try this out and what you think. check out my site for pictures of my containers. We use the presidents choice dark roast coffee (pssst better than Tim Hortons or MacDonalds). And just your over the counter extra virgin coconut oil from any grocery store, it’s like $10.

Until next Tuesday

Valerie’s Variety Podcast is a story podcast about my life in Calgary. ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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Brekkie Cafe

Episode 54

Today I’m sharing my ReView of Brekkie Cafe, located at 120 120 Westpark Way SW. Brekkie Cafe boasts – A Glorious Break in Your Day! It’s a beautiful Cafe high ceilings, lots of windows and light. The food is fresh, wholesome and beautifully displayed on the plates.

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss this show is about ReViews, InterViews and my Daily Views. It’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary, WhatEVER | WhenEVER. The show drops every Tuesday.

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This is a great place to check out for breakfast, there’s a bit of a wait to get in but it’s worth it. The service is pretty good, you can tell people like to be there. They are happy and the people in this place range from father daughter duos, to families, to first dates. It’s got a good vibe in there.

Our Order

We order the avocado toast to start, which comes out in colours of purple and green. London Fogs to drink and I order the breakfast sandwich, Jeff orders either the lobster Benny or the Wild Mushroom Benny, London goes for the French toast that you heard at the top of the show! All the food is positioned just right on the plate. Theirs pride here and you can feel it and it’s noticeable.

No wait is no longer available Jeff tells me, if you’re not familiar with the ‘no wait’ app – which provides you a spot in line when you are on route to a restaurant or want to get in ahead of the crowds you could put your name in this app for your favourite dining spot – called no wait. You can monitor your position in line and it gives you a time when to be at the restaurant. It was bought out by Yelp for $40 million dollars.


When you sit in this place it has super high ceilings, there’s benches and tables and chairs, there’s plants everywhere as well as stacks of fresh bananas, avocados displays on teired platters. There’s a giant shelf made out of orange pipe and wooden planks. with plants and decorations – this shelf is separating the restaurant from one side to the other. But it’s open yet has a purpose. the charts are kind of retro in a mint green shade. The table too are retro with a aluminum trim around the sides. The cutlery is wrapped in linen napkins, don’t you just love a real napkin instead of the paper kind.

Great shelf separating the space, still open and full of nice decor.

I just love their brekkie logo, its the word BREKKIE spelled out in capital letters kind of a block style of bring and then the CA-FE is stacked at the end. Since this place is located in a strip mall kind of setting, there’s a few doors to go in but like most places- both doors to not open. One of the doors has a great saying in white vinyl “I’m not a swinger BUT the other door is with an arrow pointing to the other door.

door at BREKKIE CaFe, so funny!
Love the logo at BREKKIE CaFe, nicely done!

We notice the owner is sitting in one of the tables. He’s wearing chef whites prepared with papers and his planning journal.

Thanks for listening to my review today, of the BREKKIE cafe . Check out my website for pictures of BREKKIE Cafe and did you know you can text me to my email

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If there’s a place you’d like me to ReView let me know…maybe I can meet you there and we can ReView it over a glass of wine and your favourite menu item. Talk to you next Tuesday.