Vintage Sewing Machines is set to start in 2012 (298)

Hi All, well it’s official, here’s the first bom that’s been decided…

Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines …super cute and I’m already stitching away (in between feedings which is more fun). I’m in love with these little beauties. Finishing at 8.5″ square plus our super cute borders. I decided to play off of the “vintage” feel and use the wash-out feel of the serenity line of fabrics along with the hand dyed Weeks floss…sign up today here. This bom starts in January of 2012. Make this for your own Sewing Room of that of your friends:)

Block of the Month Decisions (281)


To all of you who took the time to vote based on this flyer – we are THAT much closer to making a decision…

We know for sure it will be this one:

Vintage Sewing Machines – one of my favourite for a long time – thanks Kathy B for helping me find the pattern…we will be creating this one in muted tones – washed out if you will to replicate the old and antique feel of this pattern.

The other two (I’m hoping two more) are just being finalized…so stay tuned!

If you haven’t voted yet please do, just download the flyer then send and email  with your choice(s) and this will help solidfy out choices.

Thanks everyone!

What to do, What to do? (279)

Hi there Pastimes members, new and old (hmm need a better word here) and soon to bes…what should we do next year for Block of the Months in 2012?

I’ve posted about this before, a few times and I had a few more suggestions come in…what do you think of this one?

A good combination of Applique and patchwork but – where’s the stitching, don’t we need stitching??

Or this one? Feel like doing another Christmas one? Creams and Reds?


We have had another Halloween suggestion – check out this post here

The Vintage Sewing Machines is so far top of the list check out this post about them

What about this music themed one? Check out the post about it here

So members that are working on one of the 5 (or more) from this year would you like some more time to complete the ones you are working on before we start a new round? What do ya think? Need more time? What if we started the new ones in Feb or March – would you be enticed to start one then? Hmmmm 🙂 Would this make it easier for you or are you good for whenever?