e-Interviews: Studio Inanna aka Annie (entry 70)

Hi Ladies, I’m so please to have my first official e-interview with Annie. 

The 1st of each month I will feature someone new. I have 4 spots booked so far, if you would like to be e-interviewed or would like me contact someone you would like to get to know better please contact me.

Today is all about Annie aka Studio Inanna who recently won a beautiful bundle of silks from our shop…congrats and enjoy.

So without further adieu…here’s my e-interview Annie.

How many years have you been quilting, what or who got you started?

I’m easing into six years of quilting, inspired by a political campaign and blog: asked if anyone was interested in doing some charity work – as it developed we called it Blankets for America and it’s still going.  I started out doing crochet work – afghans and baby blankets, even some small sets for preemies in ICUs.  Then a Block exchange specifically for quilts, and I was off to the races.  I’m totally self-taught! I now have lots of books and listened to programs on the Quilters News Network. I have taken a couple dozen classes online at Quilt University and learned something from every one.  First actual *quilt* I made was this Amish Fans/Log Cabin.

Were you a sewer first?
I was a farmer’s daughter here in Illinois; when I was 10yo, I started in 4-H club.  First year of sewing had me making a skirt and scarf, and I remember it all today. The skirt had an elastic waistband and a hem, the scarf was fringed by pulling threads.  Easy as pie and bound to be a success for us little girls. My mom was a sewer, so she taught me about the machine – that helped a lot.  I went all the way through high school still belonging to that 4-H club, sewing and cooking and all kinds of other things. So yes, I have been a sewer all of my life.

Favourite Technique?
It’s all of them!!

Do you have a favourite store: online or Brick & Motar and why?

I’m pretty much homebound, so I ONLY order online.  I don’t really have a favorite online store though.  Here’s what I do.  I use QuiltShops  and search for whatever I’m on the hunt for.  Oh, and I also enter the word “sale” with that.  *S*  I have found some wonderful bargains at the over 150 quiltshops they search.  Also, I get quite a few newsletters from quiltshop sites I like, and they often have good bargains too.  I try never to pay full price.

Tool you can’t live without?
is an easy, easy choice, I found these a year ago, and it has really saved me time.  Clover Forked Pins. You use them to pin seams and keep them from moving when you stitch over them. 

Biggest Influence?
I think I can say it’s my group of online quilting friends. They are there every time I have a question; they send me samples in snailmail; they point me to tutorials that might help me.  And, of course, they give me support and cheer me on when I finish a project. 

…who cheered me on last year when I made this brand new pattern from Judy Martin.  It was really something.

Just to show that quilting is not the only thing I do, here is a picture of a 22” cloth doll that I made for my granddaughter.  I made two more for her sister that were ballet dolls.  Once you make one, you might as well make a couple more.
Valerie: she’s quite the little doll 🙂

What a great interview with Annie………annie/sequana/inanna  (she likes to use goddess names online hmmm what a great idea.) If you want to see more photos of her work, please visit her flickr page.

More e-interviews to come, if you want to be featured in my blog, contact me.
Until next time, have a happy and creative day,

e-Interviews (entry 57)

Hi Ladies, I’ve heard back from a few of my ‘regulars’ (I can say that now) of my blog and online store and so far all of them have said yes…to what you wonder?

I’ve decided I want to get to know YOU on a more personal level. So, I’m going to be doing e-interviews. If you are interested, please let me know as I would like to hear from ALL of you out there in blog-land AND from those of you who lurk but don’t comment 🙂

So to kick it off, I’ll be the first:

How many years have you been quilting, what or who got you started?

I’ve been quilting since 2003, when my Aunt-in-law, Karen took me to a Guild Potluck, I was so inspired and in aaaw that I signed up for every class and bought hundreds of dollars worth of the “must-haves”.

Were you a sewer first? 

I can truly say no. I’ve always been creative, liked to knit since I was young but no not a sewer per-sa. I was newly married when my Aunt gave me her old sewing machine (1980 or so Kenmore, metal body weighing a tonne) and I signed up to take some sewing classes to learn the basics – which I loved. My sewing teacher Susan, ended up to be a member in the guild I had been so inspired by and as they say…”The rest is history” 🙂

What is your favourite technique?

Mine would have to be two things, paper piecing and scrappy quilts.

Do you have a favourite store: online or Brick & Motar and why?

Yes, Traditional Pastimes, Calgary, Alberta. A Brick & Motar that is very quaint, helpful staff.

What is a tool that you can’t live without?

My Ginger Scissors. In 2005, I was teaching a class at my local guild and I was walking around helping people with their Raggedy Anne dolls when I picked up Kim’s scissors and cut a piece of fabric with them, WOW my life has never been the same lol. 

Who is your biggest influence in the Quilting world – famous or otherwise?

 I think my influences change from time to time. Since I’ve started this online business I’m influenced by so many of the women I am in this sisterhood with, my Guilds. They all touch my heart and soul on so many levels – thank you ladies. There is also so many here in blog-land: CathiMishka, Heather, Rachel D, Lisa, Rachel G, just to name a few as I read about 100+ blogs.

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have a favourite?

 I listen to all sorts of podcasts for business and pleasure. Go to iTunes and search Podcasts. Some of my favourites are Within a Quarter Inch, Quilting Stash, Sew Stitch Create, Life Coach, Bon Appetite, Digital Marketer and more.

My first official quilt, “Bird Bug”. I have to say I LOVED making this one. Why is it, so many of us start with applique?

all needle turn applique, by hand, invisible thread for the echo quilting

don’t you just love the red button for the eye?

I’m not really sure what this label shape is :~)


I so look forward to getting to know you all better, have a happy and creative day,