e-Interviews: Studio Inanna aka Annie (entry 70)

Hi Ladies, I’m so please to have my first official e-interview with Annie. 

The 1st of each month I will feature someone new. I have 4 spots booked so far, if you would like to be e-interviewed or would like me contact someone you would like to get to know better please contact me.

Today is all about Annie aka Studio Inanna who recently won a beautiful bundle of silks from our shop…congrats and enjoy.

So without further adieu…here’s my e-interview Annie.

How many years have you been quilting, what or who got you started?

I’m easing into six years of quilting, inspired by a political campaign and blog: asked if anyone was interested in doing some charity work – as it developed we called it Blankets for America and it’s still going.  I started out doing crochet work – afghans and baby blankets, even some small sets for preemies in ICUs.  Then a Block exchange specifically for quilts, and I was off to the races.  I’m totally self-taught! I now have lots of books and listened to programs on the Quilters News Network. I have taken a couple dozen classes online at Quilt University and learned something from every one.  First actual *quilt* I made was this Amish Fans/Log Cabin.

Were you a sewer first?
I was a farmer’s daughter here in Illinois; when I was 10yo, I started in 4-H club.  First year of sewing had me making a skirt and scarf, and I remember it all today. The skirt had an elastic waistband and a hem, the scarf was fringed by pulling threads.  Easy as pie and bound to be a success for us little girls. My mom was a sewer, so she taught me about the machine – that helped a lot.  I went all the way through high school still belonging to that 4-H club, sewing and cooking and all kinds of other things. So yes, I have been a sewer all of my life.

Favourite Technique?
It’s all of them!!

Do you have a favourite store: online or Brick & Motar and why?

I’m pretty much homebound, so I ONLY order online.  I don’t really have a favorite online store though.  Here’s what I do.  I use QuiltShops  and search for whatever I’m on the hunt for.  Oh, and I also enter the word “sale” with that.  *S*  I have found some wonderful bargains at the over 150 quiltshops they search.  Also, I get quite a few newsletters from quiltshop sites I like, and they often have good bargains too.  I try never to pay full price.

Tool you can’t live without?
is an easy, easy choice, I found these a year ago, and it has really saved me time.  Clover Forked Pins. You use them to pin seams and keep them from moving when you stitch over them. 

Biggest Influence?
I think I can say it’s my group of online quilting friends. They are there every time I have a question; they send me samples in snailmail; they point me to tutorials that might help me.  And, of course, they give me support and cheer me on when I finish a project. 

…who cheered me on last year when I made this brand new pattern from Judy Martin.  It was really something.

Just to show that quilting is not the only thing I do, here is a picture of a 22” cloth doll that I made for my granddaughter.  I made two more for her sister that were ballet dolls.  Once you make one, you might as well make a couple more.
Valerie: she’s quite the little doll 🙂

What a great interview with Annie………annie/sequana/inanna  (she likes to use goddess names online hmmm what a great idea.) If you want to see more photos of her work, please visit her flickr page.

More e-interviews to come, if you want to be featured in my blog, contact me.
Until next time, have a happy and creative day,

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