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episode 108 season 3
Studio 17 Tour

Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here – Todays show Studio 17 –  was originally published on my YouTube site and a fun little project I wrote, produced and directed. It’s a tour of my studio with some subtle humour and over exaggerated descriptions of the space.. I wanted to make it sound like you were walking into an architectural feat – but alas this is my space, where I write, learn and grow as podcaster, audiobook narrator, host and dabble in my own videography. This is the space I transform my stories and publish them for all of you – so without further adieu, here’s studio 17 and your audio tour  – to see the full video, please check out the link in the show notes.

  • Welcome to Studio 17…located in Calgary, Alberta Canada in this glorious space where the works of Valerie Moss and many guests have performed their conversations, story telling in both audio and video productions…this is the place where Valerie has accomplished more than 100 podcast episodes and over 30 audiobook productions for audible, along with hours of video clips – all composed right here in this 100 square foot space.
  • Designed in 2019 with love.. as it began like most projects with a board on Pinterest to include a pallet of colours (greens, purples and greys), a feeling and mood and a collection of items like antique, wrought iron, spindles, angles and prettiness to make this space complete…it was a success.
  • Draping these walls of marshmallow purple are elements of her daughters former crib. One the East wall, hangs the bottom plate of the crib with 13 rungs measuring 2” high x a staggering 22” wide…this forefront quilt adorning this piece of a small Childs bed was hand crafted in 2011 by Valerie’s mother… the front of this quilt showing-casing over 288 2” squares appliquéd onto this neutral background..sandwiched in cotton. Below this, festoons a remarkable quilt showcasing dupioni silks imported from India, the hand stitching is worth bragging about consisting of more than 1000 French knots tied in silk floss, the flowers and butterflies glisten off this quilt top just begging for your attention…this EAST wall provides colour and beauty and has an uncanny ability to absorb sound making this side of the room perfect for recording audioworx.
  • As we move through the room with it’s exaggerated white frames and glistening stainless steel knobs, Kurt silver hinges on the two secret doors holding all sorts of miscellaneous items  …we find the south wall, this small section with the quaintest of features exhibiting a $3.00 rake found at a local garage sale…no longer wanted by it’s previous owners. Valerie and her love of DIY projects took this pine rake and with paint that has been historically stored in her undercroft at studio seventeen – provided this rake with the love an attention it so needed, coloured it with fresh creams, and neutral tones giving it the uplift it always desired and a warm clean space right here in this pocket sized spot. This pole with a cross bar toothed end is holding a bouquet of dried lavender from the fields of a local garden centre along with a miniature hand crafted heart made out of black felted wool.
  • The centre of the ceiling is enraptured by this glorious 3 bulb chandelier purchased from a back alley exchange with a 40 something women through the world renowned Kijiji site and installed into this custom location by Valerie’s groom. This painted rod iron focal point completes the top of this space, casting striations across the milky egg shell coloured highest permissible level.
  • Below the origin of light the focal point of this atelier, is the foundation of the creative space. Valerie wanted the studio to have a rotund piece and this ornate table filled this vision stupendously…with the elegant gold, all colours mixed together equalling the colour of white, the four legs of this table sweeping out so elegantly finishing in claw feet with the surest poise. The legs on this table have miles of engraved lines and hundreds of intricacies carved into the apron. The charm radiating from the heart of this wooden piece is felt by all who pass over the threshold. This table was purchased through that previously stated online merchant exchange platform of Kijiji where Valerie got to know this women and her story of 7 children and her love of furniture at a very personal level…and had to buy this piece, this was the start, the focus, the mood.
  • As we move to the south wall of this stupendous space we catch our breath on this colourful wall of texture and beauty. Starting with the nine wooden frames…these frames were hand crafted by Valerie. She spent one sunny afternoon taking an old set of wooden lawn furniture purchased years ago from the infamous COSTCO store. Her family used and kept in in her backyard for 15 years of seasons, gathering of family and friends and weathering these Swiss inspired Adirondack chairs with attached coffee tables –  just to the perfect shade of pearl grey. Spending 360 minutes in the south facing yard in the heart of the spring knocking these chairs apart with hammers and mallets branded by Stanley. Securing these boards with miscellaneous galvanized screws to create this wall of chassis. Years ago on a trip south of Canada into the incredible state of Montana, USA Valerie encountered this log cabin quilt in traditional cotton fabrics, buried in an antique store and she knew she had to bring it back to Canada. Containing an treasury of colours contrasting to the marshmallow purple walls she begun cutting this quilt up just ‘so’ to fit into these 8 frames with this exact vision in mind…this wall makes the perfect sound absorbing platform to record her latest episode of her well over 100 episodes of her podcast, Valerie’s Variety Podcast…and her next audio production adding to the over 30 titles to date. The last lonely frame is used here and there to complete sound absorption and in photos when desired.
  • When we turn to the last wall, facing westward to the rocky mountains beyond the borders of the studio –  subsumed in two mirroring components of said daughters past crib, these sweeping frames facing each other brings a sense of partnership to this vertical space. Again providing the quietness needed to absorb sound and allow the voice only to encapsulate the room. Corresponding to the easterly wall, this side offers colours of onyx, creamy coffee brown as well as shades of cranberries and eggplant. These quilts are made with love by astounding quilter hands throughout the years. This unique wrought iron key holds the signature silhouette to enter into Studio 17 at your leisure, it’s coveted from those that have come before to share their story in an Interview or in print for Valerie to broadcast to the world through video and audio productions.  
  • The impedimenta that Valerie is using is all collected with a central purpose of good sound, good video and exceptional research and development for every plug, screen and user interface application like GarageBand and audacity along with many available files of free music, loops and visual aids to make the process as advanced as possible.
  • Concluding this tour, when you have a chance to visit Valerie’s webpage, audio productions and her works in the theme of EAT READ CREATE just know that she adores what she does in this extraordinary space with natural light in the day and the view of magical stars at night. In the incredible window – as this last wall facing north is in it’s entirety glass…Also around the atelier you will find one single Queen Anne’s antique chair, miniature Bird cage, steel baskets, an ironing board she pulled from a dilapidated barn covered in years of storage – regained to this beautiful shade of pewter grey – all of these pieces found and placed with purpose and love for things that make Valerie’s heart swell…the space holds hours of writing, planning, and stories waiting to be shared. 
  • This video was written and produced by Valerie Moss, editing by London Moss and the music and video production by Valerie Moss…This story about Studio 17 is available in both video and audio. Visit for all the links to her podcast, audio productions and videos…

This is fun video written & produced by me, Valerie Moss, showing casing my small studio in an over-exaggerated way. Narration is completed in this space to go alon with the photography and videography. This Video highlights my space, sound absorption, my equipment and so many of my artistic finds to make STUDIO 17 complete.


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Audacity Study Group – s6

Sequence Edits, Breath Adjustments, Social Media & More

With quick studio tour, advice from a veteran radio host and anchor, discussing proof listeners, sequencing effects, genres, and plugins are tackled in this study group session.

00:14​ a quick tour of a booth space 02:52​ another quick tour, new member and a contract 03:49​ great advise from a veteran radio guy 04:40​ short cut keys 10:49​ Meeting starts, if you want to be part of this study group let me know 12:12​ Session 5 recap: Proof Listeners 13:08​ Sequencing Effects 21:41​ headroom ACX and exporting as wav and mp3, layers 31:54​ remove breaths or not? Where to breathe 36:32​ Genres 1:24:4038:15​ PHF and ACX Filters, Librivox Learning Alley 43:30​ Plugins and hot keys, chapter by chapter 50: 12 Limiter and Low Pass Filter Settings DB View 55:30​ Scammy Titles Audition Length 1:00:00​ Members located 1:02:00​ Radio Dramas & multiple POV & Accents 1:15:00​ social media, networking, promotional 1:18:36​ Session 6 starts, return policies, cancelled books, Speaker Panning, more genre convos 1:30:15​ UPwork and PFH & other rates & Updated ACX Policy 1:35:49​ BookBub for sale ebooks & Spoken Realms & Ahab 1:42:45​ Narrator Websites, Auditions, Demos 1:47:34​ Adding Files to and open Audacity Project 1:50:55​ RMs adjustments, High Pass Filter, DB View, Louder-Softer, Loudness Normalization 2:08:40​ 2nd Opinion 2:10:23​ Sharing Files Pre ‘I’m Done’ 2:13:49​ Random Chit Chat, starting with a Boat


International Dialects of English Archive

Paul Meier Dialect Services

Tonya Beatty’s Book Where my Life has Taken Me: Compilation of Poems From my Teenage Years Into Adulthood…​ Fre:ac fre ac free audio converter portable

Librivox​ Learning Alley

UPwork In Demand Talen on Demand…​ BookBub Ebooks on sale

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Dave Arlington: Audiobook & Voice Over Artist

Dini’s Steyn: Dini’s Voice, Voice Over Artist

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Audacity Study Group – s5


In this fourth session we talk proof listeners, genre’s, demo’s, Sequencing edits, Scammy Titles, Mentors & Actor Narrators, Comparing our Samples to Others, Goals, Promotional ideas, Bounty URLs, Accents and more…

​ PROOF LISTENER & SEQUENCE 11:45​ The Art of Recording AudioBooks 15:53​ DEMO Which Genre Are you? 17:05​ PFH (Per Finished Hour) with ACX 21:24​ ACX Delay 22:00​ Unfortunately 26:42​ Librivox 28:36​ Sequencing your Editing Flow 29:05​ Plugins & DAWs – adding and removing 38:29​ Scammy Titles UGH! 41:03​ Compressor & Mics – specifically Focus Right 54:52​ VBR challenge 57:56​ Our Members are from all over 01:01:39​ Audiobook Mentors and Movie Actors 1:14:19​ Try listening to samples to compare to your work 1:17:19​ Goals, are you setting these? Show expression when Recording. 1:30:30​ Street Teams? And Promotions a Facebook and Instagram 1:43:19​ bounty urls – do you use a pen name? 1:48:12​ out comes the Canadians eh? 1:54:50

Teach yourself Accents including High elf The Art of Recording AudioBooks

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Jeffrey Kaffer

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Speak with Distinction…

International Phonetic Alphabet https://www.internationalphoneticalph…

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