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episode106 season 3
Cheapest bottle of Wine in NYC

Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here, Todays show $14 Bottle of Rose in New York  I have a special guest, Rod Lechalt, we originally met when I was working on an audiobook production/radio show called Project DF he was one of my casted characters, take a listen…

He was so good I casted him for another part

…take a listen

And then we followed each others socials and I discovered we have similar interests like food and drinks so, we got to talking and here’s our interview, think EAT – great good around the world, CREATE – great memories about travel and a good storyteller, oh and he’s from Calgary, Alberta also like me, enjoy the show! This show was originally recorded in May of 2020, there is some light swearing which I do not beep

One thing you’ll notice right away from Rod is his love to tell a quick snippet story here and there like this one..

  1. As I mentioned at the top of the show this was originally aired in May of 2020 when covid was in full swing in our city…
  2. Michelin stars is a rating that was first introduced in 1926….
  3. Has this every happened to you – I’m sure it has…
  4. More Corona virus chat…
  5. I had not seen the video – I have however watched it – well part of it…
  6. Rod and his wife posed nude …..
  7. Sous Vide…
  8. Why do they call it Hell’s kitchen
  9. Le Pain Quotidien….oui oui

Wow what an interview, such a friendly guy hey? We had a great time, and since we originally recorded this episode in May there’s so much that has happened in the world and one of the major things for this episode is numerous places that Rod has visited on his food travels are no longer open or temporarily closed due to covid. So many great restaurants haven’t made it through this difficult time and with more and more people learning to cook at home this will likely continue.

Here’s a recap of the places we chatted about:

The Three chimneys, Isle of Sky in Scotland

Meaning of Michelin Stars

Ad hoc + addendum Restaurant, California

The French laundry, Yountville California

Hayden block, Calgary Alberta

Mandy Lee, The art of Escapism Cooking Book – A Survival Story, a Lady and pups Cookbook

Momofuko Group, David Chang, New York

Ugly Delicious, Netflix Show,

Global News, Imagine Segment

Cooked, Netflix Show

Flour, Water, Salt Yeast, Book

L’entrecote de paris, Paris France

The Final Table, Netflix Series, Calgary Chef

4th spot kitchen and bar, Calgary Alberta

Captain’s Boil, Calgary Alberta

Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan New York

Le Pain Quotidien, Manhattan New York

Mendicino County, California Highways

Fetzer Winery, Old River Road, Hopland CA

The Canada 150 Project Podcast

One thing I have to confess is we each recorded our sides of the conversation on our own mic as well as over zoom…I however when it came to editing this show late in 2020 could not find my side of the recording…so the editing and processing was a bit of a feat with the online audio.

Until next time, I’m Valerie from Valerie’s Variety Podcast in Studio 17

Rod’s Instagram

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Cheapest Wine in NYC with Rod Lechelt
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100th Episode: The Anglers Catch the Authors – e100p5s3

episode 100 part 5 season 3
The Anglers Catch the Authors

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The Anglers Catch the Authors
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The show music is call ‘Girl’ by Text me Records and Leviathe

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100th Episode: I Cast a Spell on The Moon – e100p4s3

episode 100 part 4 season 3
I Cast a Spell on the Moon

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Episode 75 – When the Moon hit’s your eye like a BIT pizza pie… a great pizza joint and nice day with my fam jam in Inglewood – worth a stop! Disco ball and black and white movies playing on a projector – lots of stairs to climb and good food.

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What did you think of part 4 of this look back isn’t it fun to get to know the Valerie’s – me dabbling into this audiobook world, interviewing local authors and their stories to tell, I just loved this part…so many good memories sort of like an audio scrapbook…

Next week, for our final part, we are closing in on the final 20 shows of my podcast the newest shows, shows that you likely still remember hearing me tell these stories…my new theme, giveaways, interview with a famous Writter and more…

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The show music is call ‘Girl’ by Text me Records and Leviathe

The cover art, storytelling and production is by me, Valerie Moss.

Stay Tuned for the next season, season 3 on Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss from Studio 17