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episode 112 season 3

Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here, todays show is with Melina Schein of The Saucy Soprano where we talk all things like covid, without work, a new side hustle or two like her Blog and Podcast along with learning a great work in Yiddish that is so appropriate for the times we are living through, meshuggeneh – which means ‘that’s so crazy’ in Yiddish. She’s tackling The Jewish Cookbook by Leah Koenig based our of New York. Melina is making her way through EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE in order…She’s creating quite the fan base check out her Instagram @TheSaucySoprano and you will know why.

Enjoy this episode with Melina, her wit, and charm is just so magnetic.

This lady Melina Schein from The Saucy Soprano falls into my theme of EAT and CREATE so famously, she’s vivacious and funny and her cooking and photos of her cooking are exceptional although I’ve never gotten the opportunity to even try something…such as a life with a friend who lives far away…we also both narrate for audible and belong to the same ‘study group’ this is how you become friends with people, same passions, foods and a sense of humour. Her claim to fame though is through her voice, she’s an incredibly successful opera singer, that has been put on hiatus (for now) due to the pandemic so she’s turned her focus to food, Jewish food…welcome to the show Melina.


BREAK TWO – insert music “ where do you get your inspiration”

BREAK THREE – insert music… “ the title is…”

BREAK FOUR – insert music… “ who taught you how to cook”

BREAK FIVE – insert music…“do you have a big family?”

BREAK SIX – insert music “favourite dish”

BREAK SEVEN – insert music “do you know the person that wrote the book?”

BREAK EIGHT – insert music – tell us a bit about your podcast, The Saucy Talk

BREAK NINE – insert music – your singing is incredible

BREAK TEN – insert music – your singing then Juilliard – from New York to… Wait, What?!

BREAK ELEVEN – insert music – “who was funny around you…?”

BREAK TWELVE – insert music – “popular show or episode”

BREAK THIRTEEN – insert music – “do you have a set schedule formula?”

BREAK FOURTEEN – insert music “she wants me to be a guest…”

BREAK FIFTEEN – insert music  “if you like me which I believe…”

BREAK SIXTEEN – insert music “do you read?” Your favourite book is Gone ….

BREAK SEVENTEEN – insert music “let’s end on a yiddish word, Meshuggeneh!”

Guest Melina Schein IS The Saucy Soprano
She’s in the Paper

Melina Schein, The Opera Singer, recently made the news with her saucy soprano glitz and glam, check out this article: What’s an out-of-work opera singer to do during a pandemic? For Vernon’s Melina Schein, the answer is cook!

Well, wasn’t that just the best interview I’d had in a while since I can’t have people in my studio – zoom is great cause you can SEE the person. This is my friend that I met because of our love for producing audio books, she thinks I can be priminister – what a compliment, thank Melina.

And to close here’s a clip of her podcast to inspire you to listen to another canadian podcast show as a product of covid – be sure to share this episode with like minded cooks and jewish ladies or any ladies for that matter – get inspired in the kitchen by follower Melina’s posts as her writing is sure to make you have a giggle here and there – she even sings to a pickle – YEP it’s a true story.

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The cover art, storytelling and production is by me, Valerie Moss.

Stay Tuned for the next season, season 3 on Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss from Studio 17

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