It’s about the People (p2)

Michael Montgomery, as featured on…


Originally interviewed Nov 2019 in Studio 17 – the home of Valerie’s Variety Podcast

Welcome to part 2 with my guest Michael Montgomery we will delve more into his podcasts and the episodes that have impacted him, the human side of life – again he CREATEs a vision for people and helps them fill their future with a home. He’s such a neat guy – enjoy this last part of my interview with Michael Montgomery.

In Part two, we get down to why he podcasts and the episodes and guests he’s like the most, man is Mike ever genuine guy, he re-listens to his own podcasts because he constantly learns from them. The human side of life, people sharing their challenges, issues can be shared and learned, plus the connection is so much deeper.

Check him and his podcast plus all the guest notes here

a podcast for Calgarians

Check out Part 1 as this is the continuation of this great episode.