Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself

episode 116 season 3
Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself

Hey everyone it’s Valerie here today I have a guest that I follow on IG she has a create catchy handle of a name – she plays with textures, paper, sews and does it to pleasure and for her own therapy, guest is Val from ValLoves2Create from Ig. think of breaking the rules when it comes to building up a project. Think of the pressures of being a mom and the heartache and love we go through all day every day with this being we’ve brought into the world. Val has this disposition of a favourite teacher that would make you believe you can do anything. Well that’s because she was a teacher, and likely has something to do with having 3 brothers. I hope you feel inspired after this episode and take the time to Check out Val’s IG. We also have a giveaway, one of Vans incredible journals… enjoy the show! We also have a giveaway. Oh my gosh it’s so beautiful. 

Our down to earth chat and what we covered:

  • Welcoming Val to the show…
  • Tell me about your art form…
  • Did your background in teaching feed this passion…
  • Val or Valerie or Annie or ‘Berge’
  • Pick a photo…tissue paper, magazine pages, cardboard, stitching, fabric and I can go on…
  • Journal do you use photos?
  • do you have a favourite
  • Do you have a favourite time of day…
  • Is this scrapbooking?
  • What’s your best tip
  • It’s cold here 
  • Florida vs Jersey
  • Who were you named after?
  • Do you post on IG daily?
  • Other hobbies, umm yep
  • Favourite books
Season Three – video cover art
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The show music is call ‘Girl’ by Text me Records and Leviathe

The cover art, storytelling and production is by me, Valerie Moss.

2 Replies to “Gotta Learn Beyond Yourself”

  1. Great podcast & interview! I have followed Val for sometime and love everything she creates. We even did a “switch & swap” within the Get Messy Art Journal community which was inspired by Val. Val’s journals are full of goodness and simply amazing!

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for your comment, and yes Val is an inspiration – please note I’ll reach out to you privately as your comment is the WINNER to the amazing journal of Val’s which she will send over directly. Enjoy it and love it up as you know it’s got secrets hidden inside…Val’s secrets. Valerie Moss

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