What Does it Mean to Be Human?

episode 115 season 3
What Does it Mean to be Human?

Today’s show we are welcoming Brandi Fleck from the Human Amplified Podcast where I have been a guest on her show and I have also wrote under a pen name an article for her blog. Brandi has a journalism background, she’ve overcome childhood abuse in a variety of forms and her mission is to seek out the good in humans, what being human means on an amplified level. So settle in for this wholesome interview with this gal from Tennessee and how she has learnt and continues to learn about us as the human race, it’s her mission!

The Questions we Delve into:

  1. Why the Name change from On Being Human to Human Amplified?
  2. When you decided on your artwork?
  3. When you commit to your Socials?
  4. Popular and Favourite Episodes?
  5. Tell us about the shooting in Nashville?
  6. That Guest has has permeated your soul?
  7. A Bombing?
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