Her Worth Comes from Within – e114

episode 114 season 3
Her Worth comes from Within

Todays guest is RonaLafae also known as hoot, she shares the behind the scenes stories about her book that your’s truly narrated. This book is full of murder and forgiveness, it’s full of love and hate along with healing all from her near death experience memoire..enjoy the episode. London also sits with Rona and asks questions about spirits and ghost about Rona’s book and London’s own experiences…so stay tuned and you’ll never guess who’s house Rona was married…and you’ll get a sneak peak into chapter 1 in it’s entirety at the end of the episode, so stay turned! 

  1. Describe the Cover…near death experience
  2. What inspired you to write about this experience…
  3. Rona’s psychic Grandmother was ‘her happy place’ 
  4. What was my biggest takeaway, the discovery of the grandma being dead…
  5. Tell me about the most difficult story that she needed to tell…and Rona’s advice…looking for death but she found life
  6. The boys camp this lodge full of throwaway teenagers…the firewalk
  7. What have you learnt most about yourself after writing this book..
  8. Locking Horns…Grandfathers…charted destinies
  9. Talk about the man you saved – vision quest…chills, scared and nervous
  10. The Halloween Party that changed everything, 24 hours later…
  11. My favourite story, ‘she’s a hot dish’ 
  12. A survivor of Mt Saint Helens and the loss of her 1st crush..
  13. So…what’s next for your Rona, a movie….professional, and personal goals
  14. Pinkie was her pig, and her best friend

Maybe the next time you’re thinking about a lost friend or relative you’ll see something that makes you take pause, according to Rona that is not by accident, it’s on purpose. After completing her memoire she did do a reading for me, this was over the phone, and I did send her a list of questions and people that I was curious about so she could meditate on them. I asked about my husbands health, my friend Kristi and here’s a few things she said…

  • my husbands health is actually better than it’s ever been, he’s actually younger inside now then he has been, and if you’ve been listening to my show for the last few years you’ll remember my husband had heart surgery and he’s is incredible health now
  • My mom…this infamous mother I discuss sometimes…one thing my mom has said for over 20 years is that she’s an orphan, My mom was never an orphan, she did however lose her mom when she was 16 and her dad when she was 40 but grew up in a home with all 5 kids and 2 parents…Rona used this word when describing my mom…which was very validating.
  • My friend Kristi…this is a friend that I lost a few years ago, she was a dear friend of mine, you know that easy convenient friend that just clicks and works, Rona said she’s around me sometime, when I see a flicker out of the corner of my eye when I’m working in my studio…this happens ALOT

I could go on about this reading as it was very impactful, she spoke alot about my voice over work, and to encourage me to continue to, try everything that comes my way – but don’t spend money on it just do it as I love to do it…

Here comes London convo with RonaLafae as well as Education of Hoot and chapter 1 in it’s entirety. The music for this episode is called Tackle Box Blues in memory of Rona’s Mom and her love for working with her dad at the gas station…you’ll have to read or listen to the book to find out why this is so important…

As I come closer to the end of this season, I’m looking for ideas for next season, and a co-host, if you’re thinking of starting a podcast and have some great ideas for a theme, let me know, reach out to me. 

Coming up before the season ends we meet Tamira Thayne from Who Chains you Publications and he love to rescuing and bringing attention to all things around animal rescue…

An another Valerie who goes by Val and her hand is ValLovestoCreate – she a player of paper to process life…

Also Brandi Fleck and incredibly passionate podcaster who tells stories about humans and their acts being amplified…

Ana Buzzalino the way she takes fabrics, processes them into works of art, where this started for her, coming to Canada and more…

Until next time, this is Valerie Moss, from Studio 17

Wait for the end of the show, London chats with RonaLaFae about ghosts..spirits and and her book experiences….and you’ll never guess who’s house she was married…

Insert chapter 1 in it’s entirety

Season Three – video cover art
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