e-Interview: Heather McArthur & Giveaway (138)

Hi Everyone and welcome back to Vals Quilting today I have a special guest that some of you may know, Heather McArthur from Quilters Connection Magazine and Quilters Connection Blog. I’m pleased to bring you her amazing interview where she gives us a glimpse of her life as a quilter…enjoy! 


Heather has graciously put up an excellent prize

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1 year subscription to her amazing all Canadian Magazine about all Canadian Quilt Shops and all Canadian Quilt Shows and all Canadian Guild Listings and all things super quilty and crafty

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I’m proud to say I’m going to be highlighted on ps I quilt’s website and I’ll be offering this FAB giveaway…

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Around the Net (120)

Today for my Around the Net – which I must say I’ve been lagging behind on my posts as I haven’t found anything that has WOW’d me for a while now, part of it is I haven’t been looking and part of it that special thing hasn’t crossed paths with me to share it with you 🙂

Today I found this great blog and site called Swapdex which is just that, a collection of swaps that are being held around the net 🙂 So go on over to Jenna’s site and see what you can find 🙂

e-Interviews: Vivian B (entry 108)

Hi Everyone, WOW I’ve had such an overwhelming response to my 100th blog posting…thanks so much!! You can still vote the cut off will be May 15th!


Today is all About Vivian B from Whitehorse, in the Yukon here’s her blog: Northern Needles 

I’ve changed up my e-interview style as I was inspired by Darlene’s style over at the Whimsical Honeypot and thought I would try something different, so thanks Darlene for the inspiration:)

Also it’s Vivian’s Birthday Month – Happy Birthday Vivian…I won’t disclose your age lol.


 Please let me know what you think of my new format, I love doing these interviews and getting to know everyone out there in blogland on a new level…thanks so much!!

e-Interviews: Rachel D (entry 83)

Hi everyone, remember my blog about e-interviews…today is all about Rachel D from Belgium…can you find Belgium on this map? There is 10.7 million people that live in this country and it’s way smaller then one of our Canadian provinces and we have 33 million people in our whole country. They speak French, Dutch and German there so since English isn’t her first language she did a FAB job of my interview…enjoy!

How long have you been quilting and what got you started?

  • I’ve been quilting for one year. It all started in summer 2008 when I bought a special edition of a magazine called MagicPatch. This special edition was dedicated to Veronique Requena. I discovered a new passion and a new style: the country style. I just love and only regret I didn’t discover it earlier.

Some of you may also follow her blog and recognize her great photos…


This picture represents my 1st real patchwork. I made it when attending to my first patchwork lessons. It was hand pieced and I started hand quilting it. It’s still an on going project but I promised myself to finish it this year so that I can proudly hand it in the house.


Were you a sewer first?

  • I was a sewer before a quilter. My mother worked for a cloth designer and taught me the basics for machine sewing. There was I time I would only wear but skirts I made myself.


This second quilt was also made during a patchwork course. This time, it’s a machine pieced and hand quilted project. Colors are completely different from the original pattern as I wanted to give it a Christmas touch. I finished it on time for last Christmas. It’s one of the projects I’m mostly proud of.


Favourite Technique?

  • My favorite technique is hand piecing. It’s easy to do everywhere and allows me to piece in the train when commuting to and from work. I also like hand quilting because of the result but I’m not sure I would hand quilt a top bed cover.

This 3rd quilt was made before take patchwork courses. I didn’t have the basics so joints don’t perfectly match. But I love it anyway as I like making small projects. I was inspired by a Lucy’s blog for this project (http://lucyquilting.blogspot.com/2009/01/from-my-scraps.html). I just love mini quilts, perfect for decorating a house.


Do you have a favourite store: Online or Brick & Mortar and why?

  • A favorite shop ? Well I don’t know a lot. In Belgium (tiny country), there aren’t a lot. The only patchwork shop I had the opportunity to visit is The Cosy Cottage (http://www.thecosycottage.be/). The 2 ladies keeping this shop are absolutely nice and of good advise. But for finding nice fabrics, I would need to discover on-line shops.

What is a tool that you can’t live without?

  • The tool I can’t live without: my thimble. Because I hate hurting my fingers. 😉

Who is your biggest influence in the quilting world, famous or other-wise?

  • I don’t know if I have a big influence. I love visiting blogs here I discover beauties made by wonderful ladies. My influence of the moment is Marianne Byrne-Goarn from The Cinnamon Patch (http://www.thecinnamonpatch.com/). I love the mixture of fabric and felt.

Voilà Valerie. Here are the answers to your questions. It was a good exercise for me. I’m a quilting beginner and have a lot to learn and discover.


Thanks so much Rachel for sharing with us and being part of Vals Quilting and Pastimes Online. Since I LOVE your blog, I would never have guessed you were new to quilting. You take excellent pictures, you are so committed to blogging, I’m a huge fan!! Thanks for doing such a good job and connecting us with another part of our world…

Okay ladies…wasn’t this so inspiring doesn’t it make you want to be interviewed next?

Have a happy and creative day,

Giveaway (entry 79)

Hi Ladies, I am doing my usual blog searching around and on my friend Amber’s Blog she is having a giveaway for 3 people each to receive 1 of 3 different new patterns from her collection. Stop on by and leave a comment that you heard about her giveaway from me – that would be swell…Good luck to you all 🙂

Until next time have a happy and creative day, 

Around the Net (entry 68)

Hi Ladies, today for my Around the Net entry, I came across this site called Modern Quilt Guild through one of my favourite blogs Jackie’s Stitches – thanks Jackie. This new book is all about starting and promoting quilting in YOUR community. How to start a quilt guild and how other chapters collaborate ideas, thoughts, boards, meetings and so on. It’s an excellent resource and what a GREAT idea!!

The Modern Quilt Guild

Do you belong to a guild? If so, what it’s called and what do you LOVE about it! I belong to 2 guilds, Flying Needles I’ve been with these ladies for about 7 years and Lakeside Quilters I’ve been a guild sister for 5+ years. I LOVE being part of both of these groups. It give me a sense of community, these women have like minded ideas and goals. We’ve all come together to learn something we are passionate about and love each other’s company. If you aren’t in a guild, join one or start one:)

Here’s the branch for Houston based on this book. I’ve come across so many guild listings in Alberta that I’m trying to keep track of. If you know a new Guild in Alberta, please pass it onto me🙂

Until next time, have a happy and creative day!

Within a Quarter Inch Contest: Winner (entry 66)

Hi Ladies, the winner for the Within a Quarter Inch comment/quilt contest has been drawn and the lucky lady is …drum-roll please…Gloria J from Massachusetts, USA…congrats Gloria – Allison Rosen will be contacting you with further details.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Allison for putting up these lovely prizes and for all of you who took the time to visit through my store and blog, so appreciated!! I sure hope you will stop by again soon 🙂

(option one, love it!)

(option 2, now which one would I pick?)

Also, I have to give Allison kudos for my logo name change to include “and the world” I was thinking of adding something to this logo tagline and then when I heard my first sponsor ad on the podcast I snagged Allison’s wording – so thanks for that also:)

The contest isn’t over so anyone who leaves a comment that hasn’t left one already after January 1st ( I see Pam’s comment, only) will be entered into her second draw (which ever quilt from above that isn’t chosen) Yay!! come join the fun ladies!!

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!