Studio Updates (142)

So, I thought I would take some cute shots of the studio, as it’s starting to feel like home, I love being down here, love the windows, and all of the inspiration around me…enjoy this sneak peak…

An old ladder I found while antiquing throughout northern USA…I’ve been looking for one for so long and this one was perfect.

I also found a couple of quilts, log cabin that is truly used and I’m sure it’s missed as well as a lone star – both are around the 30’s and 40’s.

This pic is an adorable basket my Mum bought for me which is sitting in an old pear crate and it’s full of this new silk floss collection I’ve brought in from India. These silk flosses come in 116 colours, and are so gorgeous to handle and work with…beauties.


This shelf below, has had a few displays on it so far and this is the newest one with a family of antique irons from various shops…some cuddle up with a quilt books, inspiring signage…. I love this shelf

This picture of Tig was taken right before the Open House, she’s inspecting my presentation…Did I pass?

Until next time, please enter for this great giveaway, vote on our upcoming block of the month clubs and leave me a comment with your thoughts – would love to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Looks great Val! I've been hemming and hawing over the upcoming BOMs because i"m so far behind on the Kiten Tales, but if I were to choose betwee any of them it would be Truly Scrumptious and the Vintage Garden Quilt. Either are nice and look like fun.

    Which ones are you leaning towards?


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